Should You Work with Evalueserve?

Evalueserve comparison with Accenture Wipro

Evalueserve is the creator of an industry worth billions. The company offers investment research, data analytics, technology research and business research services worldwide, and is one of the hottest destinations for employment seekers. Evalueserve: A Brief Overview Marc Vollenweider and Dr. Alok Aggarwal laid the foundation of Evalueserve in the year 2000, which went on […] Read more »

How to Get into Consulting Career?

Consulting Career

A career in consulting is exceptional. If you want to get into consulting career, this primer is for you. Use this as your go-to-resource to understand: what consulting is all about different types of consulting businesses key consulting skills mistakes you shouldn’t make as a consultant how to launch yourself Let’s begin. Who Is a […] Read more »

How to Break into Equity Research from Commercial Banking?

Commercial banking to equity research

The fields of commercial banking and equity research are poles apart. The main agenda of commercial banks is to manage public money deposits such as savings accounts, fixed deposits and checking accounts. The commercial banks issue loans to the public and earn from the interest with which loans are issued. They are governed by federal […] Read more »

How to Build Your Practice as an Independent Financial Modeler?

Independent Financial Modeler

The work profile of a financial modeler involves constructing financial representation of some or all aspects of a company or any particular security. In-depth calculations are done to develop the financial model and deliver recommendations. In this article, we will discuss the possibilities of building your own practice as an independent financial modeler. Who Are […] Read more »

How to Break into Investment Banking from Financial KPO?

From financial KPO to investment banking

Many financial analysts and associates working in the financial KPO industry wish to break into investment banking as the next logical step in career growth. Though a lot of literature is available on breaking into investment banking, transitioning from financial KPO sector is not covered widely. Cutting all the information overload aside, this article is […] Read more »

A Review of BIWS PowerPoint Pro Course

PowerPoint Pro BIWS

The Breaking into Wall Street (BIWS)  investment banking programs are truly unique and custom-made for those desirous to ‘break’ into a career in investment banking, hedge funds and private equity. Check out our unbiased review of BIWS certification programs and the IB Networking Toolkit program which has helped hundreds of aspirants to ace IB interviews. […] Read more »

Why Every Investment Banking Aspirant Needs the BIWS ‘IB Networking Toolkit’ Program?

Private Equity Jobs

Breaking into the investment banking, hedge funds and private equity needs more than experience, qualifications and skills. You need the power of networking. If the word “networking” gives goosebumps, you’re not alone. A lot many investment banking enthusiasts remain stranded in networking skills, dwarfing their career growth. This article is a review of IB Networking Toolkit […] Read more »