5 Ways Technology Will Shape Your Finance Career in 2015

Financial Technology Trends 2015

Technology is redefining the financial industry, making it essential for anyone in a finance career to understand the evolving role of technology in financial services. How does technology impact your finance career? There are two kinds of people in the workforce today. One is a generation of workforce who doesn’t know a world without Internet […]

Looking for Profile Change? Get into Investor Relations Profile

Investor Relations

The National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) defines Investor Relations (IR) as the responsibility to ensure the development and continuance of a two-way communication between a company and its stakeholders (investors). It is a strategic management profile where a person needs to possess communication, finance, marketing and security laws knowledge to manage investor relations. It is […]

Financial Modeling Jobs: How to Find and Skills Required

Financial Modeling

If you want to excel in a finance career, financial modeling is something that you must know right from the beginning of your professional career. Whether you are in a buy side firm or a sell side firm, you need to be able to understand financial modeling through and through. It is one of the core functions […]

SG Analytics: Careers, Salary, Interview and Company Review

SG Analytics logo

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Pune, SG Analytics is a leading financial service KPO working with Market Research, Financial Services Companies and Business Consulting Firms. Their business analysis and data research and management solutions assist both small and large organisations to focus on core business processes. The team at SG Analytics is formed with […]

Actuary as a Career: Potential Career Paths

Independent Financial Modeler

If you are a mathematical genius, a love of logic, have problem solving skills with business awareness, good in communication and excellent in number crunching, think of a career as an actuary today. Actuary – A Brief History The actuarial profession gains a formal presence in 1848 after the Institute of Actuaries is established in London. […]

The Best of FinanceWalk 2014

Best of FinanceWalk 2014

What better way to send off 2014 than a look back on the most read and shared articles on FinanceWalk in 2014? This list often surprises me — what I thought were the best and most insightful posts rarely make it into the top ten (see: The Ultimate Equity Research Analyst Salary Guide, How to Do Industry […]

What to Expect in Equity Research Interview?

Initial Phase - FW

James Valentine, the Principal and Founder of Analyst Solutions says 80% of equity research lacks insight, a conclusion derived after closely interviewing about 40 portfolio managers from Tokyo, Singapore, London and New York City. Wrong recruitment and misaligned work portfolio is often the reasons. It is as much the responsibility of the recruiter as it […]

CopalAmba: A KPO Company Review


The Indian finance KPO industry is extremely huge. It offers multiple career opportunities and if you want to enter KPO as a finance analyst or researcher, joining the ‘right’ company at the right time is mandatory. FinanceWalk talks about yet another KPO, known as CopalAmba, in our series of KPO company reviews. If you are […]

IFRS Reporting: Is it an Excellent Career Option?

IFRS Reporting

The disintegration of international boundaries necessitated the establishment of common business practices which are globally understandable, verifiable and accessible. Among business practices, accountancy is a dominant subject. In this article, FinanceWalk introduces you to the concept of IFRS reporting, its career scope in India and how to pursue IFRS. What Is IFRS? International Financial Reporting […]