How to Network in Finance, Networking in Finance


1x1.trans How to Network in Finance, Networking in Finance

Networking in Finance


Networking in finance

Networking in finance is building and maintaining relationships.

Whatever you want to learn, be it Finance or networking, there are strategies and tactics.

Strategies are high level views like how to conduct informational interviews, how to approach people in groups and making a career plan.

Tactics are how you say, what you say, emailing etc.

You need both the approaches in networking.

What key strategies you need to apply? How to develop mindset for networking?

Follow some dos and don’ts for networking in finance:


1.If the school/college you are graduating from is not well known, put extra efforts in networking.

2. Start networking months and months before you actually look for a job. You can do this simultaneously with your graduation.

3. Networking is about getting more people to know you, so meet as many people as you can in Finance.

4. When you meet people, be genuinely interested in them. Discuss about their background, interest, hobbies, and any recent personal event. Practice this and you will build relationships.

5. Understand that networking is a long term effort.

6. Change the strategy of networking if you are not getting results after investing months. Ask friends and people in Finance what is going wrong.

7. While networking, don’t overlook names/friends in your circle.

8. Keep in mind that only early bird catches the worm. Have an early start and establish contacts.

9. Check whether you are making progress.

10. Remember, at high level, networking is equal to building and maintaining relationships.


1. Brag about qualifications, credentials or grades if you don’t have experience or proven expertise.

2. Talk about subjects like Market, Finance, Industry or Company when you meet people in Finance. They are doing it at least 50 hours a week, so, instead, talk about their interests and hobbies.

3. Repeat the same strategy, if you are not getting results. Take a step back and check what’s going wrong.

4. Focus on results only, as you may lose relationship building, learning and making friends in Finance.

If you want to make a career in Finance, you need to be a good networker too. Finding a job would not be difficult, if you have right skills, right attitude and excellent networking skills.

Now, go ahead , use the strategies for networking in finance and start building relationships.

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1x1.trans How to Network in Finance, Networking in Finance

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