How to Think Beyond “Placement Assistance?”


Beyond Placement assistance
Beyond Placement assistance


Yesterday, while in my office, I got a call from a student. He wanted to meet me with his father to ask about training programs.

When they came, his father asked “Suggest some courses that give placement”.  And this is how our conversation followed –

I: “I can suggest you some courses that give you placement assistance.”

Father: “Placement assistance? Can you suggest some programs that have tie-ups with companies for placement?”

I: “Can you tell me which programs you are looking for?”

Father: “We are looking for any short term program, 1 or 2 months that gives placement”

I: “You are looking for short term program and that too with placement? Companies look for candidates who can perform the task on their own. This requires certain expertise and time and unless you have the expertise, no company will be interested to take you.”

Father: “………”

I: “I understand your problem. My job is to tell you the truth and help you.”

Now, after this conversation with his father, I turned to the son and did a simple thing.

The exercise

I asked the son to close his eyes and imagine the ideal job in his mind. I asked him to imagine the surroundings also. He closed his eyes and started describing his ideal job. He said, he is working in a research organization and performing his job responsibilities. He is working in a team of 5 people and it is giving him immense pleasure to perform the job. In short, he said he enjoyed what he saw with his closed eyes.

I asked him to open his eyes and tell whether he enjoyed the process. His face was beaming and there was a glitter in his eyes. He looked confident, too.

Now, I said, the job and the atmosphere that you imagined and saw with closed eyes need certain skills – Functional and Soft skills.

I asked “Do you think without having expertise in these skills, you will be able to perform your dream job?”

 He said “No, I will learn the skills and gain expertise in these skills.”

The son and his father had got the answer. Both were happy and the father thanked me many times for this exercise.


What have you learned from this story?

Nowadays, you see multi-color full page advertisements claiming to give you 100% placement guarantee. Have you once asked yourself “How can they give placement guarantee?” No one can- and no one should.

So, close your eyes, imagine your ideal job and enjoy the process for five minutes.

Open your eyes and check whether you have all the skills to perform your ideal job.


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