FinanceWalk’s Equity Research Workshop in Pune


First of all, I would like to tell all our readers that I had taken break from writing posts on this blog as I was busy conducting equity research workshop in Pune.

To start with, we had wonderful students from different cities like Mumbai, Jalgaon and Pune.

Everyone enjoyed the workshop and had wonderful time doing company analysis, financial modeling, valuation and writing reports.

We covered Company Analysis—Business performance, Business Model, Finance performance, management quality and competition and of course valuation part in detail.

Here are some of the pictures of the equity research workshop


Equity research workshop
Equity research workshop



Equity research workshop
Equity research workshop



Equity research workshop
Equity research workshop



Equity research workshop
Equity research workshop


And here’s our participants’ feedback about the workshop:


“ Fantastic course, gives you a complete insight to equity research and enables one to make models. The workshop covers the most important factors. Fantastic inter-personal skills by the trainer and made the workshop a great experience.

Thank you for the fantastic training. ”

– Parthiv Parikh, Mumbai

“ Excellent course content and method by simplifying the complicated methods. Practical experience was the best part about the course and also the format of equity research.”

– Deepesh Jobanputra, Mumbai

“ Definitely one of the best course in equity research. The best part is practical assignment which is done in classroom itself, which clears many doubts when we actually try out for different companies.”

– Swapnil Vanjari, Pune

“ The equity research program is very good. Your techniquesand your methods of teaching are excellent. I am a beginner in this field and it really helped in my career.

My best regards. Thank you. “

– Rekha Chavan, Jalgaon

I thank everyone for this wonderful experience and Parthiv, Deepesh, Swapnil and Rekha you all are wonderful students and I am sure you will excel in your careers.

Note: After amazing feedback I’ve received from these participants, we organize Equity Research, Financial Modeling, and Investment Banking Workshops in Delhi.

Limited seats, so you need to hurry!

To register, contact me on 08605726236

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