How to Hide, Unhide and Group in Excel

In this post, we will see very important features- hide, unhide and group in excel.

Hide and Group in excel feature is useful when you have really huge data that spans over too many rows and columns, and you want to do away with some rows and columns and want to access only few of them. We will use a sample excel sheet for this.

How to group in Excel

Excel group columns

The shortcut to group rows & columns is Alt+D+G+G where Alt+D takes you to data navigation keys and G+G tells that you want to perform grouping action.


Group in Excel
Group in Excel


As shown in the above figure (encircled in red), the grouped columns are indicated by a minus sign.


Group in Excel
Group in Excel

Use Alt+D+G+U to ungroup the grouped rows and columns where Alt+D takes you to data manipulation menu and G+U indicates you want to ungroup the grouped data.

To hide rows or columns, select the rows/columns to be hidden and press Alt+D+G+H where Alt+D takes you to data manipulation menu and G+H indicates you want to perform hide action.
Hide and Group in Excel
Fig:Hide and Group in Excel

As shown in the above figure, hidden rows are indicated by a plus(+) sign.

To unhide hidden rows/columns, press Alt+D+G+S where Alt+D takes you to data manipulation menu and G+S indicates you want to show the hidden elements.

How to hide rows in Excel

  • To hide individual row  press, Ctrl+9

Other shortcuts to Hide,Show,Ungroup and group in Excel

How to group rows in Excel

  •  To group rows/columns, select the rows/columns and press Shift+Alt+Right Arrow key.
  •  To ungroup the rows/columns press Shift+Alt+Left Arrow key.
  •  To hide individual column, press Ctrl+0 (Ctrl+Zero).

How to unhide columns and rows in Excel

  •  To unhide individual row , press  Ctrl+Shift+F9
  •  To unhide individual column press Ctrl+Shift+0(Ctrl+Shift+Zero)

Please note that unlike the previous shortcuts for hiding and unhiding rows and columns(ALT+D+G+ combination), here we need to use separate combinations for hiding and unhiding  individual rows and columns.

So this is how we group/ungroup, hide/unhide rows and columns in excel.

Now, try to group in excel along with other features mentioned in this post and let me know if you face any problems.


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