Top 30+ High Dividend Yield Stocks



High Dividend Yield Stocks
High Dividend Yield Stocks


So far, I have written posts on equity research techniques and other financial analysis methods.

Today, I want to write this post for my investor friends.

Why investor friends? Well, I’m sure each one of you is an investor first and then equity research analyst. If you haven’t yet started investing in stock market, then start it now. The exercise of searching for good companies for investments is really satisfying and you will be knowledgeable in many areas after this exercise.

I strongly believe that if you are looking for a career as an equity research analyst, then start analyzing companies from investor’s point of view…financial modeling can wait :)

OK, enough of gyan for you, now let’s come to the point.

Here I’ve shortlisted a list of Top 30+ High Dividend Yield Stocks. Apart from ‘Dividend Yield %’, I used many other parameters like Altman Z-Score, PE ratio, Current Ratio, Debt to Equity ratio, Profit growth etc.


High dividend yield stocks in India:


1. Glodyne Technoserve Ltd. (S)

2. Banaras Beads Ltd.

3. Acropetal Technologies Ltd. (S)

4. Midfield Industries Ltd.

5. Zen Technologies Ltd. (S)

6. Accelya Kale Solutions Ltd.

7. Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd. (S)

8. Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd. (S)

9. IL&FS Investment Managers Ltd. (S)

10. Virat Industries Ltd. (S)

11. Automobile Corporation Of Goa Ltd.

12. Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Ltd. (S)

13. Lahoti Overseas Ltd. (S)

14. Thinksoft Global Services Ltd. (S)

15. Manali Petrochemicals Ltd.

16. Aptech Ltd. (S)

17. Goldiam International Ltd.

18. India Nippon Electricals Ltd. (S)

19. Gujarat Automotive Gears Ltd.

20. N G Industries Ltd.

21. Zenith Fibres Ltd.

22. Dai Ichi Karkaria Ltd. (S)

23. Haldyn Glass Ltd.

24. Keynote Corporate Services Ltd. (S)

25. Plastiblends India Ltd.

26. Kavveri Telecom Products Ltd.

27. Cochin Minerals & Rutile Ltd.

28. Gloster Ltd. (S)

29. Asahi Songwon Colors Ltd.

30. Titan Biotech Ltd.

31. Graphite India Ltd. (S)

32. Balmer Lawrie & Company Ltd. (S)

33. Oil India Ltd. (S)

34. Mukesh Babu Financial Services Ltd. (S)

35. Banco Products (India) Ltd. (S)

36. Polaris Financial Technology Ltd.

Note: S = Standalone results

Almost all the above companies have Return on Equity > 10% for last 10 years, Altman Z Score > 3, Current Ratio > 1.5, Dividend Yield > 4%, P/E ratio < 20 .

If you need excel sheet of this, please write in the comment section below and I will send you the excel sheet.

Hope you liked this list of highest dividend paying stocks India.

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