The Best of FinanceWalk in 2012




Wish you a very happy new year :)

In this post, I will mention some important things that happened with FinanceWalk.

1. At the start of 2012, FinanceWalk had 300 subscribers and now we have over 1100 subscribers.

2. A lot of things we introduced this year. One of them is equity research and financial modeling online programs.

At present, we are running video-based online programs in equity research, stock valuation, financial  modeling and Microsoft Excel. We got a very good response for our online programs.

3. In classroom programs, we changed the syllabus and made it market-oriented. The main goal of the classroom programs is to focus on practical aspects and make students confident about the skills that they learn.

All the participants of the workshops gave positive feedback.

Apart from the points mentioned above, many of you actually sent me emails and wrote comments on the blog to clear your doubts. I loved it. Keep writing and sending emails to me. I read all emails and send replies to relevant queries.


Here are my 10 best articles on FinanceWalk based on my choice


1. Do You Provide Placement Assistance?

2. I am a Chartered Accountant, I Don’t Need to Learn Equity Research

3. Basics of Equity Research Career

4. A Beginner’s Guide to KPO Career in India

5. How to Use Company Websites for Business Research

6. What is a Balance Sheet?

7. Is ONGC a Better Investment Than Page Industries?

8. What Investors Can Learn from Sir Isaac Newton

9. How Can I Make a Career in Equity Research?

10. Want to Be a Successful Financial Advisor? Read this Secret First

I have prepared this list as per my choice.

I’d like to thank you for being with me all through 2012.

I’d like to know which articles you liked the most on FinanceWalk. Also, email me your choice of topics so that I can write articles on that.


Note: We’re conducting 5-days weekend Art of Equity Research and Stock Valuation Workshop in Pune starting from 2nd February,2013. So, if you want to attend this workshop, kindly contact us on 08605726236.

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