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Financial Modeling in Delhi

Our Financial Modeling and Investment Banking program is a product that resulted out of an inherent market need.

Students across the globe pass out from academia and enter the corporate world, but lack practical knowledge leaving a gap between what they have and what the finance world wants.

Our course is aimed at filling this gap and equipping you with practical knowledge. In addition the course offers a robust foundation required for clearing interviews and performing well in your job.

The 6 weeks long full-time course is very comprehensive and one of the most premier courses available in current times.

We take pride in assuring you an entry into the capital markets.

Our course will enable you to make a difference in the finance world, wherein you can contribute using knowledge and skills that you will acquire during the course of our premier program.

As investment banks do with their clients, we also charge our students with a two tier fees model – one time sum at the time of engagement and the rest linked with your performance.

  • 40% fee at the time of enrollment for the workshop
  • A substantial, 60% on placement

We have an array of successful transformation stories of budding finance aspirants turning into triumphant industry participants in capital markets at positions of strategic consultants, finance advisers and investment bankers.

Our 6 weeks long Financial Modeling and Investment Banking Training is intended to equip delegates with a thorough understanding of capital markets, equity research, techniques of investment banking and various financial modeling skills.

Devised by industry experts with years of industry experience, the course enables our students in connecting the dots between their theoretical learning during formal education and the actual application of those learnt concepts on their jobs.

Financial modeling course structure*

Week 1: MS- Excel, Financial Statements, Ratios, Relative Valuation

Week 2: Financial Modeling, DCF Valuation

Week 3: Merger Model, Valuation of a company going public (IPO)

Week 4: Capital Budgeting (project feasibility, decision modeling), DDM Modeling

Week 5: Company profiles, Pitch Books, Valuation prospects – IPOs, M&As, PE

Week 6: IPO pitch book, project feasibility case studies, revision

* Assessments – written tests and mock interviews are integral part of training and happen every week.

Financial modeling investment banking training detailed contents

1. MS Office

As a financial analyst, you would not be devoting all of your time in creating and developing financial models in Excel, rather a sizable amount of your time will be spent on crunching large amounts of data, preparing tables & charts, and creating presentations.

Employees across functions in an organization, whether it be HR, Marketing or Finance, use PowerPoint, Word and Excel day in and day out, and we will train you on using all these important tools and best practices effectively.

Excel foundations

The course concentrates on providing an in-depth learning of the fundamental concepts of Excel so that you can truly and fully leverage the potential capabilities of Excel.

It is essential for you to first get a solid grip of basics In Excel before learning advanced functions so as to effectively deal with large sets of data and creating models.

These basics include linking worksheets/tabs, formatting, functions, financial formulae and navigation across sheets and files.

  • Mathematical functions: SUM, MAX, AVERAGE, MEDIAN, MIN
  • Financial functions: PV, FV, RATE, NPV, IRR
  • Logic Functions: IF, nested IF, CHOOSE, AND, OR
  • Formatting: fills, copy formulas, paste special
  • What If Analysis: Goal Seek, Scenario Manager, Data Table
  • Sorting Data (By Values, By Cell Color, By Font Color, By Cell Icons)
  • Summarizing Data with Pivot Tables by changing value field settings, using pivot option and pivot charts
  • Protecting and Sharing as protecting cells, worksheets, workbook

Advanced Excel

Here the focus is on utilizing Microsoft Excel for efficiently and effectively analyzing the available data.

In order to save time and improve productivity at work, you will need to learn advanced functions that will enable you to simplify and uncomplicated your work and produce excellent results.

  • Offset Functions, Match Function
  • Multiple and Indirect Functions (VLOOKUP+If, VLOOKUP+Match, Index+Match, Multiple Ifs, Data Cleaning, Arrays)
  • 1-2-3 way sensitivity analysis
  • Iterative  calculations
  • Statistical functions as Correlation, Regression

2. Finance foundations

The backbone of financial analysis is the basic concepts of finance that you need to learn.

It is utmost essential for you to have a robust understanding of core tools used in financial and valuation analysis.

The focus should be on integrating the understanding of various financial statements.

We not only answer the simple questions of “What needs to be done” but also provide seldom answers of “How it needs to be done” and more importantly “Why it needs to be done”.

  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement defined and importance explained
  • Relationship between the Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement
  • Understand how financial statements are inter-related
  • Overview and explanation of major financial ratios, including liquidity, asset management, debt management, profitability, and market value ratios
  • DuPont RoE, Breakup of RoIC (RoIC tree)
  • Break Even Point, Margin of Safety

3. Capital budgeting

Capital budgeting is usually the mainframe for determining the financial feasibility and taking financial decisions for any project.

The decision to start or not start a project is influenced by the economic viability arrived from analyzing numbers.

We educate you on this by offering the following:

  • Recognize the advantages of using Net Present Value (NPV) versus Internal Rate of Return (IRR) to calculate the value of a project
  • Learn to calculate, XIRR, MIRR, make dynamic model with multiple options using scenario manager
  • Determine the value of projects that have different life spans using different approaches
  • Recognize the formulas for the after-tax Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and how they are used to determine the cost of capital
  • Identify the formulas for calculating cash flows resulting from investments and how they are used to determine the profitability of a project

4. Trading comparables

Among various valuation methodologies, Trading Comps Analysis (analysis of selected companies traded publicly) is one of the most commonly and widely used ones.

It is also one of the core skill sets of finance professionals and investment bankers that they use for valuation.

By building a thorough and detailed trading comp analysis, you can correctly create a relative valuation analysis and normalize financials for restructuring and non-recurring charges, and extraordinary items.

  • Learn the steps required to construct a trading comps analysis (Enterprise Value, Latest Twelve Months, Cleaning Reported Financials, Calculate & Benchmark Multiple)
  • Impact of Convertible Securities – Options, Warrants, RSUs, Convertible Bonds, Convertible Pref. Share
  • Why Non Controlling Interest is added in calculation of EV? How do we find market value of Non Controlling Interest?
  • Proper Treatment of Operating and Capital Leases
  • Different Types of Multiples – EV multiples vs. Equity Multiples

A proper trading comps analysis helps you understand:

  • How does the target company fit into the comparable universe?
  • How to allocate enterprise value between holding and subsidiary companies?
  • What type of multiple is most appropriate to value the target?
  • Should we value the target company at a premium or a discount to the comparable universe?
  • Why would one company command a higher or lower premium than its direct competitor?
  • What multiple range should be applied to the target?
  • WACC Impact on Multiples

5. Transaction / deal comparables

One of the variants of comparable valuation is Transaction/deal comps analysis (analysis of selected acquisitions).

By calculating the value of recently happened comparable deals you can derive the value of a firm.

Much like trading comps analysis, building a deal comps analysis but by using transactional data from acquisition context is important.

  • Learn the steps required to construct a deal comps analysis (Enterprise Value, Latest Twelve Months, Cleaning Reported Financials, Calculate & Benchmark Multiple)
  • Calculate transaction value (purchase price), premiums and multiples in past deals
  • Difference between transaction value and enterprise value
  • Difference between Trading Multiples and Deal Multiples
  • When to apply Deal Multiples or Trading Multiples for Valuation

6. Merger modeling

Any Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) transaction’s impact on the future performance of the acquirer company is decided by using Merger modeling and is quite critical in nature.

Once the valuation of an entity is done, and the profits/cash flows of a company are modeled, various decisions on company’s strategic alternatives have to be taken, including a merger or an acquisition.

The course offers a sound knowledge required for understanding, analyzing and structuring mergers and acquisitions.

  • Merger consequence analysis including accretion / dilution and financial implications of a deal
  • Discussion of key components with financial impact on transactions
  • Detailed explanation and analysis of line-by-line construction of accretion / dilution model
  • Factoring the synergy impact on future earnings performance of acquirer
  • Analysis of break even PE for both 100% stock and 100% cash considerations
  • Contribution analysis and its relevant in the analytical process

7. Advanced financial & valuation modeling

To be able to perform the required financial analysis, one must master the fundamental concept of financial modeling by taking the core and basic concepts to the next level.

We dig deep into creating stout and integrated financial models, by the use of subjective inputs and footnotes, making sure the results generated by our models are accurate and the analysis is meaningful and correct.

Our course will enable you to develop defined depreciation schedules, in-depth break up of revenue segments, Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valuation models, and football field summary valuation and reference ranges.

  • Projection of revenue for the company based upon key revenue drivers
  • Projection of complete income statement of the company
  • Projection of cash flow statement by building each component of cash flow statement
  • Balance the model using the debt schedule and debt sweep logic (important in terms of balancing the model)
  • How does the revolver facility actually balance the model?
  • How are the financial statements integrated using the Interest schedule?
  • What are circular references, why should they be avoided and how to get around circular references
  • Estimate un-levered free cash flow (free cash flow to firm)
  • Different ways to calculate the terminal value  and their implications on value
  • EBITDA multiple and perpetuity growth approaches and their inherent limitations
  • Weighted average cost of capital (WACC) analysis that supports the DCF- Calculation of Risk Free Rate (using risk free rate of other country and adjusting it)- Calculation of Beta and adjusting it for liquidity, size premium etc- Impact of Leverage on Beta of the company and how to adjust that impact by un-levering and re-levering the Beta- Calculation of ERP (using predictive model, spread rate, country risk etc)- Calculation of WACC in absence of required data or reliable data
  • Building different scenarios in the model to see impact on final DCF valuation – base case, best case and doom case scenarios
  • Build and analyze reference range and football field to summarize overall valuation metrics

8. Company Profiles

Company profiles are a basic overview and description of any company that is being analyzed.

These profiles offer the most fundamental yet important aspects and facets of a company.

Get a prima facie outline and detailed explanation of the important components of a company profile, of both private and publically traded companies.

  • Summary business description, segmental breakup
  • Stock price charts, ownership analysis,
  • Financial summary, Competitive Benchmarking
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Historical evolution, management and Board of Directors (BoD) biographies

9. Pitch books

As an analyst, you are expected to spend a fair bit of your time at investment banks preparing pitch books (IPO, buy side, sell side etc.).

A pitch book entails a carefully arranged analysis of a current and/or potential client’s investment considerations.

The pitch book’s structure is dynamic in nature and keeps changing depending on the transaction requirements.

A pitch book needs to be prepared keeping in mind the end objective of its creation.

Following are a few key learnings that you would secure from this process:

  • What’s the use of various models you prepared in previous classes
  • What’s the flow of transactions
  • What’s role of investment banker in execution of transactions

Some of important sections of pitch books are (though it varies case to case)

  • Process of whole transaction
  • Analysis of company from perspective of buy side, sell side, IPO etc.
  • Industry analysis (Industry landscape, key industry trends, operation benchmarking, valuation benchmarking etc.)
  • Valuation aspects

Financial Modeling Courses Training Institute in India Testimonials

Investment Banking Student

     Sahil (Joined Amba Research)

“Everybody says that Slow and Steady Wins the Race. But what I have experienced from my life is that, slow and steady may not always make you win the race but the approach definitely helps you to reach your destination. Coming from a small town ‘Ludhiana’ I did not know anything about investment banking. But now, I am working with Amba Research, One of the top KPOs in India, all because of this program. I am really thankful to my mentors here.”

Investment Banking Student2

Tushar, (Joined Copal Partners, a Moody’s Group Entity)

“I undertook the 6 week intensive training program on Valuation from Delhi office in India and I am thoroughly impressed. The structure of the program helps novice in the domain of I-banking ramp up gradually and methodically. Coming out of this program I feel very confident about roles and responsibilities of an I-bank equity market analyst. I must give full credit to the faculty for being very patient, thorough and knowledgeable. My skills-set ranging from working in Excel spreadsheet to PowerPoint and from understanding the financial statements of a company to complicated and complex DCF has improved drastically since I joined the 6 weeks program. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to make a transition into I-banking or is looking for a job as a fresher.”


Ayush, (Joined E&Y)

“Hats off is just a small word for this absolutely brilliant course.These six weeks were like an ocean of knowledge and it was absolutely fantastic the way it was conducted. For guys who do not want to restrict themselves to a particular line and need a breakthrough into a very dynamic profile- this course can just do that.Thank you so much guys for giving me what I would like to do for the rest of my life. Absolutely brilliant and very much of a learning experience.Thanks once again”


Yash, (Joined Cians Analytics)

“A risky dream well converted into reality. Thanks to FinanceWalk for shaping my dream to become Investment Banker. It was an awesome experience and each and every day at FinanceWalk was worth it. I wish all the very best & good luck to team FinanceWalk. Special Thanks to both the faculties for becoming my Mentor and guiding me.”

Investment Banking Student

CA. Aarti, (Joined Analec Securities)

“Thank you team for giving a kick start to my career in Investment Banking. This wouldn’t have been possible without your efforts and the training provided by you. A highly informative course and a great team of mentors.”


Mohammad Yasin Hamdard, Middle East

“Firstly, I would like to thank you very much for your excellent and fantastic courses and programs you are holding for Indian people to support them for their future career and also for those who join the program from overseas. and it is really appreciated that the content of the program and it’s method of holding the training is really in high level and useful for the trainees.

Secondly, I myself learnt lots of new things and got the concept of financial modeling and evaluation as a whole and in general it was new for me and tough, but by struggle and practice I will be able to handle this kind of issue in the future. This program made it easy for me that how to project and evaluate and compare the companies and especially the first two weeks of Excel related sessions were really excellent and useful for me and before this actually we had lots of problems with Excel and cannot handle some of our organization’s day to day activities related to Excel easily and we did them by lengthy way which took lots of our time and now we are able to do them easily with much more less time. And by time hope that I can do something for my country and organization in the future.

Thanks again for your great support and behavior that you had with us during these few weeks. And I hope to be in touch in the future for any other program. Also If our organization needs any advisory or training in the future you will be our first option and priority, because by comparing with other financial and advisory institutes which I had seen before, I found you as a high level institute in accounts and finance and in case of needs I will inform you and hope you to accept our requests and support us.”

A Partial List of Past Recruiters

• Amatya Consulting
• Amicus Services
• Analec Securities
• Arya Capital
• Churchgate Partners
• Cians Analytics
• Citibank
• Copal Amba
• Crest Capital Advisors
• Cushman & Wakefield
• Deloitte
• Deutsche Bank
• E & Y
• EvalueServe
• GEGenpact
• HDFC Bank
• ICICI Bank
• Infosys
• Integrand
• Irevna (CRISIL)
• Jefferies
• JP Morgan
• KEN Research
• Libgem Solutions
• Madison Street Capital
• McKinsey & Co.
• MCube
• Morning Star
• NDTV Profit
• Nik Partners
• Nucleus Partners Group
• PwC
• Rescon Partners
• Serco
• SG Analytics
• Smart Analyst
• SSV FinCorp
• The SmartCube
• Thomson Reuters

Next Batch Starts on 8th September, 2015

Our Full Time Financial Modeling Investment Banking Course (6 Weeks) starts on 8th September, 2015 and 10 Day Weekend Workshop starts on 5th September, 2015 in New Delhi, India.

Only few seats remain. Interested candidates can contact me.

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    • says

      Dear Dalip,

      Yes, it’s beneficial for you in terms of placements. Please email me ( your contact number. My associate will call you to provide complete program details.

  2. RahulThukral says

    I have done my PGDM from Apeejay School Of Management Dwarka in Finance with 53% and have also done financial modelling course but not getting any good companis .So what course should I do know so that I could get placed in good companies and I want to persue my careers in Investment Banking .
    So please help me i would be highly thankful to you.


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      Yes Naman. This program will take you to the next level. Next batch is starting in September. Please email me ( your contact number. My associate will call you to provide complete program details.

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    I am CA final student want to pursue investment banking course. Just want to know is the institute is recognized?

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        Thanks & regards,

        CA Bhavesh

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      We provide placement assistance after this program. Please email me ( your contact number. My associate will call you to provide complete program details.

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    Could you please let me know-Will this course do justice to acquire the requisite skill sets needed in the above mentioned sectors,I mean how useful this course would be and eventually would it help me in finding a job in the same?Secondly the course duration mentioned is six weeks hence would this be enough to transfer the knowledge base and make one an expert on nuances of Financial modelling?

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      Hi Shivam,

      If you want to start working right after the course, please join our 6-week program in Delhi. Please email me ( your contact number. My associate will call you to guide in this regard.

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      Hi Rakesh,

      You need to work on finance side now – Corporate Finance. Try to make internal shift in your organization showing your interest and initiative. Have a dialogue with your HR and convince them of your inclination.

      Meantime, focus on finance subjects in your Executive MBA and be very good in understanding and analyzing financial statements, how financial decisions are made.

      For your Excel and core finance expertise mentioned above, I would like to suggest online program – Excel and Financial Modeling Fundamentals mentioned on this page.

      Please let me know if you need any more details.

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    My name is Amit Joshi residing in Mumbai. I always wanted to be a part of investment banking sector. Here in Mumbai, I have personally visited 2 different institution who are offering IB training courses.

    But upon checking my profile, I was advised that IB industry is not a correct field for me, as I am not holding relevant experience and hence I should opt for some other professional course.

    My questions to you:
    1) Is CFP (Certified Financial Planner) professional course correct for me.
    2) Which industry/sector should I select.
    3) Which study material I must use for finance (apart from newspapers & magazines)

    My interest :
    1) To be informative of all financial products and hence also pursuing NCFM modules.
    2) Assisting people such as planning, teaching, advising, etc.

    My details:
    1) MBA (Finance) in 2014 – Executive Program / B.Com. Graduation in 2008.

    2) April 2005 to Till Date.
    A) Insurance claims & settlements / Back office – operations / KPO industry / UK.
    Job Description: Processing insurance claim in predefined applications.

    B) IRDA online examination / Back office / Semi-Government industry / India.
    Job Description: Scheduling exam date / Conduction online exams / Giving presentations.

    C) Customer service & sales / Front office / Telecommunication industry / India.
    Job Description: Face to face client interaction / visiting sme / training.

  33. Shrey Choudhary says

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    My inclination is more towards Finance. Your guidance will help me a lot. Also, could you please convey the approximate fee for the aforesaid program,

    Thanking you

  34. niteen kumar says

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    • says

      Hi Niteen,

      Please acquire practical skills required for finance roles. Either you learn these practical skills on your own or join our program in Delhi. But, your focus should be on hands-on skills at this time.

  35. Abhishek Garg says

    I have done MBA finance and current in CA final , would like to know some specific details about the financial modelling course, the fee structure, the place in delhi where it will be conducted, etc. Kindly mail me the same.
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  36. Ashvi Mittal says

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    • says

      Hi Ashvi,

      We conduct financial modeling and investment banking programs in Delhi regularly.

      Please email me ( your contact number. My associate will call you to provide career counseling and complete program details.

  37. Sagar says

    Hello Sir, I am 2nd year student of MBA (Finance) also I cleared the NCFM-FLIP’s Module on Equity Research. And I am planning to start my career as Financial Analyst in KPO but not a single company came to our campus for this kind of profile so please guide me how will I apply for KPOs and How will I start my career ?

  38. Himanshu Jain says

    Sir I am a commerce graduate.I want to study finance.But i am not very good in accounts.Can i still do financial modelling and investement banking programs

  39. Neha Bansal says

    I am a graduate in commerce stream. I would like to know some specific details about the financial modelling course, the fee structure, the place where it will be conducted, etc. Kindly mail me the same.
    Thank you.

  40. harinder singh bedi says

    I am a commerce graduate.I want to study finance.But i am not very good in accounts.Can i still do financial modelling and investement banking programs.

    • says

      Hi Girish,

      We have a selection process for this program. To know the details, please email me ( your contact number. My associate will call you to provide complete details.

  41. Mukul says

    Hi Avadhut, I have done my MBA in Banking management and prior to that I held a B.Tech degree and am currently working as a BA in an IT firm. I want to know which courses should I go for that would help me excel in a banking career. I am interested in corporate banking, taxation, Audit, wealth management, derivatives and equity markets. How relevant would these courses be after an MBA degree? I would also request you to provide me the links from where I can obtain information about these courses.

      • Mukul says

        I don’t want to move to core banking,already doing that. Corporate or investment banking and yes want to shift from IT

        • says

          Hi Mukul,

          If you want to shift from IT to investment banking field then you need to focus on financial analysis, financial modeling, deal structuring, valuation, company profiling, pitch book preparation and so on.

          We conduct a classroom program in Delhi that covers all the above areas in detail. This course is suitable for people who want to make career in core finance, investment banking, consulting and equity research.

          If you want to know more details about the course and how it can help you, please email me ( your contact number. My associate will call you to provide complete program details and career counseling.

  42. Nikhil Shah says

    Dear Sir,

    Hi!!! My name is Nikhil Shah and I am staying in Mumbai. I have in all 6 Years of Work Experience with Master in MS Excel. I have almost 2.5 Years of experience in Supply Chain Management i.e. Operations and more than 3.5 Years of Experience in Accounting and Finance. I want to pursue my career as a Financial Analyst or as an Associate. I have also pursued my Post Graduate Diploma in Finance from NMiMS Mumbai. During the start of my career in 2008 when I used to attend interviews for Financial Analyst, I was told that I lack experience in basic accounting as my resume was disclosing my work experience in Operations and Supply Chain Management and now after acquiring 3.5 Years of experience in Accounting and Finance, now the recruiters say that they need person having experience in same field.

    Please help me in shaping my career in Financial Analyst as I am desperately looking for a career as a Financial Analyst or as a Financial Associate. I have too much interest and passion for analyst profile.

    Nikhil Shah

  43. sachin says

    sir, i have completed my MBA (Finance) and now i want to do financial modelling course and I want to know about all details of full time course as well as online course

  44. rishabh singh says

    hello sir ,i am in 3rd year,i am doing cfp,can i do financial modelling and investment banking too after this,please suggest me.

  45. Girish R says


    I am a MBA graduate and currently been employed EY, Kerala. I would like to know the course fee structure and would there a training centre at Trivandum Location, Kerala

  46. Sakshi Tyagi says

    hello, i am CA-Finalist and i am interested to pursue this course. so, can u pls tell me timing and the fees structure

  47. priya says

    I am aready MBA in finance i want a practical exposure to finance. will this course help me. r u providing job after completion of the training. if so kindly contact me on my Email.

    • says

      Hi Priya,

      Yes, we provide 6-week classroom program which provides practical exposure. We have a selection procedure to select only right candidates for this program. After successful completion of the program we provide placement assistance to all the candidates.

      If this interests you, and need more details, please email me your contact number. My associate will give you more details.

  48. Dayamay Banerjee says

    I am already a CFA and therefore am really interested in the course. Kindly send me details about the fee structure and do let me know if you place people as well because I will be interested only if a good placement is offered after the course.

  49. Shashank Gupta says

    Hi Avadhut,
    You mentioned this program ‘equips you with the skills you need in interviews and on the job.’ So will this Financial modeling course will teach how to handle our interviews, or just theoretical knowledge. (Nothing mentioned in training details.   )

  50. Keetu says

    Hi Avadhut, Is it only a learning opportunity at classroom or you have it being taught even in CD’s or so.. If yes please let me know how much it will cost

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