Goldman Sachs Summer Internships Guide for Associates and Analysts


Working as an intern gives you a head start in your career in any stream.

It is the best way to get into the domain and get hands on experience and learning in your choice of career stream.

And if you get an internship in one of the leading global firms your learning curve is even steeper.

In this article I am going to tell you about Goldman Sachs Summer Internships.


Goldman Sachs Logo
Goldman Sachs Logo


Founded in the year 1869, Goldman Sachs is one of the oldest and biggest financial firms in today’s time.

It is one of the leading investment banking, securities and investment management firms in the world with a variety of service offerings across industry verticals, domains and geographies.

Based in New York, United States, the firm has its offices in all major geographies of the world with a huge client base.

The company offers working opportunities to budding finance professionals by offering internships in the company where you can work alongside the industry stalwarts gaining on the job learning.

One special thing to notice about internships offered by the company is that not all interns hired are from the finance background.

They try to take in students from diverse background to bring in diversity into the team which has helped them a lot.

According to the Managing Director of the company, this has been a special feature of their recruitments and has benefitted the company on all occasions.

She also mentioned that the company is quite aggressive when it comes to hiring summer interns as the young students bring in a lot of positive energy which is good for the team and for the company.

Another interesting fact about internships offered by the company is that an intern is mentored by multiple people across the organization, including the top management.

There are interns that report directly to the higher management which presents them with immense learning and exposure.

They have a Big Buddy system wherein the Big Buddy is the immediate mentor of an intern.

Above it, there will be a senior mentor for the intern who would be more of a counselor for issues that go beyond the day to day activities of the day.

Apart from the regular feedback sessions from superiors on an intern’s job and responsibilities, the company often organizes career planning counseling sessions for the interns to help them develop a career plan.

There are various kinds of internships offered by Goldman Sachs – spring internships, winter internships, autumn internships, and summer internships.

But today in this article I am going to talk about summer internships.

Goldman Sachs Summer Analyst Internship

This is a regular 10 weeks program for students who are pursuing graduation.

Usually this program is for final year students but other students can also apply.

The selection will purely be based on your existing knowledge of the financial concepts.

One important point to remember here is that your major is not important for selection, but you interest in finance will play a significant role in your selection.

You will be first going through an induction or orientation program where you, along with other interns, will be given a brief on what Goldman Sacks does and what all are the fields of operations.

After the completion of this orientation, you will be given function or domain specific training for a while before giving you actual work responsibilities.

Once you have taken both these programs, you will be deployed in an existing team of full time employees on a real project.

Depending on your performance over the 10 weeks of internship, you might be offered a permanent job at the position of new analyst in the company.

You can apply to this internship online going to the website of the company.

Goldman Sachs Summer Associate Internship

This is again a 10 weeks program, but for students who are pursuing higher education (basically post graduate programs like MS, MD and MBA).

The shortlisted applicants go through the same orientation programs as summer analyst interns and for the same duration.

However, the assignment of teams and job responsibilities is a bit different.

Here the interns are given the responsibilities that are much more challenging and the deployed resources work as much (or even more) as a full time employee of the company.

The probability of getting a full time job after an associate internship is much more than after regular summer analyst internship.

After the completion of the associate internship, you might be offered a full time job as New Associate depending on your performance as an intern.

Goldman Sachs Summer Internship 2014 Deadline

Usually the deadlines for summer internships vary from college to college and session to session.

There are a few colleges that are given an option for the students to apply till February but this is not true for all colleges and universities.

This time for colleges in general the deadline for applications is 1st December 2013.

This deadline is for both Summer Analyst Internships and Summer Associate Internships.

How to Apply for Summer Internships

The details on how to apply for the internships is given in detail on the company website.

Click the image below to enlarge or right click and save it on your machine. Then open it in any viewer and zoom to see the details.


Goldman Sachs Summer Internships Steps
Step-by-step presentation of the internship process


Following is the process of applying in short:

1. Log on to the company website and enter the careers section.

2. Log in if you are an existing user or else register as a new user. You will be given a login id and password for future usage.

3. Select the position you want to apply for – Summer Analyst Internship or Summer Associate Internship

4. Fill in the required details in the application form.

5. Submit the application form after completion.

6. Wait for the response from company’s HR department. (Your application status and interview details will be provided in your registered account, but you may also get a separate e-mail or call from the HR department)

The Bottom Line

If you got some value from this post, leave a comment below.

I want to hear how YOU plan on using this guide to get summer internships in finance.

Are you going to find summer internships through job sites or directly contacting the companies?

Or maybe you’ve tried something similar before.

Either way, write a comment in the section below right now.

Image credits: Wikimedia and Goldman Sachs dot com

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  1. Aniket Vyas says

    Hey Avadhut ,
    Thank you very much for providing the details and insights about the Summer Analyst Internship program.But I still have one question , that is , whether we have to go through any personal interview or group discussion round or any thing else after submitting online Summer Analyst Internship application form .


    Thank you so much for the detailed information you have provided regarding Summer Associate Internship. I have got the Internship offer from GS in the operations division-Bangalore for an 8 week period. I would like to know about the working environment and the network at GS and also would like to know on what basis they judge us for giving a pre placement offer. I have lot of questions about the general working hours,facilities and work pressure. I am sure i will have a very good working and learning experience. Please do provide me information.

    Thank you

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