Real Estate REIT Financial Modeling Training Course – BIWS Review

Real estate REIT financial modeling
Real estate REIT financial modeling

How many of you want to make a career in real estate or Real Estate financial modeling Excel or REIT modeling?

Those who are interested to make a career in real estate financial analysis, read on…

I did a research on requirements of financial analysis in real estate or REIT sector.

Glassdoor, Monster and SimplyHired websites gave me the requirements as below:

Real estate financial modeling requirements

· Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, or Management (with a concentration in Finance or Real Estate), OR a MS/MBA in Finance or Real Estate from an accredited college or university

. Real estate financial model building Excel skills

· Substantial knowledge of real estate accounting and financial statements and Commercial Real Estate Financial Model.

· Strong analytical, comprehension and problem solving skills, as well as strong verbal and written communication skills

· Ability to master new tasks and industries quickly

· Leadership experience and strong personal integrity

· Ability to prioritize tasks, work on multiple assignments and manage rapidly changing assignments in a team environment

· Commitment to obtaining outstanding results

· Outstanding quantitative analytical skills; strong knowledge of finance and accounting

· Strong financial modeling skills

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills

. Real Estate Investment Model Excel

. Excel Modeling Commercial Real Estate

· Ability to take initiative and function independently balanced with strong team skills

· Exceptional attention to detail

· Maintain high standards of professional and ethical conduct

· Proficient in MS Office applications

How will you prepare for real estate modeling

Real estate modeling is a complex area. However, if you start with basics, you’ll gain confidence.

Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS) has created an online training program on real estate REIT financial modeling.

Real estate REIT financial modeling training course details

Real Estate & REIT Modeling teaches you how to model property development and acquisitions, and how to project and value real estate investment trusts (REITs).

The program is based on case studies of an office development & sale, a hotel acquisition & renovation, and a REIT operating model and valuation for AvalonBay Communities, where we use real SEC filings and equity research from banks like Citi and JP Morgan to support the numbers.

You’ll start with a crash-course on real estate development and REITs, and then move into the office development and hotel acquisition case studies, where you’ll learn how to estimate a property’s size, financial performance, and returns to investors.

After that, we’ll jump into a detailed 3-statement model for AvalonBay with support for their different real estate segments, and conclude with a full valuation, including the usual methodologies as well as real estate-specific ones such as the Net Asset Value (NAV) model.

Go to the Sign Up page.

Real estate financial analysis content

  • Prerequisites: Excel & Financial Modeling Fundamentals or equivalent (this is an advanced course).
  • Lessons cover property development and acquisitions, key real estate terminology and metrics, how a REIT’s financial statements differ, and REIT valuation.
  • 63 videos total (24 hours of footage).
  • 7 quick reference guide PDFs on key topics – from key terms and accounting through property modeling, REIT financial statements, and valuation.
  • Overview lessons cover real estate key terms, how to model an apartment complex, how a REIT operates, and how to link properties and REITs.
  • Office Development & Sale lessons teach you how to estimate building size, hard costs and soft costs, project the financial statements of a property, build debt and equity draw schedules, calculate the sale proceeds, and allocate investor returns using a waterfall schedule, factoring in developer promotes.
  • Hotel Acquisition & Renovation lessons cover how to project a hotel’s financial statements, estimate the impact of property renovation, and calculate returns based on the purchase price, selling cap rate, and capital structure.
  • REIT Operating Model videos teach you how to project a REIT’s rental income and net operating income (NOI) from same-store properties, development/redevelopment, acquisitions, and dispositions; you’ll also learn how to create a complex debt schedule, link and project the statements, and calculate FFO, AFFO, and dividends issued.
  • REIT Valuation lessons cover public comps, precedent transactions, and the Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (DCF) and Dividend Discount Model (DDM) for REITs, as well as real estate-specific models such as the Net Asset Value (NAV) and Replacement Cost methods.
  • You receive instant access when you sign up because everything is delivered online – no shipping charges or physical products to worry about.
  • Free lifetime updates and support.


  • Free $97 bonus for FinanceWalk readers.

Watch real estate financial modeling sample video.

What are your alternatives? And what’s your investment in this program?

There are limited options when it comes to learning real estate modeling:

  • Real Estate Financial Modeling: $600 – $1,000 per Excel file; videos are separate and cost more.
  • Wall Street Training Real Estate Development Modeling: $300.
  • Wall Street Training REIT Financial Modeling: $750 for just a single Excel file – no lessons or videos.

So if you want to learn everything taught in this course elsewhere, you’d be spending a minimum of $1,000 – and you wouldn’t even get videos walking you through it all. Yes, you read that correctly: $1,000 for a single Excel file.

With the Breaking Into Wall Street version, you get more material – including multiple different real estate development models, a REIT operating model, a REIT valuation, and quick reference guides for all the key concepts – for just $347, as opposed to $1,000.

That’s a 65% discount for MORE content, material, and lessons that you can watch and follow along with yourself.

This is extremely specialized material – good luck finding this level of detail online or in finance textbooks – so I actually thought about pricing this higher to begin with.

And in the future, the price will be going up, since $347 is still much lower than all the available alternatives.

This is information that makes you far more valuable to firms, than if you simply know basic accounting and valuation for “general” situations.

And there’s more material coming – potential future lessons will include coverage of REIT merger models and LBO models, and more real estate development topics.

If you sign up today, you get all of this for only $347 – a 65% discount – plus free access to all future additions to this course as soon as they’re released.

Plus, you get a no-hassle money-back guarantee

Just like every one of the BIWS products and courses, this comes with our unconditional 60-day money back guarantee.

That’s right – take a full 60 days to evaluate everything inside the Program, and if you’re not 100% satisfied, simply contact BIWS via the “Contact” link displayed on every page of the site and ask for your money back. You’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

There are no strings attached, no special terms or conditions, and no fine print.

Here’s what happens within minutes of you signing up 

Once you sign up, you’ll immediately have access to the 63 instructional videos, all the Excel files and quick reference guides, and the complete curriculum. And you’ll have access to BIWS’ expert support team to ask whatever questions you have.

With that comes lifetime access, free upgrades, new content as we add it, and expert support.

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Next Batch Starts on 8th September, 2015
Our Full Time Financial Modeling Investment Banking Course (6 Weeks) starts on 8th September, 2015 and 10 Day Weekend Workshop starts on 5th September, 2015 in New Delhi, India.

Only few seats remain. Interested candidates can contact me

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