Top 12 Courses in Finance in India

Best Courses in Finance

 To start with, anybody who attempts to create a list, any list is always on a slippery wicket.

First, any list does involve a certain bit of subjectivity and thus it will never be perfect. Despite all this one must attempt to create a list.

After all, a list helps us in the simplest way to know why we decide to take a certain action.

When I began creating the list of top courses in finance available in India I thought of keeping the big daddy i.e. the MBA in Finance out of the list.

After all, we all know what an MBA in finance can do for us.

But, I didn’t want to exclude it for the sake of it as I know the popularity of the course.

Keeping this in mind I’m going ahead with a list of top finance courses available in India which would help you to make good of your passion.

I have broadly divided the courses into the following sections:

  • MBA
  • Statutory Courses
  • Specialized courses

1. MBA

Probably the most obvious choice for anybody who wishes to make a career in financial services is to do an MBA in finance.

The advantage that an MBA has over any other format is that it allows you a good all round exposure to various aspects of finance, whether it’s accounting, cost accounting, financial modeling, statistics and so on.

Additionally if you choose your minors well, you can have exposure to fields like marketing, behavioral science, human resources etc. Thus giving you the best possible chance for growth in the financial services industry.

However, be warned, that a lot of your ability to jumpstart may be dependent on a combination of economic factors, the strength of your placement cell, your alumni and also your independent ability to network.

If you wish to be on the global stage then do remember that MBAs from Harvard, Stanford, and INSEAD have to do their bit of hunting as well. Even the hallowed IIMs do not officially guarantee you a placement.

Statutory Courses

The Statutory courses are the ones which have been created by acts of parliament and hence create binding obligations under certain circumstances. Under statutory courses we can include the following

2. Chartered Accountant

Probably the most well-known statutory course, this course was created as a result of the enactment of the Chartered Accountants Act in 1949.

The course involves a combination of theory and more importantly practical training which run synchronously to provide student with the necessary wherewithal required of a professional accountant.

A good grounding in this profession creates opportunities few courses can match.

Chartered Accountancy allows you to have rewarding careers in consultancy, audit practice, investment banking, and information technology to name a few.

The profession allows you probably the best chance in finance to create a location independent career. You can find successful chartered accountants in many small towns where a lot many other professions may not flourish.

The chartered accountancy course also opens the doors for an international career. An Indian CA after clearing certain local papers can easily practice in countries like United Kingdom and Australia to name a few. Additionally, with the increasing introduction of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) if you become a chartered accountant then world is your oyster.

3. Cost Accountant

This course came into being as a result of the Cost and Works Accountants Act, 1959. The act regulates the profession of cost and management accountancy.

A Cost and Management Accountant (CMA) is a person who performs services which involve accounting for cost of manufacturing an item, pricing the goods and services produced verification or certification of taxation, especially with respect to indirect taxation.

Unlike pure accounting professionals say chartered accountants, the demand for a cost accountant is a cross organization phenomenon. The marketing department needs you in preparing quotations for tender responses; the production department needs you to make better decisions on a profitable product mix, the purchase department wouldn’t move without the cost accountants advice for taking the make or buy decisions and in top management you play a critical role in identifying business risks and their mitigation.

To use a cricket analogyyou would be the all-rounder in the team.

4. The Company Secretary

The course was a result of the Company Secretaries Act 1980.

The Company Secretary is primarily the mediator between the management and the organization’s board of directors.

Company secretaries are involved in creating policies for the company, maintaining legal records, taking care of public issues, managing mergers and acquisitions related activities. Additionally they liaise as agents of the company while negotiating with a number of government authorities.

A Company secretary has a positive chance of being employed with management consulting firms, banks, corporates and regulatory bodies besides having an option to practice independently.

You as a company secretary are also a sought after professional for positions abroad with multi-national companies. There is a burgeoning demand for Company Secretaries in the UK, the USA, and many other countries in the western world.

With the appropriate set of knowledge and skills, you as a company secretary can look forward to a rewarding career.

5. Actuary

If you are an actuary then your job would be to assess the financial impact of risk and uncertainty.

Actuaries assess the financial security systems, keeping a hawk’s eye on their complexity, the mathematics involved in the same and their mechanisms.

Actuaries try to use mathematics to evaluate the probability of events and minimize the impacts of financial losses associated with an event which is not only uncertain but is undesirable.

Many events like death cannot be avoided, however as an actuary your job is to do the needful to minimize their financial impact if as and when they occur. These risks have the possibility of impacting both sides of the balance sheet. Thus you would be required to have the requisite skills in asset management, liability management, and valuation skills.

An actuary is expected to have the analytical skills, business knowledge and understanding of human behavior which is required to design and manage programs that assess and control risk. If you are an actuary then you would be most likely employed in the Insurance industry but also in corporate houses like Reliance which issues 100 year or perpetual bonds. The profession is governed by the Actuaries act of 2006.

Read this detailed post on Actuary Career.

Specialized courses

Specialized courses are the ones where a certain skill set is developed for an industry

6. Chartered Financial Analyst

The Chartered Financial Analyst degree is one of the toughest to crack but probably one of the most rewarding certifications to have.

In fact in the financial services world, the CFA charter holder is one of the few courses which give an MBA-Finance a serious run for money.

If you are a CFA charter holder then you are one of the most valued people in any organization. You are looked up to for your insights backed by analytical inputs.

This certification is extremely useful if you want to make a career in equity research, investment banking or fund management.

However if you choose to pursue this course there is one piece of advice: Start early (Soon after you graduate or along with your MBA), because it takes almost 3 years of dedication and not many are able to crack it for reasons which vary from work pressure, family commitments to sheer boredom of studying for three years.

7. The Certified Financial Planner

If you wish to make a career out of wealth management then being a CFP is almost a must have.

This course gives you in depth training in various aspects of personal finance like tax planning, insurance planning, state planning etc.

You can consider the certified financial planner to be like the general practitioner MBBS.

You as a CFP are the best bet that people have in managing their growing wealth.

You as a CFP would be sought after in banks, wealth management companies, insurance companies, mutual fund and other financial intermediaries.

In India there is a dearth of good financial planners. As per some market estimates, India needs close to 50,000 financial planners and not even 10% has been met.

The CFP certification is valid in 23 countries in the world including Australia, UK etc. Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) India is the authorized regulatory body for this course in India.

8. Economics

Yes that economics degree is also a good bet for making a career in financial services. After all, it’s the economists who create all the policies which determines whether the country grows or flounders.

Economists are valued in the financial services industry for predicting impact of policies that may impact business performance and make informed decisions on how policies would move and how the business should react to the changing policies.

If you chose to become an economist then the financial services world would look to you just like many people look to astrologers, i.e. to understand complex inputs and give guidance on how to use the available resources for creating valuable outputs.

Thus give serious thought to that offer from LSE or near home the Delhi School of Economics.

9. Statistics

A statistician is responsible for the collection, assessment, explanation and presentation of quantitative data.

You as a statistician provide insights, commendations, and advice on policy and strategy to clients within and outside your organization.

You as a statistician are responsible for monitoring data collection and using modeling techniques, both mathematical and statistical. You would also be expected to present your findings along with providing strategic advice on how best to use the results.

Thus do give an honest shot at clearing the M Stats exam at the Indian Statistical Institute.

10. Chartered Alternate Investment Analyst

The CAIA Charter is the globally recognized credential for professionals managing, analyzing, distributing, or regulating alternative investments.

The CAIA Charter designation is the highest standard of achievement in alternative investment education and provides deep knowledge, demonstrated expertise, and global credibility in alternatives.

11. Financial Risk Manager

Since 2008, the element of risk management has come to the fore like anything.

If you were to choose to become a Financial Risk Manager then you would be expected to manage risk that accompanies any investments and would like to broaden their knowledge for the same.

This course is suitable for people seeking employment in risk management in banks, corporates, non-banking financial firms and corporate houses.

This course helps people in their early stages by exposing them to the breadth of the curriculum covering major strategic aspects of risk management;on the other hand the course helps established professional keep up with the latest trends.

12. Financial Modeling and Investment Banking Programs

Financial Modeling skills are must for equity research and investment banking careers.

If you want to make a career in financial research, equity research, investment banking, and other core finance areas, then having MBA or CFA degrees alone won’t help.

You need to learn skills that are required to do the actual work on the job.

You can learn the skills by online or classroom programs.

As per my experience and interaction with students, Indian students prefer classroom programs.

Have I Missed Anything?…

I have covered almost all the courses in finance available in India.

Please let me know if I missed any course or you want to know something specific.

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  1. sunayana says

    Hi, i m mba finance n working with infosys bpo as senior executive from past 5 years…could you pls suggest wat course shall i do to groom my carrier .thanks

  2. shashank says

    [Hi Sir,

    I completed my MBA (Finance) in 2013. Now working with a US mortgage firm as a process analyst from past 1.5 years. I want to change this domain (Mortgage) and start with some core finance domain.

    Can you please help me which course should i join, looking at today’s market scope and job opportunity.

  3. shrddha choudhary says

    hello sir

    i am shrddha , and i am presently pursuing in VLSI & Embeddded systems from JNTU,Hyderabad,prior i have done B.Tech in ECE from BIT Mesra,now i want to pursue a career in finance. please suggest me a suitable job oriented course,how about MBA finance ?please suggest suitable institutes .
    thank you

  4. Pooja says

    This is Pooja here.
    I am chartered accountant but i want to pursue IFRS course from iCAI insittue.WIll this help me in my future career?
    Please help me with th same.

  5. reshma says

    i completed my MBA and working second largest bank under trade department..i m planning to do some other course related finance but not related to trade .many people suggested me do CIMA or CPA OR CFA . I don’t know what course to choose

  6. shery says

    Hi sir,

    I have completed MBA finance in 2007 and also 3 years of work experiance in Epc contracting company.Due to some family commitment I couldn’t work last few years.Now I am planning to start my careers in banks. So I want to do some course in finance.Now I am staying in UAE. Kindly suggest me any distance courses or online courses which will help me to get a job in UAE banks.

    Is CFA course is suitable for me?

      • shery says

        Hai sir,

        Thanku for your reply

        i need your valuable advice for CFA course in distance education mode.actually i cant able to work for the next 2 more years also due to same iam planning to take this years to upgrade my qualification.

        i believe that getting more knowledge in financial aspect and for job opportunity i have to go for further study.but not possible to attend any regular please suggest me distance education mode or online classes.

        is it worth to do it or should i go for any other courses?

        so many questions in my mind.kindly help me out in this matter.

        thank u

        • says

          Hi Shery,

          CFA is a distance education/ self-study certification only.

          Online programs are excellent for skill-enhancement. In that case, you need to put extra efforts in getting your queries resolved. You need to do networking on your own. Online will give you the cushion of learning from your place without the botheration of having to come to India.

          Classroom program will ensure that the learning is more effective as it is a live training and much more detailed and comprehensive.

    • Adarsh says

      Avadhut Sir ….I have some questions related to this matter ….i f u have any medium from which I can communicate with it’s a great help ….

  7. kala says

    I completed S Y Bcom and will complete T Y Bcom in next academic year. I m doing GNIIT. Maths and Statistics was one subject in first year Bcom. Kindly suggest me which course will give me a good employment opportunity after Bcom.

  8. mohammed feroz says


    I am mohammed fero pursuing mba 2nd year and I am getting confuse to take about my career I am interested in accounts and I have taken my specialization major as finance minor as marketing. …so could u please suggest me which way should I follow and which course should I take

  9. Kishore A says

    Hi Avadhut,

    This is Kishore, presently working for a KPO from last 3 years located in Hyderabad. I have completed MBA Finance and a am graduate in B.Sc Mathematics. As a non-Commerce/accounting student, i do not have good knowledge in accounts like Journals and ledger entries etc. due to the same reason I have resigned for a job in a Credit Rating company within a month. I thought to join in Oracle finance/ SAP FICO. But one of my friend told that these certification also need accounting knowledge.

    Could you please suggest me a better option to move forward.

    Thank you in advance.


      • Kishore A says

        Hi Avadhut,

        Thank you for the response.

        My long term goal was to be at a good position like director in credit rating firm or any Investment Bank. But when I joined in that Credit rating agency (SME- Corporate Rating), I was into confusion in Indian companies filings and the flow of cash and funds. I am not sure that I can learn the basics of accounts now from an institute.
        So I am thinking about the other alternatives like any managerial in outsourcing sector either KPO or BPO((as I am already into the same) with the help of technical knowledge where there is no question of accounting.

        To be frank I am with a blank state of mind regarding my Goal.

        I hope U understand.

        Thank You

        • says

          Hi Kishore,

          Since you’ve done MBA and have 3 years work experience in financial KPO, learning basic accountancy and finance won’t be an issue. I suggest you learn 3 basic financial statements – Income statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement.

          Start learning these things from YouTube videos. You can also check FinanceWalk’s YouTube channel for this purpose.

          Start reading annual reports.

          All you need is to devote 100-200 hours for this learning.

          All this will open excellent opportunities in core finance. Functional roles in KPOs and other companies are much more rewarding than general management roles.

          You can take managerial roles anytime in your career but that will limit the scope of your career.

          For core finance skills and careers, you can check our program when you’re sure about your goal.

          Please let me know if you still have any queries.

  10. Siddhant says

    I am working as a Functional Consultant for an IT company for the past two years. I have passed CFA Level 1 and also completed an MBA in Finance & Marketing.
    I want to shift to a core Investment related work profile. How do I proceed?

  11. Priyadarshini says


    I would like to do a course on finance ( tax, investments, savings), to have knowledge in finance management.
    I am basically an engineer. and i could only afford to do the course online or by distant learning methods.

    Is there a suitable course or any certification program for me?

    Thanks in advance,


  12. manzeer says

    I am a Graduate and I have 4 years experience in Accounts field.
    But I like to continue my career in Finance field. So I want to know whether graduation is enough or I need any further qualification?

  13. Joe says

    Sir, I have completed my BBA from an institute ranked 2nd all over India with excellent academic track records and extracurriculars like working with NGOs and receiving certificates, Post BBa I have also done a post grad in banking and finance.I have 6 months work experience with the second largest investment bank in the world in an operations role and currently working in indirect tax management consultancy at a big 4(because I wanted to face the client).I really want to get into the private equity field and have cultivated an interest about LBO and mezzanine comcepts in PE over the last year.Please suggest which course/ certification I should pursue to enter this field and be marketable to them.

  14. sana says

    Hi sir,
    i have completed mba finance in 2014 may,presently m working for a automotive groups as insurance executive m very nervos with my career and job as i was expecting a job in IT companys as finance or a/c’s executive.i want to do some course whether it s short term or long term but i should b good or beneficial for my future career to meet my expectation i want to know which could b the better course dat sets to my qualification,and i have a future paln to go to london or uk as it s my dream to work there please suggest me asap…
    thanking u

    • says

      Hi Sana,

      If you are good in finance, MIS and accounting, you can start applying for Accounts Executive or similar roles in IT companies. After working for 3-5 years, you can shift to domain specific roles such as Business Analyst/ Functional Consultant in the same company or other IT companies.

      Business Analyst needs to travel globally to meet clients for gathering business process requirements. So, you’ll complete that dream too :)

  15. kiran kumar says

    Hi Avadhut,

    i have done MBA in Finance , currently working in BNY Mellon (India) in Custody reporting . i want to be in Fund admin/Portfolio management or NAV calculation side so could you please suggest me which certification courses will help me to get a good place over there?

  16. Swarup says

    Long term goal is to reach highest level in the organisation and i also have a dream to start my own business in future.

  17. says

    Hi Avadhut Nigudkar,
    Good day..!
    Am working in HCL Tech. as Finance Executive in FP&C (Financial Planning & Control) team. Am a MBA (Finance) graduate and I would like to pursue finance related course to improve knowledge as well as my career scope. Could you please suggest which course will helpful to fulfill my said wants.
    Is that CMA is opt or anyother. please guide me.


    • says

      Hi Manoj,

      That depends on which area you want to make your career in. Accounting/ Financial Markets/ Investment Banking/ KPOs/ Business Modeling or any other.

      Please let me know your long-term career goal.

  18. Sandeep kumar says

    I am working for USA health care and want to switch to finance field. I was looking for the details for the courses like CFP and CFA, but recently I have heard about a new one CWM from AAFM. Please suggest me which would be better among these 3 courses to start my career in finance.

  19. Aman Arora says

    I m working in a banking industry past 5 yrs now I want make carrier in banking with specific role like trade finance , investment banking where I can see future growth opportunities because currently I m working in general branch banking I haven’t seen much more opportunity. Please guide for good courses.

  20. adk says

    Dear Sir!
    I have completed my degree in International Business & Management and currently working in the finance dept for an MNC. I wish to grow in the finance industry itself. but i’m confused whether to do an MBA in finance or do a specialized course to get in depth knowledge of finance.

      • deepika says

        Hi sir,
        myself deepika, i have completed my graduation in accounts and finance in 2012.
        i am working now but not happy with my work sincr its a sales profile. my keen interest is into accounts and financr field. and i want to grow my career in the same field. very upset and depressed with my career and job. i need your help and suggestion for a growth in my career and if you can suggest me any course that i can do with less investment and within less time. i request you kindly help me in making my career. would be very thankful for your support and guidence.

  21. sunny kumar says

    Hello sir,
    I m sunny kumar now im Persuing MBA 4th semester with finance specialisation after mba I want to do one course in finance , which can helpfhelpful to grow my career very soon sir please suggests me which one will be best

  22. Awanish says

    Hi Sir,

    I have done my MBA in 2012 in Finance & marketing and currently working with a IT form in Noida
    in sales department. Now i am looking for the change and want to start career in Finance.

    Is it possible?

    Pls suggest

  23. prakash says

    I am prakash…i have
    persuing mba in finance….in banglore…..but im
    not getting so much
    exposure in finance field.So
    please suggest me
    for any one year
    finance course which
    help me to grow ….

  24. Bharat says

    sir i hve completed bcom (hons) form Delhi university
    My long term career goal is to become CEO..m currently preparing for mba….i also want to be an investment banker….please clear my cnfusion

  25. madhurima sau says

    i m a mba (finance) student in iim-c..i want to do extra finance courses.. bt i m confused what to di and what nt to do. so plz help me.
    p.s i m also interested in banking sector. (both government and private bank)

    thank you

    • says

      Hi Madhurima,

      If you want to make your career in core finance – investment banking, financial analysis, equity research, business modeling – then I would recommend our 6-week program to you.

      I’m not aware of any course to make a career in banking sector.

  26. Swarup says

    Hello Sir
    My name is Swarup I have complete my graduation in commerce after that I have done my post graduate programme in finance since then I have been working in an MNC in finance and accounting process I have more than 5yrs of experience in this field as a senior so would like to know which course is suitable for me CFA or CIMA to boast my career.

  27. Ankit Gupta says

    I am pursuing MBA in finance final year and really looking forward to join your 6 week program
    I am willing to pursue CFA
    I came to know about a new credential i.e. AFA offered by AAFM India
    As per the telephonic conversation with them… It is told to me that it is equally recognized as CFA
    So I want to know if AFA is a good bet since it is less time consuming and low costing
    Your opinion will be highly appreciable

    • says

      Hi Ankit,

      I’ve not heard of this AFA program before.

      About our 6-week program, please email me ( your contact number. My associate will call you to provide complete details.

  28. Santosh Machhi says

    Hi Sir,
    I am currently studying MBA – Finance from Mumbai University and planning to work in an Banking sector. After my MBA which course will be better for me regarding commercial Banking sector or should I take experience an then study..

    Pls. suggest

  29. Piyush Singh says

    Hi Sir,

    I have completed my MBA from New Delhi in 2014 June and right I am working with Genpact Company, however I need to improve degree through some financial courses but I am confused , I dont know which course should I go for please suggest .

  30. says

    i am currently pursuing MBA from GGSIPU, Delhi and want to pursue CFP but i am confused which institute to choose nd which is the best institute for cfp in new delhi.

    • says

      Hi Prerna,

      You can choose CFP institute based on past students feedback, faculty, library, industry network and so on. If I were in your place, I would visit 3-4 known institutes and decide based on these criteria.

  31. Subhradeep Pal says

    Respected Sir,
    I am 25 years old and i have completed Mtech in computer science engineering . Recently i have started working with a mnc. During my Mtech i grew interest in equity market and investment . Now i am very seriously looking forward to dive in the equity market.I have already learned the basics of equity market and discussed about it with my uncle who is an active trader in stock market. But before making a venture i want to acquire detailed knowledge about equity market and investment. I would love to know which course would best serve my ambitions. Is MSc or Ms in finance a good idea?
    Thanks & Regards

  32. Santosh Machhi says

    Hi Sir,
    I am currently studying MBA – Finance from Mumbai University and planning to work in an Banking sector. After my MBA which course will be better for me regarding Banking sector
    Pls. suggest


  33. aryn says

    i am Aryan. i have completed MBA in finance( Distance learning). i am working with financial market form 2007 to till now and i want to do course which helps me to grow my carrier. which course is good for me and i am planning to do CFP. Could you please suggest me is it good for me ?

  34. Barbara says

    Dear Avadhut,

    I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration major in Marketing, I currently work in a bank in the Sales Department, wondering what course would be best for me, I am considering Finance and investment, is this suitable for growth in my sector and what professional courses can I take up to go hnd in hand?

  35. vrushank says

    Hello Sir,

    I am 25 yr old and finished M.COM and want to enter finance field. However, my job is based on e-governance, so the exposure have been nil in finance.Hence,I wish to leave this job to grow in finance. Please suggest me as to what course should i pursue.I am interested in CFP. Is it good for me with no experience in finance?

    • says

      Hi Vrushank,

      Your goal is broad and unrefined at the moment, I don’t recommend signing up because the courses are most helpful if you are aiming for a specific role, such as investment banking or private equity. I recommend defining your goals more closely first before signing up for anything, including our own courses. If it then turns out that you want to pursue an area covered in the courses, I can recommend something.

  36. ajay says

    Sir, I have completed 29 years of job in insurance industry. I am M.Com and M.B.A.(HRD) from distance university and fellow of insurance institute of india. Now I want to leave job and do some professional job/work other than insurance. Kindly suggest me which course is beneficial for me I am 48 years old

    Thanking you

  37. Vishal says

    Hi sir,
    I have just completed bachelors of business economics (BBE) from Delhi university.
    Frankly speaking , my long term goal is to reach the top level in an organization like CEO. I am very determined to reach that level. It is my sole purpose in life .
    Right now, my age is 21 years. I am thinking to build a career in investment banking. I am also preparing for CAT.
    I am confused between acturials and cfa.
    Will u please suggest me which course should I go for , which will help in building my career in investment banking ,keeping in mind my long term goal.
    Please help …!

  38. Omkar says

    Hi Avadhut,

    I have more than 5 years of experience in the asset management industry working for Operations of hedge funds and mutual funds. I would like to know on my career progression if I pursue the CAIA course.

    I wish to be associated with the world’s top asset management funds or hedge funds based in Singapore and Hong Kong. Would the CAIA credentials help me? Also I have analyzed that fees/membership charges of CAIA are higher than CMA or FRM.

    Also does this certification have importance in India? As its fairly new, does the future look good for candidates with the CAIA credential?

    • says

      Hi Omkar,

      CAIA would help you if you want to work in niche area – alternative investments.

      CFA helps you work in varied and broadly applicable in finance and also recognized globally by more finance firms.

  39. Rishi says


    I am B.A (pass) and having exp of 3 yrs with international call center in Gurgaon. I would like to go for any short term course through which I can come out from operations and I can make my career in any other domain.

    Pls help.


    • says

      Hi Rishi,

      Your goal is broad and unrefined at the moment, I don’t recommend going for any course unless you’re aiming for a specific role, such as financial analyst in KPOs.

      I recommend defining your goals more closely first before signing up for anything, including our own courses. If it then turns out that you want to pursue an area covered in the courses, I can recommend something.

  40. Anushka says

    Respected Sir,

    I am currently pursuing Bachelor of Management Studies from Delhi University. Is MBA in finance or CFA a better option for a career in finance ?

  41. Arvind kr. yadav says

    Hello sir,
    Myself Arvind kr. yadav ,now at ca final waiting for my result to come. have some query about the Financial Modeling Investment Banking that which type of course module is this and how it can help me to build my career.

  42. Rishit says

    Hi sir
    I am a commerce student and i have completed my 12th and currently i am doing
    I am interested in IT SECTOR.
    So PLEASE PLEASE help me choose a career with good scope in future.

  43. Rucha acharya says

    I am pursuing icwa (intermediate) from pune institute but not sure for pass out & looking for job, can you suggest me any short term course or distance courses which can enhance my career alongwith ICWA, as I’m still going to continue my iCWA course. Also pursuing master of commerce from PUNE university ,Can u give me any suggestion for job?

  44. vinodh says

    I am Engineer(Computer science) working with a telecom company for 3yrs now .I am interested to move towards Finance domain. I have given my CAT and am planning to do a MBA in FINANCE. I have 6 months of free time before the college starts. COuld you please suggest what should i do to improve my competitiveness once i pass out as a MBA in finance

  45. Chirag G Gandhi says

    Hey. You must also add the MSc Finance course at JBIMS (Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies)

  46. adnan says

    sir i want to do MBA in finance and marketing(PGPFM) so which particular course will add a value to it, plz help me regarding this.

    • says

      Hi Prasanth,

      Please read this article.

      CA is for accounting, auditing and tax roles. You’ll need to invest 3-5 years for CA. MBA is done in 2 years.

      Pay is based on various factors like skills, company, industry, role, how you perform in interview and job and so on apart from whether you do MBA or CA.

  47. vaibhav bansal says

    i want to know about Financial Modeling and Investment Banking Program more from where i can do this course
    and this year i also want to do MBA . i have almost 6 months
    so this is a ryt time or not to [do this course.

  48. Amit says


    I’m a CA finalist and waiting for my results but not sure of passing out. I’m already 25 and looking for job, can you suggest me any short term course or distance courses which can enhance my career alongwith CA, as I’m still going to continue my CA course. One more thing whether a distance learning MBA is helpful, if yes then please suggest some institutions approved by UGC.

  49. ANKIT says


  50. SUMIT says

    dear Sir,
    Please tell me is there any course with 100% practical training for accounts or banking proffessional.I am a post graduate(M.Com).

  51. Nimisha Srivastava says

    Hello sir,
    I want your suggestion that I want to do a such a post graduate degree that would help me in banking sector…or that would be given a special preference in banking sector…my main aim is to become bank p.o..I am doing B.Com semeter 5 from Lucknow.

  52. mintu kumar says

    hi sir i want to be a ca. now i read in part III , sir plz suggest me what i do and how i preparation for ca.

  53. Dipesh Mathur says

    Hi sir,
    I am studying in class 12th. and i want to pursue my career in finance. i just love practicing Accounts.
    would you please suggest me some courses in finance or in accounts, which have a great image in market and helps in getting a good pay scale.
    but sir i am not interested in CA, CS.. i am interested these type of courses you have mentioned above like investment banking and etc.
    sir can i know which course is to be done for becoming a investment banker or actuary..??

  54. abhishek chandak says

    hello sir,
    I am pursuing my mba in finance from Mumbai university. I am a mechanical engineer. want to learn about the investment strategies and looking for starting a consulting firm in long run. can u help to suggest a suitable path for it.

  55. sandeep says

    Hi sir,
    Im ca final student.are there any courses which helps me for getting into/growing in banking sector.?.or MBA fin enough for that.?

  56. sudharshan says

    i cleared ca-cpt in 2013 after finsihing my schooling of 12th in 2013. tried to crack ipcc but didnt. hav 1 year to complete bcom. iam planning to do mcom. everybody are asking me to do a professional course other than a common mcom. will b writing ipcc once more. i like accounts and maths but dont have d base in maths needed for acturial science though cleared cpt. . dunno whether under coaching i will b able to improve maths needed for acturial science. iam almost well versed with economics. i studied in icse/isc syllabus. studied comm with eco and maths for 4 years. please help[ me to find an apt professional course.

  57. Sapan Gupta says

    Hello Sir,
    I am sapan i am getting very confuse, i need your help, after 12th i have done my BE in EC from indore and after that i have done my MBA from Bangor University United Kingdom,in which type of profile is best for me or in which industry where i can try for job .

      • Sapan says

        Thank you to reply me basically i want to become a analyst in very good reputed company. i had tried in a lots of company they are saying u have done ur engineering but we need core commerce student, i have a very good knowledge of finance, now sir help me what should i do for carrier. one more thing in i am seeing, if u done MBA from another country that’s not too much useful for me. please help me .

      • Sapan Gupta says

        Thanks to reply me sir, i really need your help, actually i want to become a analyst in good company. even i would like to ask only one question which industry is good for my type of profile.i had applied a lots of company but maximum companies were saying you are over qualified for these position. i am waiting for reply.

  58. Shruti says

    Hello sir,
    I am pursuing chartered accountancy course and side by side bcom from IGNOU (it was a mistake that I din pursue it from regular college)

    Presently I am in CA Final and waiting for my results.

    Initially my dream was to become a C.A and that’t it. But now with the competition in market I want to do add up few things in terms of degree before working.

    I am completely blank about what I want to do or what I would love to do. So I may find my passion lil late but I dont want to waste my time in doing so, instead I want to utilise it as it has been said “Time is money”

    Recently I found my interest in stock market and “Warren Buffett” is the inspiration. Read few of his books as well as The Intelligent Investor, Once up on wall street etc.

    Though I do hold interest in Accounts, Taxation and Finance.

    I do have complete knowledge about all the courses you listed. But I dont know which one is going to benefit me. Like CFA is long term course need a rigrous hard work of 3yrs without any doubt but I am already drained out by doing CA so it has to wait. ACTUARY is way too tough to crack. :D MBA, I want to do it from abroad so I need some experience before going for it. CS/CWA not after CA.

    So presently I am at a dead end, and I would be really grateful if you could guide me a lil with my career prostect: where to go? What to do? How to do?

    P.S- sorry its quite a long comment.

    Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Shruti,

      Thanks for writing a detailed query :)

      Equity Research, Investment Banking is a rewarding area and so you can think of it. We run a 6-week program in Delhi to prepare candidates for such roles. It’s a 100% practical program with complete grooming of candidates to crack these demanding positions.

      Please email me ( your contact number if you want to know how this program will help you.

  59. Nishant goyal says

    hii…..myself nishant goyal……i completed my graduation and pursuing CA inter group -2…..and its not going i am thinking to join another course with CA just to more knowledge,,,can u please suggest me which course should i adopt ? actually i m thinking about FRM…….please suggest

  60. Sunil Nare says

    Hi Sir,

    I have 8 years work experience in banking sector. I had worked 4 years in operations dept (Back off) & 4 years in mortgage sales. Currently I am working with Standard Chartered Bank as an Assistant Manager in Mortgages. I am pursuing MBA in Marketing Management, 3rd sem completed & preparing for 4th sem. Afterthat I am planning for CFP. I want make my career in abroad banking. Whether CFP will be helpful for abroad job or not else any course is available for abroad banking jobs.

  61. Sujatha says


    I have 10 plus years of experience in IT mainly in ERP Finance modules like Oracle Apps.. I want to pursure some course in Accounting . MBA would take a lot of time . Can you suggest ?

  62. sai akhil teja says

    sir i am pursuing mba 1st semi i want to take mba specializations as finance. now i am working as tax associate professor in universal financials but after completion of my mba i want to learn sap fico .
    pls suggest me what to do after mba for my better future ……………………………………………………..
    (pls dont suggest long term courses pls)

  63. srinivasan says

    Sir i am doing at present but i like to do some recognised course which provide me bright future in finance sector so suggest me some idea about it

  64. HUNNY KAPOOOR says

    I have done graduation in Maths(H) this year, and at present I am working with a insurance process of American Express on the pay roll of a third party since 6months but I am interested in the FINANCE field but I am confused to choose exactly which course should I do to meet my goals. So please help me out with that….

  65. nitesh m says

    I am working in one of the pvt life insurance company as a sales manager and i have more than 7 years of experiance in financial service industry, in this broking firm, stock broking compsny and insurance company. i am just graduate & i want to get knowledge more n more regarding whole financial service industry wordwide as well as risk in any investment. As well as growth in abroad or demand. As a job as well as business purpose, if i want to open my own venture. I inquired regarding CFP, CFS, FRM, CCRA, CMT, but all classes are convencing just for take admission and give little bit idea that i can check by internet also. Please help i have to go for CFP PLUS FRM, CFA PLUS FRM, OR JUST CFA.

  66. Satish says

    Hi sir I am doing my mba finace and doing icwa intermediate so what to do next I mean after mba sap is good sugges some courses for mba

  67. Harsh NENAWATI says

    Hello sir,
    sir i am a student of 11th comm. from Udaipur, Raj. I am the topper of udr. sir, i have lots of interest in finance specially in stock market analysis. I started my first investment when i was 13. Sir, what accourding to u should i do right now to enhance my financial knowledge…sir it would be a pleasure if u can help me getting the right path..!!

    • says

      Hi Harsh,

      Nice to see your interest at such young age. Start reading annual reports of companies. Since you’re studying commerce, it’ll be helpful to score good marks too. Plan to read at least 2-3 annual reports every month. Make your notes.

      • Harsh Nenawati says

        Sir, thanks a lot very much…
        would u like to suggest some books or courses.. i have already read Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robest Kiyosaki, & The Oracle Speaks;Warren Buffets… i found them helpful n i’m keen to read many more… & even i think some courses would be beneficial…
        Thanks sir, will be eagerly waiting for yur reply.!!.!

  68. himani bhardwaj says

    Hello sir
    I have completed my graduation. I want to get into the finance field. Can you please suggest me with a course in finance.

  69. KAVITHA RAJU says

    hello, sir
    iam doing my B.COM 2nd year and iam average student in class. whether i can do MBA finance. am i eligibility for that.

    • says

      Hi Kavitha,

      If you’re an average student then you need to work hard to get into a good MBA institute. You have 1 year to prepare for MBA entrance test. Please focus on that and you’ll get a good institute.

  70. bhawna Sharma says

    I am bhawna Sharma perusing  company secretary course (final/professional level) Sir I am confused that which additional course should I opt.I am interested in finance courses but my friends are suggesting me not to go for finance because it is not related with company secretary.My seniors are advising me to go for llb. I m confused please help. THANKS

  71. Dinesh says

    I have completed my 12th & I’m currently a 1st yr student from Mumbai university.I’m an average student I wish to get settled in abroad & as you mentioned in your article I would like to go for cost accountant. Can you please guide me that is this course is suitable for me. I’m also not so much good in accounts & maths but, I’m interested in it
    Please suggest me.

  72. grishma nambiar says

    Hi sir
    I am a sy bms student.i would like to persue my career field in finance. Would you suggest me some courses that can go well with managemnt studies..also i am a average student. So will it be easy to crack cfa exam??or shld i opt for some other financial courses and then go for cfa ??

  73. akshay desai says

    Hello sir I am Akshay desai. I am student of financial marketing. I want to make carrier in capital mmarket. I am average in study. So will you plz suggest me any course.

  74. saumya says

    i have completed my mba in finance this year and currently i am not pursuing any job. i want to do a course in finance which can help me to gain a better knowledge nd can support my career goals. since at this stage i m confused which course to do. i need your help.

  75. M S Nayak says

    Hi Avadhut,

    My brother is not studious enough to crack a CA or CFA or the likes you have listed above. His interest is more into the stock markets. Could you please guide me on some relevant course(s) with lower duration say a year or so suitable for him.

    Thank you!

    • says

      Hi M S Nayak,

      There are many 1-year programs available. But depends on the person’s commitment level, I can suggest the course. What’s his educational/ experience background? Exactly which role he’s looking for in stock market?

  76. shikhar agrawal says

    Sir I have given my cafinal 2 group mine 1 st gp is already cleared so plz I want to go in fund management fund transfer plz suggest me course

  77. hasan abbas says

    i am a 33 year old male…who has completed from rohilkhand univ. and MCA from PTU (DE) …i am doing job in school now i want to make a career as a financial planner…is it appropriate for me … can i succeed …please guide me ….

      • hasan abbas says

        first of all thanks for your reply. Sir please tell me further that Financial planner Job is totally marketing or what. Is it treated as agent or what designation we will have.

          • hasan abbas says

            Hi Sir,
            sir regarding to our conversation i further want to ask that at this age which financial organisation or bank will give me job to make my career in finance as want to get CFP designation and for that i need 3 year experience except qualifying exams. please help me

  78. Dhruvish says

    Hi Sir,

    Background : I just commerce graduate and i have 6 years in Banking experience ( Retail Banking operation + trade finance operation ) and from last 2 year working in logistic company based in Africa where i’m Asst. Manager in Corporate Finance ( managing fund base + non fund base requirement of company )

    Goal : I wish to my career in Corporate Finance either Oil & Gas company or Bank.

  79. Sachin Ahlawat says

    Hi sir,

    I have done M.Com and currently pursuing MBA in Fin.I want to pursue my career in Finance sector and i don’t have any experience.
    Can u suggest any supplementary course that will add to my qualification and also help me grow.

  80. Megha says

    Sir, I hav appeared for my CA Final exams this nov.
    Can u pls suggest a gud professional course for me for which i cn start preparing side by side.

  81. Avni Gupta says

    I am working as an Assistant Manager with a nationalised bank. My highest qualification is MBA finance. I have also qualified JAIIB and CAIIB.
    What other courses could add significant value to my profile so as to enable me to gain top position with International financial organisations. .?

  82. Hello sir says

    I have completed MBA marketing but I am unable to search suitable job in lucknow. Can you please guide me with any suitable courses of finance which can help me …

  83. chaithanya says

    Hi Sir,
    I have done with my b-tech. Iam going to join MBA in the next year. So can you suggest some courses which are beneficial.

  84. Yogesh Sharma says


    My brother has completed his and he is trying for C.A inter and not clearing with few marks, can you suggest some good banking or other courses for him in mumbai.


  85. gaurav k. chawde says

    hi sir
    m complete in 2011 & after that m work in Hdfc bank as back officer then I start to complete my complete in next year march 2015. after can I do another course in finance for my bright career long run. pls suggest me sir wht I do. after can u suggest any short term course in finance.

  86. Shanakr says

    Dear Sir,

    I have completed and working as a Accounts manager in a Pvt co. I have 12 years experience in the field. I want to add Qualification in my CV. Pls. suggest which course should I opt?. I want to do it with my job. I am interested in Indirect Taxation, Costing and Finance.


  87. surya sharma says

    Hello sir,
    I finished my graduatn in 2012 in B.A. Economics n ryt now m doing my c.s along wid banking educatn. I jst wanted to knw d area of job releted to economics ..
    plss help me :-)

  88. Manoj kumar says

    hello sir…!
    i have completed my research analyst course…
    but i,m confused for tht…
    which field is good for me..
    b,coz every one want M.B.A. finance
    and i dont have Finance degree..
    plz help me..??

  89. TejashreeK says

    Hello Sir,

    I am a science graduate and I have complete MBA this year. I have started working in company in a mutual fund process but I want to make my career in core finance like financial planning, risk management, or investment banking. Can you please help me with as to what to do in addition to my MBA?

    • says

      Hi Tejashree,

      You need to acquire skills – Excel, Accounting, Financial statement analysis, Reading annual reports, Financial Modeling, Valuation, Writing reports- to enter into core finance roles.

      Please check our program that’ll train you on all these skills.


  90. aparajitha says

    Hii sir… I didn’t getting total information about actuary..
    I want complete details where I should start any exemption for ca students fee details.. any extra more should have to pay books like this

  91. Lalit says

    Hello sir,
    M Lalit I hav done MBA finance nd I have 3 yr experience in accounting bt I wana change the job now. I have frwrd ma resume some company’s or job placement consultant in delhi, but they told me ur background is BA not Bcom so I have to faced these types of problems can u suggest me bt kind of course will be suitable for me….

  92. Sanchay Lahari says

    Hello sir.. Presently I am pursuing an MBA from NITIE, Mumbai. I want to develop a sound knowledge of Finance and as a long term goal I want to be a Strategy Consultant. Prior to Mba I have worked 2 years with BPCL in Operations. Can u advise some finance courses for me?

  93. Ismat says

    Hi Sir,

    I am a BCom graduate & I am being suggested for an MFC course. My query is will this course help me in establishing my career in long run. What type of packages such course bring to me…. or shall I opt for some other course to shape up my career brilliantly. Please suggest


      • Ismat says

        Hi Sir,

        I want to see myself in some sound position in an MNC………..will this course help me to grow in an ascending order with the company or will I need to do additional courses to match a better standard or shall I opt for some better course please suggest.


  94. Ashok AWatani says

    we are engagged in the field of Accounts and Finance from Last 9 Years toyal 9Years expereinced age are 33 so how can I groe up in Accounts Field , Should i Join the any Professional cources Like C.A. Cfa Etc etc in the age of 33 plz provide the guidelines

  95. seema pathak says

    hi.. sir
    m seema pathak
    i have done my mba in finance right now i have decide give to exam cfa. so pls sir sugesst dis exam would de good or not after mba
    and give me details cfa exam with fee….

  96. says

    Hi Avadhut,

    How the ACCA course, which is the global version of CA in india. Will this course fit the finance graduates or aspirants. Please can you throw light on the ACCA course & how it will be benefited.

    Praveen G.R

  97. Snehal Madke says

    Hi, I have completed my mba from finance , and I want to do course related to finance. What course would you suggest.

  98. Shailender says

    Hi Sir,
    I am Shailender from Hyderabad, I completed my and mba in 2009 and 2013 respectively. As of now I’m working in mutual fund company for the past 3 years. Could you please suggest me some courses which is really helpful for my carrier in the long run. Or should I need to go for some technical courses. I am in confusion please help out sir.
    I request you to provide me a suggestion towards my career.
    Thank you.

      • Shailender says

        Hi Sir,
        Thank you for your valuable reply. Moreover, I just want to know sir is it really useful for me to make my career based on to my background. Could you please let me know the course details as well as fee structure for the same.
        Thank you

  99. Ashok kumar says

    hi Avadhut Nigudkar
    i have completed my MBA finance as major and marketing as minor ,now i am unable to decide how to start my career or to go any professional courses .
    Tthank you

  100. Pratibha Sharma says

    Hi Sir,
    I have done from Delhi University last year. I want to make my career in finance profile but i am bit confused how to start?
    Should i join any training institute for any particular course like CFA??? or there are any other options to make a career on the basis of graduation? Please tell me.

  101. Digvijay says

    Dear Avadhut,

    I am a BE Mechanical Graduate, and MBA Marketing With 4 years Experience in Industrial Marketing and Channel Sales and well settled in a reputed organization. How ever I have a long term career goat to establish my own business starting from a trading business and then diversifying it it to multi functions like import, exports, service providing manufacturing etc.

    I have a basic knowledge of finance but want to upgrade my knowledge with respect to all the concerns of Business Finance.

    For the purpose I would like to go for a course which is 2 to 3 years, can be done externally and give me a great global exposure to corporate finance profile handling which will give me in and out idea about the finance function of a business.

    Please suggest me the best option I should go for.

  102. Bhanu says

    Dear Sir!

    Very Good Article and information. For sure this would give some direction where to head. I Need advice here.

    I have done B.COM degree couple of years back and never done a job. Now, i am really motivated and have interest to do a course on FINANCE / RISK MANAGEMENT.

    Can you direct me in some of the best course(s) that would help me in learning. I am targeting this for a long term goal since i will be moving to USA in near future. So, once i finish the Course/Degree – would like to enter into JOB as i can see market is good now.

    …..Looking forward and thanks in Advance!!

    with Regards!

    • says

      Hi Bhanu,

      For global recognition, CFA (for Finance) and FRM ( For Risk Management) are the best options.

      If you want to start working in core finance right after the program, then we have a program in Delhi.

      Please email me ( your contact number if you want to know more details about our program.

  103. Ilakkiya Sundhar says

    Sir I completed my BE in ECE this year.I wanted to switch my career to finance side.give me few tips and what should I do to completely switch my career in finance side and get a job in finance side.

  104. bhawna says


    I have done BBA + MBA in banking & finance.My total experience in finance domain is around 7 years (Order to cash + analyst) but have not get recognition according to my experience, Currently I am working as an Financial Analyst. Can You please advice which finance course can help me build my carrier.

  105. ansuya says

    I will complete my bcom in may next yr. I have filled up ibps n other bank xam forms. I want to know what r the options in finance field along side my banking job which i am sure i will crack. I dont want to b stuck in banking only i want a course which can provide me oppertunities of working abroad . i dnt want to persue mba

  106. Richa Joshi says

    Hi Sir,

    I am working from past 4 yrs in non finance field. I have completed my Bachelors in Accounting & finance in 2010 from mumbai university. I want to pursue my career in finance preferably investment banking, but i am looking out for course other than MBA. Please guide me for investment banking options or other finance options.

  107. daksh says

    hello sir,
    i am daksh and im doing BBA 1st sem and i want do an additional course in the feild of finance other than CA.can you please suggest me a good financial course which i can do with BBA simultaniously and which can help me get a good job in the feild of finance in future as i dont want to waste time.
    looking forward for your reply
    thank you

  108. jeenu mittal says


    I had completed my masters in finance . Now i want to make my career in finance like in share market.
    can you think it is better option to go for a share market study either something else please suggest the good opinion ? If share market is best than please suggest me best institute and course related to it

  109. indrajit says

    Sir i am currently in bcom 2nd year and already completed cs foundation. I am a little unsure about the scope of company secretary. Do i have to do an additional course after it, since i am not interested in doing llb. Your advice would be helpful. Thank you.

  110. Rishi Agnihotri says

    Hi Avadhut Sir,

    I Done and now I’m Working in Equity Research company In Bangalore as Business Developer Executive. I’m Having a knowledge about shares and Markets. But the job profile which I am now, I ‘m not happy With that. No stability. Come to the Point is: I am Looking long term career in this Field. So what you Suggest me Best? So It will be very Helpful for me.

    Thanks& Regards,

    Rishi Agnihotri

    • says

      Hi Rishi,

      If your long-term career is core finance then there are 2 options:

      1. Speak with your HR and check whether its possible for you to shift to core finance role with internal training.

      2. If the option 1 is not possible, then join a classroom program which will help you shift to core finance roles.

  111. ankita says

    Hi sir,
    I wanted to know that to crack cfa do we need to join any training institute or self study will do?
    And can we repeat if we are not able to clear in first attempt?
    Actually I have done b.e and presently working in IT company with almost 8 months of experience. I don’t have much knowledge about finance so I will have to start from scratch.
    Thank you in advance.

    • says

      Hi Ankita,

      If you can devote enough time and study on your own, then self-study is a good option. Training is required in case you lack motivation and discipline and also want someone to guide you.

      Yes, you can reappear for the CFA exam in case you couldn’t clear in first attempt.

  112. says

    Dear Sir,
    Currently I am persuing Civil Engineering 3rd year in India ( National Institution ) and want to take finance as career…
    I consider appearing for CFA Level 1 after the 3rd year final exam or during forth year…So that I may have a faster career growth.
    What kind of career path it would lead to in terms of role and salary?
    Will my engineering degree be of any use?

    • says

      Hi Rick,

      If you want to use your Civil Engineering background, then start reading about Real Estate industry and be thorough with its terminologies as far as this industry is concerned. If you do this, then with CFA you can start appreciating finance angle and THEN it becomes a lovely combination for your career.

      So as an industry expert, you can make your career in equity research, portfolio management, valuation. Also you can enter investment banks with this combination.

  113. dipak says

    hi sir,
    I want to build my career In finance and I have strong knwlage abt account and wt should I do cfa or mba finance

  114. Ajay says


    I am currently pursuing masters degree in Civil Engineering (Structures) in IIT Madras. I am planning to switch career to finance as packages offered for structural engineer in India are very low (5-6 lakhs pa). Apart from that I recently tried my hands in stock market which increased my interest further. I am planning to appear for CFA exam. I just want to know that, is it a right choice for me and will I get higher packages than I am currently offered ? Will I be considered equal to other CFA who are from financial background ?

    Thanks in advance.

    • says

      Hi Ajay,

      Yes, if you clear CFA you’ll be considered equal to other CFAs who’re from financial education background. I would suggest that if your long-term goal is finance career then, try to take a job where you’ll have hands-on experience in financial analysis area.

      You can also combine your Civil Engineering and CFA educational background with strong experience in Real Estate finance deals.

  115. KUMAR says


    I am working in IT company as an Admin & Accounts, I have done MBA in Finanace & Marketing. I want to do some courses that will help to carrier growth. Please suggest !

  116. sateesh says

    Hi sir I have come to know about a programme CWM (charted wealth manager). Please suggest me how is it different from CFP and which one is better for fund management, investment banker or Equity research profile.
    As I don’t have time to go for CFA.
    I want long term career in Fund management.
    Thank you.

  117. Nitin Deswadi says

    I have completed my B.Sc(Biotech) and MBA from FINANCE and currently i m working in a school as a admin co-ordinator,now i want to switch my job and i want to join any of the MNC. Kindly suggest me in which company i can apply

  118. Tarun Singhal says

    Hi Avadhut,
    I am working on the IT side of banking applications for around 6-7 years ( total around 12 years in IT industry). I am currently placed in bangalore working for a banking product in one of the IT majors, but now wish to get a job in NCR so thinking of doing any finance courses which will value add my CV and help me in getting suitable job in NCR region.
    Please suggest,

      • Tarun Singhal says

        Thanks Avadhut for the reply. I am working on development / technical (ORACLE ) side since the begining of 13 years carrier.
        Value add I am looking at is more job security and better sustainaibility in IT industry and help in any future job changes in NCR Region. I am confused though. My friends suggesting me to go for only technical courses.

        • says

          Hi Tarun,

          At this stage (after 13 years solid experience), you can look at techno-functional roles (functional consultant/ business analyst), if you’re not at Project Manager level. I’m sure you would have had enough knowledge of banking applications / processes at this moment.

  119. Pratik L says


    I am an MBA (Marketing) graduate working in Retail Real Estate Industry. I presume this question of mine would probably raise some questions about my orientation towards my chosen Marketing field. My knowledge in finance can be considered as basic at the most. However, now, I would like to expand my knowledge and would like to know whether should i think of pursuing a finance course from knowledge perspective as well as some unseen career prospects? My question is: Is it too un-heard of for a marketing professional to think of doing a finance course without quitting his job? Also, is there a good course which is recommended?
    Kindly excuse the vagueness in my question.

    • says

      Hi Pratik,

      For knowledge purpose you can join any program – online is suitable considering your full-time job.

      If you want to shift to finance career, then you should join classroom skill-enhancement program.

  120. Gajanan Yadav says

    Hi Sir.
    i have done my mba in am not working please suggest me the suitable course which help me in my starting job.

  121. Neha says

    Hi sir,
    I am a ca final student. I am getting married in 8 months and my husband wishes to settle abroad. Please suggest me some course that I can do

    • says

      Hi Neha,

      If you want to work full-time after job, then you can enroll for CPA. CPA is a globally recognized program and you’ll get some concession in papers.

      What’s your long-term career goal?

  122. karteek says

    Hello SIr,

    I have completed MBA in finanace. recently joined private firm around 6months back. I am planning to search job in singapore. Kindly suggest me which course should I take to get job in finance. please advice me.
    should we do any courses after MBA to get good jobs?

  123. raju says

    Hi Avadhut,

    i have done my mba finance and i’m interested in CPA course ,so kindly give me full details of CPA and which is good institutes to join in Hyderabad and what are the subjects .

  124. Rashi says

    Hi Avadhut,
    First of all thanks for such a wonderful site of knowledge. I am a 28yr old married person. I have total 7+ yrs of experience in KPO Order to cash, reconciliations and closing & reporting. I had to leave my job coz of marriage and it’s going to be 1yr without job. Now the situation is i cannot opt for late hr shifts like UK or US which i had then when i was unmarried. I want to be in finance and accounts however my 1yr gap and KPO experience doesn’t match with the requirements of non KPOs. I have been researching for a good course which could give me good future and excel my capabilities. Could you suggest me a course which would help me to get 9 to 6 kind of a job without hectic schedule. I am good at doing analysis, projects and communicating with people .

  125. Kushal says


    Thanks for your help on topics ..

    In my case I have done B Tech in ECE in 2008..After that nearly 2 years in pvt firm…As bcz of security purpose I joined banking sector.
    Now from 2011 sep onwards in am doing job in Corporation Bank as officer as u r seeing by my career background..It’s different…

    Now I am stuck with this boring profile and I want to switch and do something better but I am confused wt to do as this field is diff. for me and so the career option to choose..

    As I m 28 and can’t leave job too so help me wt to do further that helps me to come out of this banking job and enhance my skills and make good use of my past experience…

    Please guide me and help….

    • says

      Hi Kushal,

      In your case, if you want to start your career in core finance, you’ve to have knowledge and skills in finance. I would not suggest MBA at this point. I would like to suggest our 6-week program in Delhi. This will equip you with right skills and help you place in core finance after successful completion of the program.

      • Kushal says

        Right now I am in Bangalore..I can’t come to delhi also..But what I am asking is that what option are there for me after that as I don’t want to continue in normal banking for a long as I am feeling in normal banking there is slow growth and also less chance of developing analytical skills …

        Please guide ..

        • says

          Hi Kushal,

          Options depend on your skills and experience, so if you continue in the same job doing the same thing you’ll have the same skills and experience. One possibility is to check for internal/ lateral jobs in the same bank.

  126. shankey gupta says

    sir one more thing i want to add is that i m average student in theory and good in numericals or practicals.I love financial markets and want to make my longterm career in it.

  127. shankey gupta says

    hello sir, i have completed my (2012) and currently i m working as full time commodity trader in a firm..i have nearly 5 yr experience in markets and looking forward to make my career in finance industry…which courses should i go for…sir as u mentioned in different conversation with other aspirants financial modelling and investment banking program of yours, is totally job oriented course or it just add to a knowledge…if i choose it can i get job in investment banking industry…and kindly suggest which courses should i go for ( cfa,frm,cwa or ms finance).

  128. Akhil says

    Dear sir,

    Now I am pursuing my MBA in Finance and Marketing. As I am an average student, I am not sure about the possibility of success in some advanced courses.
    Can you please suggest me with the good course which will benefit more in my career.

    Thank You!

  129. Jatin says

    Right now I am in second year BAF and thinking of doing MBA in Finance What more should I do with MBA to get a better Job in Future

  130. Shruthi says

    I am doing my 3rd year B.COM right father compelling me to go for bank coaching for 1 year and get into some brother asking me to write CAT exam and get into IIM. But I wish to do CA. Which one should I opt?

  131. vikash says

    Hello Sir,
    I am in CA final & I want to be a financial analyst & so accordingly I joined CFA . But due to some reason I have been banned from CFA INSTITUTE . But still I want to be a financial analyst & to achieve my dreams..Please help me out …Can I go for AFA which possess same category as of CFA.

  132. rohit says

    Hello sir,
    I hav completed by graduation in bcom and I want to meke my career in finance , I want a career where I can use my skills in earning money by making tax planing , proper investment in sny field , to get different idea for business development , proper sale purchase accounting so that I can be better proof my self in any industry or in business so am confused among mba finance, cfa , cfp , ca or icwi (cost accountant)
    Help me sir your helpfull advice can help me in making my career

    • says

      Hi Rohit,

      The skills that you mentioned are of Personal Finance and covered in CFP. Enrol for CFP and simultaneously attend workshops/ training programs that train you on financial planning aspects. Start interacting people around you and ask them about their financial life. You’ll get an idea about what exactly you need to focus on.

      Please let me know if you need any more help as you walk on the path.

  133. Abhishek says

    You missed Master of Finance and Control (MFC) course offered by the prestigious Delhi University. Established in 1987, the course consists of 23 compulsory courses in Finance and 9 electives. Its a niche’ course in Finance and equivalent to MS in Finance offered internationally.

    Abhishek Anand

  134. raj says

    this is raj i did B.Com in 2012 , 2 year pgdbm in financial mgt in 2014 now intend to do mbs which is equivalent to mba finance,
    pls suggest me best international certification for which more scope in future
    pls guied me about AFA [Acridited Financial Analyst] Certification Program from AAFM USA

    • says

      Hi Raj,

      If you’re looking for international certification, go for CFA/ FRM.

      Can you tell me why you’re looking for international certification? When are you planning to start applying to jobs?

  135. says

    hi sir,
    i have completed my mba finance before one year and not able to decide what should i do and want to do job in finance department and accounts….

    please suggest me what should i do. i am nw working as a MIS executive and partly accounts work in organisation.

  136. shivesh kumar says

    In order to get into company for Finance job,CFA or FRM will help? Do u offer online course in this regard?

  137. talha says

    Hello sir,
    How r u doing? I see that your suggestions have helped a lot of people. About me, I am a B. Pharmacy graduate with an MBA (finance) degree. Right now I m working as an associate analyst in a private firm. I want to do some courses which could expand my knowledge as I don’t have in depth knowledge of core finance.
    Please suggest me…

  138. P V N Raju says

    Sir I am a qualified chartered accountant. Presently working in a public sector bank as credit officer. I want to continue in banking industry. Please suggest which course will help to go to higher positions.

  139. bina says

    I am b com and mba finance ,(2009). I am workg in govt bank since 2011.i want to do ca but not possibl wid job. recently I came to know abt FRM. my.aim is to b different from my peer group. whethr I should go for FRM or any other course. I am intrestd in credit . can treasry b a gud option for me

    kindly guide.

  140. Rahul Tonde says

    Hellow sir

    I recently complited my PGDBM and taking admission for MBS (Finance). I have 10m Exp in CA Firm for Accounting and now doing Job in PVT Company as accountant from last 1.5 years. what is the better cource for my future.

    please give me the best advoice for mu future carreier.

    Thanks in advance
    Rahul Tonde

  141. Gowthami says


    I have Completed MBA (Finance) 2011 now I am working as marketing Executive I just want move to Finance & Accounting Pls Give me your suggestion

  142. nikita says

    i am in final year of my graduation ( honours).already cleared cpt level for ca.looking for some good opportunities in interest is inclined towards investment risk analysis.caN u please suggest me a good course?what is the most rewarding course to collaborate with my ca n make a fruitful career opportunity?

  143. shriram says

    Sir, I am & having experience in engneering industry 7.5 years i have done MBA finance Currently working in finance dept. of same company. i want to improve my knowledge , so which course will benefits me in future

  144. shivesh kumar says

    Dear Sir,

    I have 2.5 years of experience in JSW steel after my engineering as shift incharge. In order to shift my career path,I did MBA in Finance from ICFAI- Hyderabad. currently I am working as Credit officer in Private bank. I am very sincere towards my work as well my career. I have completed JAIIB and CAIIB in my first attempt after joining bank. I dnt want to build career in Bank. Kindly suggest any good course for long term career which i can do being in job. ( I am not interested in equity research or portfolio management) . I want to join company/corporate house…… is FRM/CS helpful ?

  145. Pradeep says

    Hi Avadhut,

    I completed my MBA course in 2010 and I am currently working in BPO sector (U.S Mortgage process) since 4 years.
    I would like to know some additional courses which help me to get job in Advertisement sector/Media Marketing/Add creator kind of courses or suggest me some 6 month duration courses which currently booming in Indian Market and help us to get jobs in Indian based companies.

    Thanks You,

  146. Snehal says

    Hello sir I have done my MBA in finance in 2007. I have no job exp as I got married just after finished my MBA . Now I want to start my career. Please suggest me diploma courses that will help me. I am very much interested in accounts and taxation.pls suggest me suitable course with details

  147. Santosh says

    Hello Sir,
    I am a Bcom graduate with pass class. Now i am working in Mortgage Compliance Process in one of the BPO herein pune. I would like to make my career in finance. I had gone through CFA, CFP,CWM and CS course details. Would you please let me know which would be the right choice for me?

    What about the CFA or CFP courses? Please help me out with it.


  148. Madhuri says

    I am currently pursuing my MBA in finance, and I want to pursue an additional program to add up to my CV. I had discontinued CA due to family pressure as it was a lot of hard work and no results. My seniors have suggested that I should go for CFA. I am confused if I should continue with my CA, or instead do CFA. Can you suggest something on this?
    Your advice will be really beneficial for me.

  149. Ayan Mitra says

    Dear Sir:

    I am sorry to say but you missed one more course which is available in India and that is CIMA.

    Thank You.

  150. Neha rathod says

    Hello sir,I have done my graduation since 2007 and after that started working with a CA firm and basically a freelancer in accounts field I want to purse more higher studies could u please recommend me which course is the best .

  151. lalit says

    Praise for your article first. I have done Btech with Bioinformatics. I have been working in an equity research company as Team lead for 2 years, basic responsibilities including marketing and management with market tracking. Now I want to build my career in the same field, thus planning for MBA finance or a particular course to go for (viz, CFA, CFP). But looking at the condition of MBAs and my background, I am a bit worried and confused.
    Was going through your website and thought maybe you could help me.

  152. Vipul Tripathi says

    Hi Avadhut,

    I would like to enquire you about Financial Modeling and Investment Banking Programs offered by your organisation.
    Before that i have few doubts which i would like to clear, I am B.Tech and working in an IT Firm in Gurgaon as a Software Tester in Finance domain with a total 6 years of experience.

    Now i am planning to enhance my skill and to add some additional expertiese in my kitty i finance domain.So i was thinking of CFA (USA) , CFA(FPSB, INDIA) and then i came to your website for Financial Modeling and Investment Banking Programs.

    Could you please suggest me which course will be the best suited as per my requirment, which will be helpful for my future?

    Also,Is it good time for me to go for CA or CS?

    Vipul Tripathi

  153. sahabuddin khan says

    i have just compleated from regular.and i have through out 65% up..and i doing a job in IT company (cmc ltd) as a financial analyst..but getting low package as i have no professional i want to do a professional please advise me which course will be better for me..

  154. Nilkant says


    I have completed MBA (correspondence) in finance after my b com having 4 years experience in concurrent audit (Banking) in CA firm and i have overall 7 years experience in industry and recently joined another firm in internal audit. i want to know which is the best course if i want to go in Cost accounting or in financial audit. Please reply.

  155. Ritika says

    Hi Sir,

    I am BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) Graduate from Mumbai University. I want to persue my career in the field of finance. Would you please suggest me some courses in finance other than those mentioned above which are job friendly?

  156. darshana says

    hello sir
    i am working in banking sector since 2 year.i have done graduation in BCA.i want to study in finance. which course will help me in my sector ca/cs/icwa or any other course?
    thanking u.

  157. Rishabh singh says

    I am a bcom(hons) graduate from du. I am planning to do cfp is it a good decision.i am als interested in investment banking can i do both ……

  158. akhilaa says

    Hello Sir,

    I have done MBA finance and 4 years experience in different fields, now im looking a career in finance so i can have steady career graph. Kindly advice which course is more suitable for me. Now im working as a MIS executive

  159. Ankita says

    I am a newly qualified CA and want to make a career in finance. Unfortunately, I have noticed that as CA we are continuously restricted to accounting and audit. Can you suggest me some course through which I can start a career in finance right away?

      • Ankita says

        Thanks a lot
        I am currently in Bangalore n I have joined a course in financial modelling (EduPristine) which also gives a certification from BSE. The course structure is similar to what u have suggested but it doesn’t cover all the investment banking stuff. Do u think it would help?

        • says

          Hi Ankita,

          I don’t know about the course, so wouldn’t comment on it. As far as our course is concerned, it’s detailed in financial modeling and investment banking aspects.

          Please let me know if you need any more details.

  160. Laavanya says

    Hi Avadhut ji,

    I have completed MBA in finance (Anna univ) and have 4 years of exp in Banking Domain (Technical). Kindly assist me for these ji..

    1. To choose a one year program (part time / distance edu.) which will add value to my profile.
    2. With this profile, I’m suitable for what all job positions ?

    Thanks in advance for you valuable aid !

  161. Ankita says

    I am a newly qualified CA. I want to pursue a career in finance (equity) but most of the options that I get are restricted to either audit (statutory/internal), tax or accounting. It seems people feel CAs are specialist in audit & accounting but not finance. Do I need to do some other course to get a financing job. CFA, MBA both will take atleast 3-4 years even if I start now. Can you suggest me some options? I wish to start right away. I think 2 years of experience would help me better than 2 years of classroom studies of MBA since I am already a CA.

  162. Rajeshwari says


    I have done my MBA in finance with Finance and have 4 years of exp in different fields. I want to do special certified course which gives me fast promotions and valuable role in the company.

  163. priya says

    hey, i did mba in finance in 2014. now i am not interested in 20,000pay jobs like sales associate, meeting up targets . i wana do job in which i will get recognition as well as good package. please do suggest me the course that will be done within two years in india itself and the institutes that possess that courses.

    • says

      Hi Priya,

      Nice to know your ambition. Please be realistic and mention how can you add value to companies/ employers as they too will have expectation like yours.

      You can see our workshop details. To know other details like selection procedure, placement assistance, fee structure, please email me ( your contact number. My associate will talk to you in detail about the program.

  164. Ayush Jain says

    Hello sir

    Sir i am planning to CFP,is it a right option?
    I am presently doing my llb course and I am in second year
    I have also started a small business as a mutual fund distributor.
    Apart from llb i am doing CS
    Please advice sir.

    • says

      Hi Ayush,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      My query: Which area you are passionate and want to make a career in? Financial Planning, Cost accounting, Law, Portfolio Management or any other area?

  165. pratik says


    I am pratik…i have done mba in marketing….currently im working F&A process as a reconcilor …..but im not getting so much exposure because i dont hav finance background.So please suggest me for any one year finance course which help me grow in system….

  166. Nayab says


    I have done my MBA in finance with Marketing and have 3.5 years of exp in different fields. I want to do special certified course which gives me fast promotions and valuable role in the company.

    Hope to hear you soon and thanks in advance

  167. ramanandh says

    this is ramanandh i am currently pursuing my master in computer science in australia . but i am not interested in the course iwould llike to shift my career to finance which include computing skills like quant devoloper or algo devoloper. can u please tell that are there any instituttes in india providing computational finance courses

  168. Abhijat says


    What can I expect to ask as a Compensation Package for a Finance Mgr role in India transitioning within the same company. I have an MBA in Fina from US, with 5 yrs exp in US in Finance, another 5 yrs working in IT(US)(Total 10 yrs). I am working as a Fina Mgr here in US as well.. Could some one throw some light on what can I ask a package which includes the Base+the other perks which I have no clue of?

    I am moving back June, 2014.
    Please help..

    Thanks in Advance!!!

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