What to Expect in Equity Research Interview?

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James Valentine, the Principal and Founder of Analyst Solutions says 80% of equity research lacks insight, a conclusion derived after closely interviewing about 40 portfolio managers from Tokyo, Singapore, London and New York City. Wrong recruitment and misaligned work portfolio is often the reasons. It is as much the responsibility of the recruiter as it […]

How to Break into Equity Research from Commercial Banking?

Commercial banking to equity research

The fields of commercial banking and equity research are poles apart. The main agenda of commercial banks is to manage public money deposits such as savings accounts, fixed deposits and checking accounts. The commercial banks issue loans to the public and earn from the interest with which loans are issued. They are governed by federal […]

How to Prepare Yourself for an Equity Research Analyst Job?

Prepare for equity research jobs

The biggest challenge I think today’s youngsters find is to decide what they want to follow as a career and how to get that most coveted job. I have observed many times that young graduates see that their seniors from college or older friends are following certain high profile careers such as equity research analysts, […]

A Guide to Becoming a World-Class Equity Research Analyst

Portfolio Manager Jobs

I’ve already written more than 20 articles on equity research analyst’s career.  But, I want you to be a world-class equity research analyst. So, this guide is dedicated to you, my dear friend. Make use of this guide and excel as an equity research analyst. 1. Profiling an Equity Research Analyst a. Who is an […]

How Different Is It Working as an Equity Research Analyst and an Investment Banking Analyst?

How different is it working as an equity research analyst and an investment banking analyst

Many times young students, who are following the finance stream, are not really sure what they actually want to do in future. They see their friends or seniors following successful high paying professions such as equity research analyst, private equity analyst, financial research analyst, investment banking analyst, hedge fund manager, etc. Many times these youngsters […]