The Best of FinanceWalk 2014

Best of FinanceWalk 2014

What better way to send off 2014 than a look back on the most read and shared articles on FinanceWalk in 2014? This list often surprises me — what I thought were the best and most insightful posts rarely make it into the top ten (see: The Ultimate Equity Research Analyst Salary Guide, How to Do Industry… Read More →

The Best of FinanceWalk in 2012


    Wish you a very happy new year In this post, I will mention some important things that happened with FinanceWalk. 1. At the start of 2012, FinanceWalk had 300 subscribers and now we have over 1100 subscribers. 2. A lot of things we introduced this year. One of them is equity research and… Read More →