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1x1.trans Have Finance Career Queries? Join FinanceWalk Facebook Group


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Book Recommendation: Fixing the Dollar Now: Why US Money Lost Its Integrity…


1x1.trans Book Recommendation: Fixing the Dollar Now: Why US Money Lost Its Integrity...
The US is still suffering from its weak economy so this book is a timely read for all investors.

Many young businessmen today didn’t get the chance to experience an economic system that’s based on the gold standard.

And with the US’ aggressive bond buying program that won’t be stopping anytime soon, it seems that the world economy will never return to its gold standard root.

While hope for ending the reign of fiat currency seems bleak, a world-renowned economist rises up to the challenge and shares her remarkable wisdom on how to restore the US dollar’s power.

Judy Shelton, author of best-selling financial books such as The Coming Soviet Crash and Money Meltdown, has written a bible on how the White House can lead the US economy to salvation.

Unlike other financial books that merely offer insights on the US economy based on recent events, Judy Shelton’s wisdom is rooted deeply from Thomas Jefferson’s early warnings to Franklin Roosevelt’s Bretton Woods system.

This has been done in order to give readers a clear idea on why the US economy has turned for the worst today.

Basing her reasons and judgment from hard-learned historical lessons, she asserts that the US’ forefathers have done everything they can in order to guarantee that the future government wouldn’t suffer monetary fraud that wrecked states.

However, America’s tendency to slide away from its forefathers’ founding wisdom in the name of political expediency has brought the country’s economy on its knees.

Despite this, Judy presents a glimmer of hope in the form of five choices that the US leaders can choose from to save the country’s dying economy.

In an editorial by economist and Bullion Vault contributor Nathan Lewis, he said that out of the five choices, Judy is more inclined to a “nonthreatening incremental approach, including, for example, the introduction of certain issues of Treasury bonds with a gold link, perhaps in the form of principal payment in a certain amount of physical gold bullion on the option of the bondholder.”

This is somewhat similar to the Treasure Inflation Protected Securities or the physical gold dividends form of payment that was started by the Gold Resource Corporation.

New investor or not, this is a must read for all traders. The knowledge presented in this book is something that everyone needs to be equipped with especially since the US economy is getting worse every day.

The Best of FinanceWalk in 2012


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