Altman Z Score/Bankruptcy Score to Predict Bankruptcy

Edward Altman

  The global economic trends are often unpredictable. While one economy rises, the other falls. In the midst are companies that go bankrupt because of both external and internal economic reasons. Bankruptcy spells, in one word, disaster. The whole organisation collapses. Worldwide, a lot of companies are going bankrupt. However, bankruptcy need not be an […]

The 5 Dividend Paying Stocks You Must Own NOW


    A few days back, I had written article on dividend paying stocks with highest dividend yield. I did further analysis on these companies and found out some excellent companies that are in financially strong position and have good management and good business.   Dividend paying stocks: 1. Anuh Pharma 2. Ador Welding 3. […]

Top 30+ High Dividend Yield Stocks


      So far, I have written posts on equity research techniques and other financial analysis methods. Today, I want to write this post for my investor friends. Why investor friends? Well, I’m sure each one of you is an investor first and then equity research analyst. If you haven’t yet started investing in […]

Colgate Palmolive Equity Research Report – Part V

What Is Equity Research

      After analyzing Colgate Palmolive’s product category, business model, business performance, financial performance, management quality and competition, it’s time to check whether this company’s shares are available at attractive valuations. I normally use different valuations to value a share. I use Discounted Cash Flow, Earnings Power Value, PE based valuation and Dividend Discount […]

Colgate Palmolive Equity Research Report – Part IV


  In my previous posts, I covered business performance, product category and financial performance of Colgate Palmolive. (For previous part, click here, here and here) In this part of equity research report, I am going to cover management quality and competition that Colgate Palmolive is facing.   Management Quality of Colgate Palmolive   How to judge […]

Colgate Palmolive Equity Research Report – Part III


  I covered Colgate Palmolive’s products category, market share and business performance in Part-I and Part-II. In this post, I will cover financial performance of the company in detail.   Financial Performance of Colgate Palmolive   Since Colgate Palmolive is  a pretty big company in size, the base of sales and profit figures is already […]

Colgate Palmolive Equity Research Report – Part II


  In my previous post, I covered business model and products category part of Colgate Palmolive. In this post, I am going to cover business and financial performance of the company in detail. Business Performance of Colgate Palmolive In one sentence, Colgate Palmolive manufactures oral care products like toothpastes, tooth powder and toothbrushes and also […]

Colgate Palmolive Equity Research Report – Part I


  Today is Dhanteras and Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped to provide prosperity and well being. On this auspicious day, I would like to start a new segment—researching companies for knowledge purpose. I would like to start this segment with a well known company—Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd. I am going to divide this equity research report […]

What Investors Can Learn from Sir Isaac Newton


      Sir Isaac Newton and Investing? What’s the connection? Let me tell you. Way back in 1720, this Physicist owned shares in the South Sea Company, the hottest stock in England that time. He sold the shares sensing bad things in market and pocketed 100% profit in this. His total profit was 7000 […]