How to Break into Investment Banking from Financial KPO?

From financial KPO to investment banking

Many financial analysts and associates working in the financial KPO industry wish to break into investment banking as the next logical step in career growth. Though a lot of literature is available on breaking into investment banking, transitioning from financial KPO sector is not covered widely. Cutting all the information overload aside, this article is […]

A Review of BIWS PowerPoint Pro Course

PowerPoint Pro BIWS

The Breaking into Wall Street (BIWS)  investment banking programs are truly unique and custom-made for those desirous to ‘break’ into a career in investment banking, hedge funds and private equity. Check out our unbiased review of BIWS certification programs and the IB Networking Toolkit program which has helped hundreds of aspirants to ace IB interviews. […]

Why Every Investment Banking Aspirant Needs the BIWS ‘IB Networking Toolkit’ Program?

Private Equity Jobs

Breaking into the investment banking, hedge funds and private equity needs more than experience, qualifications and skills. You need the power of networking. If the word “networking” gives goosebumps, you’re not alone. A lot many investment banking enthusiasts remain stranded in networking skills, dwarfing their career growth. This article is a review of IB Networking Toolkit […]

Your Guide to Crack Investment Banking Interview

Investment Banking Interviews

As a financial institution, an investment bank plays the role of assisting corporations, governments and individuals with securities (IPO / FPO) or raising capital, ancillary services, mergers, acquisitions, derivatives trading, foreign exchange, equity securities and fixed income instruments. An investment bank works in multiple functionalities. As such, a career in investment banking is lucrative and it […]

How to Make a Career in Top Boutique Investment Banks

Top best boutique investment banks

Since investment banking is such a hot topic of discussion among finance aspirants, I thought of taking this discussion to a detailed level. It is important for us to know what various types of investment banks are available out there. In this article, I am going to tell you about top and best boutique investment […]

How to Make a Career in Middle Market Investment Banks

Middle market investment banks salary

Middle Market Investment Banks – In the Middle of Action? ” Facebook buys WhatsApp “ This is the toast of the season globally. But do you know who advised Facebook? The logical answers would be Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, UBS, and DeutscheBank etc. Surprisingly, it’s a firm called Allen & Company. By the way it […]