A Review of BIWS PowerPoint Pro Course

1x1.trans A Review of BIWS PowerPoint Pro Course

The Breaking into Wall Street (BIWS)  investment banking programs are truly unique and custom-made for those desirous to ‘break’ into a career in investment banking, hedge funds and private equity.

Check out our unbiased review of BIWS certification programs and the IB Networking Toolkit program which has helped hundreds of aspirants to ace IB interviews.

Read complete review of BIWS programs.

In this write-up, we will look into the BIWS PowerPoint Pro program, which is designed to teach aspirants the basics to advanced levels of PowerPoint. You can download their course outline free-of-cost here.

Why Do You Need to Learn PowerPoint?

Before we illustrate the benefits of BIWS PowerPoint Pro, let us know and understand why it is extremely essential for investment banking, hedge funds and private equity aspirants to learn PowerPoint functions and usability.

Finance professionals are powerhouse users of data.

Continuous analysis, interpretation and reporting of data necessitate the use of medium which can help to collate everything in one place without consuming too much time. As, let’s say, an investment banker, you need to study companies and their financial data to draw conclusions and represent them through a report.

Using PowerPoint helps in this representation.

You don’t need advanced skills or knowledge to use PowerPoint. Rather than writing a blasé textual report, which is not a preferred method of information consumption, you should use PowerPoint to represent finance data analysis.

PowerPoint, its basic, intermediate and advanced functions, is a powerful tool equipping you to create a presentation without actually knowing how to draw designs and layouts.

As need be, you can include sound files, graphics, texts, images, videos, data charts and more using their pre-defined templates and uploading the peripherals into their designated space.

There are a lot of places from where you can learn PowerPoint but you need something which is custom-made for finance professionals. This is where the BIWS PowerPoint Pro comes in as their course caters to learning only those PowerPoint functions which are essential in the investment banking industry.

In short, it is not a generic course but a well-customised and guarantee-backed course.

What Does BIWS PowerPoint Pro Teach You?

The course teaches you everything about PowerPoint which is relevant in the investment banking and hedge fund industry.

Each lesson focuses on practical exercises to ensure the learner has imbibed all the concepts.

You are taught PowerPoint from basic to advanced level.

There are video tutorials captioned with shortcut keys so that the learner can watch and practice them at the same time.

Moreover, you are made to create a buy-side M & A pitch book for Apple as a ‘test’ to leverage your understanding of PowerPoint.

Some features of the BIWS PowerPoint Pro program:

-  The course has 28 video tutorials in total, divided into bite-sized knowledge chunks and accompanies with PowerPoint 2003 / 2007 / 2010 excel files.

- The learner can switch through courses back and forth. Linear learning is not mandatory.

- Course has a “to-do” list to be marked off as the learner moves from one module to another.

- The courses can be downloaded and played on all major devices – laptops, desktops, iPhone, iPad and iPod.

- Every course user is given lifetime access to the purchased course.

- There is a strong and active community of 22,000+ people to help sort out doubts and questions quickly.

Take a look at this reader testimonial.

1x1.trans A Review of BIWS PowerPoint Pro Course


- Lessons on creating and inserting texts, objects, excel graphs, formatting shapes, alignment, data grouping, custom keyboard shortcuts and more.

- Lot of slides and videos for complete information consumption.

The course is divided into the following modules.

  • Module 1: Slides, Texts and Objects
  • Module 2: Pasting in Objects
  • Module 3: Grouping, Aligning and Formatting
  • Module 4: Finishing Touches

The knowledge of PowerPoint will certainly arm you with endless tools to create professional presentations, with exceptional designs and beauty. Such presentations will be brief and concise, and therefore, evoke brevity in front of the audiences. It will become simpler and hassle-free to communicate financial reports in front of others and make it more interesting. Rather than boring text-based reports, the interactivity of a PowerPoint presentation is preferred.

To reiterate what we said before, the BIWS PowerPoint Pro course is geared towards those necessary learning requirements in investment banking and hedge fund industry.


The BIWS PowerPoint Pro is a recommended course for anyone who wishes to break into the investment banking and hedge fund segment but lacks PowerPoint skills. Given the fact that PowerPoint knowledge is a must in these fields, you cannot ignore learning it.

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Why Every Investment Banking Aspirant Needs the BIWS ‘IB Networking Toolkit’ Program?

1x1.trans Why Every Investment Banking Aspirant Needs the BIWS ‘IB Networking Toolkit’ Program?

Breaking into the investment banking, hedge funds and private equity needs more than experience, qualifications and skills.

You need the power of networking.

If the word “networking” gives goosebumps, you’re not alone. A lot many investment banking enthusiasts remain stranded in networking skills, dwarfing their career growth.

This article is a review of IB Networking Toolkit program offered by BIWS, the best online finance career guide you will ever need.

If you’re hearing about BIWS for the first time or want to know more about it, check out our BIWS Certification Review: Features, Benefits and Courses extremely resourceful article.

The IB Networking Toolkit program is for those enthusiasts desirous of breaking into investment banking, hedge funds and private equity sector but unable to clear interviews or making the right contacts.

Frankly, it is not possible for everyone to have the right contacts within the investment banking industry. The only way is to cultivate contacts and how do you do that? You can do that successfully by using the IB networking toolkit program.

Why Do You Need a Networking Toolkit?

A lot of people assume networking is something that doesn’t need to be taught. If that is true, why do many highly qualified and knowledgeable people fail to crack interviews? There is certainly something lacking and that is the skill of networking.

The above might seem like a generalisation but it is applicable in every field, even in investment banking.

Brian DeChesare, the founder of BIWS, rightly says that breaking into these sectors isn’t possible with run-of-the-mill networking options. See what he says in this YouTube video.

In this article, DeChesare talks about the problems in networking. Read it. He states that out of every 100 emails he gets, 90 of them are about seeking assistance with networking.

Networking could be about whom to send cold emails or cold calls, how to send emails, how to find the right contact, how to get informational interviews scheduled, how to talk to the interviewer or interviewing panel and more!

Moreover, not everyone has networking skills. It is something that needs to be learned and practiced over duration of time. DeChesare says that there are only two reasons why you’re unable to use networking to break into the finance segment. You are either doing it the wrong way or you’re not persistent enough, that is, giving up too easily.

If you’re trying too hard to impress, not asking what you seek, using the wrong networking channels or not focusing on the right contacts, you’re doing everything wrong.

If whatever I said rings true to your ears, the IB Networking Toolkit program is designed for you. Below, I am just going to highlight the benefits of this program and leave you in judgment.

Benefits of BIWS IB Networking Toolkit Program

The toolkit is your singular source to fulfill all networking requirements. Here is a detailed enumeration of its major benefits.

1) Huge Contact Database

Once you purchase the toolkit, it gives access to names and contact details of 2119+ hedge funds, 5220+ private equity firms and 3057+ investment banks. They have done the work for you and compiled everything in a singular database. All you have to do is use the database to network and land on a great job. The list is always updated; therefore, you get latest names and contact details.

If this database doesn’t suffice, the program also teaches 35 realistic methods to find the name and contact person of relevant firms.

2) Tracking Networking Efforts

The toolkit includes networking effort tracking turnkey software that depends on various advanced metrics to monitor your networking efforts and presents custom-made networking schedules. It’s like having a PA to manage schedules.

3) Email Templates for Every Step

A major fallback for IB enthusiasts is the lack of communication skills. You don’t know how to write the ‘perfect’ attention grabbing email that gets interview calls. The IB toolkit eliminates this problem by offering email templates for all networking needs, right from initiating the first contact to post-interview follow-up email communications.

4) Playbook Sessions

The IB Networking Toolkit program teaches you creative strategies to help stand apart from the crowd. Understand this – there are hundreds of other people eager to break into investment banking, so what can or should set you apart from the rest? This is where their informative ‘playbook’ session comes in which is all about teaching strategies to set you apart from the rest.

Before I carry on with BIWS IB Networking Toolkit program benefits, let’s look at some user testimonials that landed on awesome openings after using this tool.

Here are some screenshots.

1x1.trans Why Every Investment Banking Aspirant Needs the BIWS ‘IB Networking Toolkit’ Program?

another one,

1x1.trans Why Every Investment Banking Aspirant Needs the BIWS ‘IB Networking Toolkit’ Program?

and, another one,

1x1.trans Why Every Investment Banking Aspirant Needs the BIWS ‘IB Networking Toolkit’ Program?

Let’s continue with the benefits.

5) Learning Cold Calling and Cold Emailing

The investment banking industry requires judicious use of cold calling and cold emailing. There are two loopholes to this. First, you don’t know how to do either of them and second, even if you do, the efforts are largely not successful. Think yourself – how often you slam the cold call or trash the cold email out of irritation? A lot of times, right!

But, it shouldn’t be the same for you. With the toolkit program, you learn 6 proven ways to master both of them and get successful responses.

You are taught the ways to request informational interviews, conduct them and follow-up. There are precise methods and strategies employable within these. It is not only about networking; the essential prospect is to convert contacts into offers.

6) Interview Blueprints

The IB interview is not only about landing on a job but your first step towards a successful career.

As such, a lot of time and commitment needs to be invested in clearing the interview. Even if you’re ready to commit, you lack a guide to walk you through the essentials of an investment banking interview, right?

One of the best features of the BIWS IB Networking Toolkit program is the availability of interview blueprints. The blueprints contain personal and banking ‘real’ questions asked to countless of people. This blueprint becomes your Bible till you get that investment banking opening.

7) Weekend Networking Plans and Question Banks

Ask any finance expert and you’ll know that most of the networking happens during the weekends. It is the time when finance professionals and experts meet to improve their connections. The toolkit program takes this into consideration and has created a section on weekend networking trip planning guide. The guide will walk you through how to utilize the weekends to form meaningful connections.

Apart from this, there is a 70+ networking question bank testing your learning of the program.

The seven benefits must have made it clear to you the effectiveness of the BIWS IB Networking Toolkit program. If you’re still unsure, check out the detailed course description here. All the course modules are briefed there.

The course and its contents:

-  can be downloaded and accessed from any device;

- is made up of 37 hours of video/audio content;

- come with free lifetime access;

- includes active support group of 22,000+ members to help you;

- includes progress tracking at every level;

…and a lot of features are on offer!


Let me end this with two statements.

First, the BIWS IB Networking Toolkit program is a proven way to break into the investment banking, private equity and hedge fund industry.

Second, if you want to join the same higher echelons of power and authority, this toolkit is your best bet!

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With The Networking Toolkit + Interview Guide Bundle, you get these two components:

  • Investment Banking Networking Toolkit
  • Investment Banking Interview Guide

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