Top 8 Job Hunting Methods

Job hunting methods

    “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” Theodore Roosevelt In my previous post, 6 Tips for Finding Hope When You Are Jobless, I mentioned a list of tips for finding hope when you are jobless. In this post, I am… Read More →

Summer Internships: How to Find?

Summer internships

When I was pursuing PG, I wanted to do internship in financial analysis, equity research, report writing and industry analysis. My institute offered me an internship with a web startup. The project was in market research. I badly wanted to work for a startup but since the project was not of my interest, I started looking for other companies. Networking with my previous employers was the best option available at that time. Since I had good relations with my previous employers, one of them happily invited me to work on a project where I researched on mid and small cap companies. I submitted a project report where I clearly mentioned a list of best companies to invest into. The CEO was very happy with the project and he even offered me a job there.

Networking with your friends, relatives, previous employers and people on social networking