Survival in 2014 and Beyond – Job Hunting Skills Guide


1x1.trans Survival in 2014 and Beyond   Job Hunting Skills Guide

Job Hunting Survival Skills

“Learning is not compulsory…neither is survival”


Year 2012 is approaching and we all are waiting to welcome it with a smile on our face and dreams in our eyes.

I’ve a dream for 2012, you may call it a goal—to become extremely useful for society. This is my first step towards it. In this post, Survival in 2012 and Beyond, you’ll find top survival skills for you.


Basic Survival Skills


What are everyone’s basic survival skills?

1. Communication and social skills

2. Protection skills

3. Physical fitness skills

4. Finding food skills

5. Clothing skills (How to cover yourself)

6. Finding shelter skills

We’ve gone beyond this level. We take these skills for granted and we don’t even find the necessity to remember them.

These were traditional survival skills that everyone acquired.

But, today we need one more important skill, that is—job hunting skill or job-creation skill.

Why this skill is more important today than before?

Many reasons—Increasing population and so competition for jobs, cost cutting measures, long working hours, changing work culture and skills in demand.

How many of you understand the difference between basic and advanced job hunting skills?

The skills that you have—resume writing, searching for jobs on job sites, internet and using social media—are basic skills.

Now, you need to upgrade your job hunting skills for survival in 2012 and beyond.

You need to learn these advanced job hunting skills, master them and apply them so that your survival is guaranteed.


What are Advanced Job Hunting Skills


To get a job, your face should fit. If your face fits, you’ll get the job.

I myself have experienced this during job interviews. Your attitude is your important skill, polish it and make it appropriate for the job you are applying.

1. Attitude

How do you describe yourself? Confident, positive, genuine, sincere, passionate, social or opposite to these words?

How do you describe the world, people around you?  Do you test or check your values and beliefs often?

Do you get peace of mind when you deal with people?

You need to check your attitude towards the world outside and the world within you. Check better ways of doing anything. Try to see the positive side of people. When you acknowledge goodness in people, they show it to you.

Be in the company of like minded people. Once in a while, come out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, enjoy the moment and just move on.

Learn something new everyday, be inventive in whatever you do.

Recently, I experienced one important thing in people—if you listen to them till the end, they think you are a genuine person who they can trust. I think this is an important discovery about my attitude.

2.  Advanced Job Hunting Methods

There are more advanced job hunting methods than you can imagine.

These methods help you go beyond resumes, posting resumes on job sites, placement agencies, internet and social media. These are some of the basic job hunting methods.

3. Job Creation or Self Employment

Sometimes, you don’t get the job that you are dreaming of, so you must know how to create your own job.

When you create a job, you not only find your own business but also create some jobs for others. Think of it. I myself have done it and I’m happy doing this.

You may start freelancing, consulting and volunteering. You can also find your passion and build a service around it.

4. Skills Inventory

As I mentioned in this post, how to stay upbeat when you are out of work, you should know what skills you have.

Take a paper and jot down your transferable skills, knowledge in different areas, experience that you have gained so far and your values.

For example, you may have:

Transferable skills – Analytical skills, initiative, report writing, problem solving

Knowledge – Accounting, MS Office, World Economy, Financial Analysis, Database Administration

Experience – Bank Accounting, Using MS Excel for analysis, Financial Modeling and Industry Report Writing

Values – Achievement, Ambition, Devotion, Excitement, Frugality

Check your skills inventory and see how you can be useful to your target market.

These four skills are utmost important to gain the mastery in job hunting.

I’m sure this job hunting skills guide—survival in 2012 and beyond will help you in acquiring the most essential skill today, i.e. Advanced job hunting skill.

How to Stay Upbeat When You Are Out of Work

1x1.trans How to Stay Upbeat When You Are Out of Work

How much you believe in statistics?

If you are unemployed and tired of applying to different jobs, I am sure you believe in statistics.

But, chances are that you believe in unemployment statistics.

I suggest you change your view and look at the other side of the coin—look at the employment statistics.




According to US Department of Labor –Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment situation in October 2011 was like this:

“Nonfarm payroll employment continued to trend up in October (+80,000), and the unemployment rate was little changed at 9.0 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment in the private sector rose, with modest job growth continuing in professional and businesses services, leisure and hospitality, health care, and mining. Government employment continued to trend down.”

Now read this:

In October, the number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks and over) declined by 366,000 to 5.9 million, or 42.4 percent of total unemployment.

It also says,

Total nonfarm payroll employment continued to trend up in October (+80,000). Over the past 12 months, payroll employment has increased by an average of 125,000 per month. In October, private sector employment increased by 104,000, with continued job growth in professional and business services, leisure and hospitality, health care, and mining. Government employment continued to contract in October

You can see this in the following chart.

1x1.trans How to Stay Upbeat When You Are Out of Work

Now, you should know how to look at the positive side and make use of it.

1. Look at the statistics and check which job hunting method will save your time and energy.

2. Statistics can tell you which industries are recruiting.

3. Statistics can encourage you when they mention something like—30% of the applicants in the media industry land job in a year.

In this, I see a very important point. If you are a media professional and planning to change your job or a fresher planning to enter media industry, there are 30 people who land jobs out of 100 applicants.

Quite encouraging, right?

Moreover, these statistics summarize the whole picture. You can use more than one way of job hunting methods and land this job.

If you want to know which careers are in demand, check the top future careers available.

How Do You Describe Yourself?


I mean, majority of you—when asked to describe yourself professionally—give answers like,I am a financial analyst or, I am a Trader or I am a Trainer.

In short, you mention your job titles.

You think that’s the only way to answer people who you are?


Think of your knowledge, your skills and experience so far. Keep aside the job-title for some time.

Think of more basic way to present or describe yourself. Plan for two or more ways of describing yourself using your knowledge, skills and experience.

There is a simple and effective way to job searching using this method.

Once you have two or more ways of describing yourself, you increase your scope of jobs you can apply for.

Plus, you can use more than one method of job hunting and stay ahead of others—who use only one method of job hunting.

So use this permutation and combination strategy for your job-hunting, find hope and see the results.

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