CopalAmba: A KPO Company Review


The Indian finance KPO industry is extremely huge. It offers multiple career opportunities and if you want to enter KPO as a finance analyst or researcher, joining the ‘right’ company at the right time is mandatory. FinanceWalk talks about yet another KPO, known as CopalAmba, in our series of KPO company reviews. If you are… Read More →

Should You Work with Aranca: A Company Review

Aranca Logo

Aranca is a KPO that offers customized research services to investment firms and other Fortune 500 companies. People who are interested to enter the finance industry as research analysts and executives should consider Aranca as a potential employment destination. If you are joining KPO for first time, read the beginner’s guide to KPO jobs in… Read More →

Should You Work with TresVista: Company Review


TresVista, founded in 2006, is one of the world’s leading KPO providing value-based diverse financial services. It has worked with some of the world’s most reputed financial firms and its global footprint spans across Asia, Africa, Europe, US and MENA region. TresVista headquarters at Mumbai, India. Their mission is to be recognized as a high… Read More →

Should You Work with Evalueserve?

Evalueserve comparison with Accenture Wipro

Evalueserve is the creator of an industry worth billions. The company offers investment research, data analytics, technology research and business research services worldwide, and is one of the hottest destinations for employment seekers. Evalueserve: A Brief Overview Marc Vollenweider and Dr. Alok Aggarwal laid the foundation of Evalueserve in the year 2000, which went on… Read More →

Analec Infotech Private Ltd – Company Review

Analec Infotech

  Today’s post is on Analec Infotech Private Ltd. In my last company review posts, I covered Pune based financial research and analysis companies like Reval Analytics, CapMetrics and AlgoAnalytics. I plan to cover many more companies in Pune. However, I decided to take a break from Pune based companies and focus on different companies… Read More →

Reval Analytics – Company Review

Reval Analytics

    In my endeavor to help career aspirants in financial research, I regularly write on the analytics companies which are into financial research & analysis space and in this post, I will write on Reval Analytics, full name—Reval Analytics Pvt.Ltd. Before I start, let me clear one thing—this analysis is for people who are… Read More →

AlgoAnalytics – Company Review

Aniruddha Pant CEO AlgoAnalytics

To be frank, I didn’t know about AlgoAnalytics till last week. I came across this company’s name when I was researching CapMetrics. I became curious about this company so started researching on it. So, let’s dig in. Before I start, let me clear one thing—this analysis is for people who are looking for entry level… Read More →