Should You Work with Evalueserve?

Evalueserve is the creator of an industry worth billions. The company offers investment research, data analytics, technology research and business research services worldwide, and is one of the hottest destinations for employment seekers.

Evalueserve: A Brief Overview

Marc Vollenweider and Dr. Alok Aggarwal laid the foundation of Evalueserve in the year 2000, which went on to become a defining moment in the global outsourcing industry. Evalueserve led to the creation of a new segment, known as Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO). More than a decade later, KPO has prominently emerged as a high-end knowledge oriented research and analytics industry with Evalueserve as its forerunner.

1x1.trans Should You Work with Evalueserve?

Their KPO services spans multiple domains. Its unparalleled growth and industry expertise makes Evalueserve a preferred destination for employment. Since 2000, the company has grown its operations in various countries such as Latin America, China and Eastern Europe, with more than 3000 professionals across the globe. Evalueserve is a preferred employment destination.

Focus, People and Values are the three cornerstones at Evalueserve. The company believes in offering unflinching focus towards their core sector – KPO. They have resisted entering adjacent sectors like Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). This focus gives them the tag of industry leader and authority.

Compared to average industry retention percentage, Evalueserve has maintained a higher retention rate because of its excellent manpower management policies. They work on developing a conducive and comfortable work environment for maximum employee productivity. They have established methodologies to ensure skill transference and guarantee uninterrupted delivery.

Evalueserve values the creation of a sustainable business model which delivers highest work quality, offers value-driven solution and focuses on talent acquisition in a professional manner.

They have offices in India, China, Chile, Romania and USA.

In this coverage, I will tell you about the various career offers, salary packages and growth opportunities at Evalueserve.

Why Should You Work at Evalueserve?

Expecting a company to provide comfortable working conditions is normal. As an employee, you are interested to know whether a company is able to meet your needs and what kind of environment it offers.

Based on real-time employee reviews on sites like, we have listed some of the benefits of working with Evalueserve.

1. Work – Life Balance

This factor trumps all the benefits we see for Evalueserve. A large number of people working here recommend the company for its awesome work – life balance policy. Extreme work pressure, meeting deadlines and stiff competition in corporate sector squeezes the life out of any employee. Extenuating work hours often leads to breakdown and stress issues. One is unable to devote time to other aspects of life. However, this isn’t the situation with Evalueserve as it values work-life balance.

2. Learning Opportunities

Evalueserve offers learning opportunities through its multi-departmental working platforms. The company ensures that an employee is not restricted to a fixed working portfolio; instead, they are given multiple job responsibilities which necessitate pushing beyond your comfort zone and achieving something. This opens up a lot of learning opportunities and you gain priceless knowledge.

3. Cultural Diversity

In an age of multinational working infrastructure and absorption of various technologies, cultural diversity is the “in” thing. Evalueserve hires globally; the person sitting right next to you might be from Russia and France and therefore, think of the various experiences, cultural learning and professionalism you are going to gain working in an environment which promotes cultural diversity.

4. Senior Management Support

A lot of employees reviewing Evalueserve commended its management support. Management discords and problems between working levels of management aren’t unheard. Surely, some vestige of this might be present in Evalueserve but a lot of the employees commended the company for its management support. This is also one of the reasons why its employee retention is higher than industry average.

5. Skills Training

Skills need to be imparted to draw the maximum out of its workforce. Evalueserve understands this well and ensures to provide regular skills training to its new and existing employees. The training sessions are scheduled in advance and work load accommodated to match the schedules.

Evalueserve also has its negative aspects. Of course, these aspects can’t be generalized as it depends on an employee experience. Still, I enlist some of them below.

  • No free pick and drop facility (available at employee’s cost).
  • Work pressure is slightly higher on some roles than others.
  • Long working hours.
  • Some roles might get below-average compensation.
  • Growth depends on the role a person is engaged with; some departments have higher growth potential.
  • Closed door leadership style.
  • Learning curve may become stagnant.

Note: These cons aren’t my personal words. They were gleaned from this and this.

Evalueserve Career Offers & Salary Range

Evalueserve offers multiple career options with industry average emoluments. The company offers career openings in operations and business development. Bookmark these links and check for current openings periodically.

The company realizes the value of manpower, which is a dominant reason why they have been able to survive long in a highly competitive field. Working at Evalueserve will give you global exposure, a merit-based work culture, learning opportunities, coaching and training, employee benefits and competitor compensation scales.

Below is a list of positions and their estimated yearly pay via and on the minimum side. Each of these positions require separate educational qualifications, experience and skill levels.

  • Business Analyst: Rs. 405,502
  • Sr. Business Analyst: Rs. 594,594
  • Manager: Rs. 1,049,333
  • Research Analyst: Rs. 214,109
  • Sr. Research Analyst: 237,664

You should also take a look at this comparative analysis of Evalueserve with its competitors – Accenture and Wipro Technologies. compares the three on various parameters.

1x1.trans Should You Work with Evalueserve?

As premier organisations, Evalueserve and its counterparts offer some of the best industry experience and incentives.

If you are a fresher, Evalueserve will be a good place to start KPO career.

Clearing Interviews at Evalueserve

Evalueserve uses various mediums to contact prospective employees. Campus recruitment is on top of the list, followed by employee referrals and online applications. Check out the whole list of mediums for getting an interview.

1x1.trans Should You Work with Evalueserve?Though Evalueserve hires for a lot of positions, the top jobs are these:

1x1.trans Should You Work with Evalueserve?The stats are based on analysis.

Generally, the interview consists of 3 levels. The first round of interview is telephonic and if you clear it, the next round commences. Depending on the level you are applying, the first round is usually technical and easy. The recruiters test your basic knowledge. If you are applying for the position of an analyst, expect questions on cash flow statements, income statements and others.

The second and third rounds are about your expertise, skills and other position-related factors. You are given a case study to analyse and asked to answer guess-estimation questions. Sometimes the case study question is conducted over telephone too so be ready with paper and pen. Listen to the questions very carefully and answer.

Guess-estimation questions are by far the toughest as they test the logical and evaluation skills. Some guess-estimation questions asked previously went like this:

  • How many ATMs are there in Gurgaon?
  • How many laptops were sold between November 2013 and November 2014?
  • Why the cover of a manhole is round and not any other shape?
  • How will you cut a cake in 8 pieces, in 3 chances?
  • How can you estimate the total number of movie theaters in Delhi?
  • How many cars are these in India?

In questions like these, the employer is basically looking at your problem-solving abilities and your skill in breaking down the problem in parts and reaching an estimate answer. There are no right and wrong answers to these questions. The recruiters are interested to know the ‘path’ you would take to sort them.

They have a fair and objective evaluation model. On-the-spot offers are mostly made and if it’s a specialized position requiring a lot of conditions, it could take about two to six weeks for the HR to offer a deal.

Be confident and calm to clear Evalueserve interview. Your technical knowledge should be strong and sound. Match it with skills.


Evalueserve is a premier organisation which can really boost your career in the right direction. Try your luck today!

Analec Infotech Private Ltd – Company Review


Today’s post is on Analec Infotech Private Ltd.

In my last company review posts, I covered Pune based financial research and analysis companies like Reval Analytics, CapMetrics and AlgoAnalytics.

I plan to cover many more companies in Pune. However, I decided to take a break from Pune based companies and focus on different companies all over India so that people living in different parts of India can benefit from my analysis.

Before I start, let me clear one thing, this analysis is for people who are looking for entry level career in financial analysis and research and want to know more about Analec Infotech Private Limited.


Analec Infotech: Company Review


OK, so today I’m writing on Analec Infotech Private Limited, a company running its financial research and analysis operations from Gurgaon, Haryana.


1x1.trans Analec Infotech Private Ltd – Company Review

Analec Infotech



The company’s headquarters are in Singapore and has a delivery centre in Gurgaon,India, apart from business development offices in Singapore and the United States.

The company is a software-enabled solution provider to the investment research and investment banking sectors. It combines technology with business process knowledge.

I think, the company’s main strengths are its domain knowledge in investment banking and investment research industry and its expertise in technology.


The company employs 100+ people in three areas—Software Implementation, Software Support and Financial Analytics.

I will primarily be focusing on this Financial Analytics area in this post.

In financial analytics, company mainly provides these services—Industry specific financial forecasting models, financial modeling migration and database content creation.

Analec has three products—Analec ResearchWise, Analec ClientManager and Analec ModelViewer.

The company’s main clients are financial institutions and broker-dealers. The clients include sell side analysts, research managers, workflow and compliance professionals and sales and trading professionals.


Currently people are working at these positions.

1. Equity Research Analyst

2. Manager

3. Financial Analyst

4. Business Analyst

5. Analyst

6. Senior Analyst

7. Research Associate

Job Responsibilities include

  • Building & maintaining in-depth financial forecast models for companies in the industrial and capital goods sector in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Analyzing financial results and perform financial valuation exercises using SOTP/ DCF/ Relative/ NAV/NPV methods
  • Writing reports on companies under coverage and regular news update
  • Carry out Industry research
  • Tracking micro and macro factors/news and analyzing the possible implication on companies revenue.
  • Mentor Research associates and review their work


  • MBA / CA / CFA / ICWA / CFP
  • Graduate/Post-graduate in finance/accountancy/economics/commerce with 1-2 years experience

Skills required

  • Strong conceptual knowledge of accounting principles & financial management concepts
  • Good Understanding of the inter-relationship between key Financial Statements.
  • Good Sector Knowledge (Atleast 1 sector) from an equity research perspective.
  • Good Understanding of financial modeling and valuation multiples.
  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal English) and experience in writing financial reports or commentary.
  • Ability to train and mentor junior resources
  • Sharp analytical and problem solving skills
  • Extensive knowledge of MS Office

My Verdict

If you want to apply to this company, check its eligibility criteria and skills requirement mentioned above. If you are an MBA/Post graduate in finance/economics and you’ve a basic understanding of finance and accounting concepts, financial analysis, capital markets, equity research and financial modeling and valuation basics, and have good communication and report writing skills, you can apply to this company.

There will be a written test on finance and accounting fundamentals, valuation and financial modeling

You should be open to learning and new challenges and also sharpen your leadership skills along the way.

You can make a mid-term career in this company.

Have queries? Write to me in ‘Comments’ below.

Disclaimer: The author of this post is not a placement consultant and is not related to Analec Infotech . The opinions in this report are for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as a recommendation.The information in this report is believed to be accurate, but under no circumstances should a person act upon the information contained within without proper due diligence.

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