How Different Is It Working as an Equity Research Analyst and an Investment Banking Analyst?

How different is it working as an equity research analyst and an investment banking analyst

Many times young students, who are following the finance stream, are not really sure what they actually want to do in future. They see their friends or seniors following successful high paying professions such as equity research analyst, private equity analyst, financial research analyst, investment banking analyst, hedge fund manager, etc. Many times these youngsters […] Read more »

5 Insider Secrets to Higher Salary in a Finance Role

Higher Salary in Finance Role

It is a good time to be working in the financial services industry. Technology advances, demographic shifts, regulatory changes and work style revolutions are likely to give the financial services landscape a new shape in the coming future. It is important to be future ready in such a scenario so as to identify the key […] Read more »

Have Finance Career Queries? Join FinanceWalk Facebook Group

Financewalk facebook group

  Dear Reader, FinanceWalk is more interactive now! Have questions regarding your finance career? We’ve just created FinanceWalk FB group here. This group is created exclusively for finance career related discussions. Once you’re in you can participate in discussions, ask queries, answer queries and share your knowledge. Please JOIN the group and start asking your […] Read more »

Your Guide to Crack Investment Banking Interview

Investment Banking Interviews

As a financial institution, an investment bank plays the role of assisting corporations, governments and individuals with securities (IPO / FPO) or raising capital, ancillary services, mergers, acquisitions, derivatives trading, foreign exchange, equity securities and fixed income instruments. An investment bank works in multiple functionalities. As such, a career in investment banking is lucrative and it […] Read more »

The Definitive Guide to Wall Street Jobs

Wall Street Jobs

  In this article, I will explain the needed skills, qualities, attitudes and approaches that are necessary and imperative to gain Wall Street Jobs for prospective careerists holding Economics Majors, Engineers, Finance Majors and also finally, people seeking Entry Level jobs. First, I need to discuss about Wall Street jobs that are in store for […] Read more »

The Definitive Guide to Portfolio Management Jobs

Portfolio Manager Jobs

So, you want to know everything about portfolio management jobs? You’re on the right page. Portfolio management is the process of managing assets and investments. The main objective of portfolio management is to make the largest returns possible on original investments. Features The main duty of a portfolio manager is to accommodate clients’ risk tolerance […] Read more »