How to Break into Investment Banking from Financial KPO?

From financial KPO to investment banking

Many financial analysts and associates working in the financial KPO industry wish to break into investment banking as the next logical step in career growth. Though a lot of literature is available on breaking into investment banking, transitioning from financial KPO sector is not covered widely. Cutting all the information overload aside, this article is […] Read more »

A Review of BIWS PowerPoint Pro Course

PowerPoint Pro BIWS

The Breaking into Wall Street (BIWS)  investment banking programs are truly unique and custom-made for those desirous to ‘break’ into a career in investment banking, hedge funds and private equity. Check out our unbiased review of BIWS certification programs and the IB Networking Toolkit program which has helped hundreds of aspirants to ace IB interviews. […] Read more »

Why Every Investment Banking Aspirant Needs the BIWS ‘IB Networking Toolkit’ Program?

Private Equity Jobs

Breaking into the investment banking, hedge funds and private equity needs more than experience, qualifications and skills. You need the power of networking. If the word “networking” gives goosebumps, you’re not alone. A lot many investment banking enthusiasts remain stranded in networking skills, dwarfing their career growth. This article is a review of IB Networking Toolkit […] Read more »

BIWS Certification Review: Features, Benefits and Courses

BIWS Certification

All students and professionals interested to pursue a career in equity research, investment banking and private equity sector often enroll in financial training programs. One of the trusted and preferred financial training programs is offered by Breaking into Wall Street, known as BIWS certification. The article is an in-depth review of BIWS certifications – its […] Read more »

How to Get into Venture Capital?

Venture Capital

I had written an article on ‘What do you do as a venture capitalist?’ A lot of you had read that article and appreciated the insights that I had provided. But I also got some mails from readers who asked me how they could get into venture capital. Most of these readers were either working […] Read more »

MBA vs. CFA vs. FRM: Roles and Careers in Finance

MBA in finance

Pursuing the right education to enter the right career path is instrumental for long-term success. Often, students are misguided due to lack of authority and credible information. People seeking a career in finance often find themselves confused between three courses: #1. MBA: Master of Business Administration #2. CFA: Chartered Financial Analyst #3. FRM: Financial Risk […] Read more »

How to Be a Successful Finance Writer?

Successful financial writer

Every human on Earth has one common connect – money. Possessing money isn’t enough. It is necessary to take smart decisions and grow the money. A lot of questions on financial investment products arise and lack of adequate knowledge sharing confuses people. This knowledge-gap is an opportunity for you to be a successful finance writer. […] Read more »

What Do You Do as a Venture Capitalist?

Venture capital funding

I am really pleased to see that you are reading all my articles and appreciating them a lot. I am trying to make them as practical and realistic as possible so that I can give you an unbiased frank opinion on various facets of jobs in the finance domain. I have already written extensively on […] Read more »

How to Become a Successful Portfolio Manager?

Become a successful portfolio manager

I hope you have been finding all my articles engaging and interesting. I have already written a lot of articles about investment banking, private equity, equity analysis and finance career. This time I am going to write about the exciting world of portfolio management. First lets stat by understanding – What exactly is Portfolio Management? […] Read more »