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Bionic Turtle FRM Course Review: The Best Review in 2020

The rabbit is the FRM exam, of course. The reason why I chose the story of the rabbit and the turtle, other than the evident link with the Bionic Turtle FRM Review is that it does really seem like a good metaphor for the relationship between the two. The FRM or Financial Risk Manager Designation […]

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Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS) – Review + Sample Videos + FREE $397 Prime Membership

This is an in-depth Breaking Into Wall Street review (BIWS review). BIWS is a ‘self-learning’ financial training program highly in demand by private equity, equity research, and investment banking career pursuers.In fact, not only individuals, businesses and corporate institutions often enroll their staff in BIWS courses to upscale their current skills.The reason you need such a […]

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Sanju is an excellent coach. The career coaching session provided me with the insights into my dormant potential to be an entrepreneur, along with the suggested practical action plan. I highly recommend her services to you if you want to live the life of your passion and create your career based on your life's purpose.

Lorenzo (The U.S.)

FinanceWalk team is excellent in Career Coaching. It's amazing how easily and how well they connect with their clients using Inner GPS. The best part of their coaching is the practical approach in all aspects. FinanceWalk is dedicated to helping people in career, wealth, and business.

Amit (India)

Sanju has been the best Coach ever since I met her. When I approached FinanceWalk for career coaching, I was pursuing ACCA. I wanted to make a career in investment banking. I was confused because I was transitioning myself from accounting to the core finance sector. Due to her coaching and support, I am doing well with my professional progress in a more focused and definite pathway plan. I have created my blueprint for success.

Sukhbir (London)

The team has in-depth expertise in career coaching and offers expert guidance. Their suggestions for my profile was really helpful. I wish FinanceWalk all the very best and I am sure with their unique skill of Inner GPS in career coaching, they will achieve great heights in their career.

Naveen (India)

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How to Get into Investment Banking Careers: A Complete Guide

Welcome to the aristocracy of finance! Choosing to work in the field of finance and then setting your sights on investment banking careers is a little like dreaming about receiving an aristocratic title from the queen. Why is that? Simply because investment banking has always been somewhat of a blueblood branch of finance. Investment bankers […]

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FRM Certification - Is it Important for My Career?

Here we are once again talking about Financial Risk Management. And why shouldn’t we? Apart from the fact that it’s fun, Risk Management has now become one of the most sought after positions in the world, in the light of recent events.  Therefore, given the fact that more and more young professionals or even students […]

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How to Choose a Career Based on Your Inner GPS?

You are occupied in your life -- studying, working, and learning some skills which will make you ready to fight on the battlefield, called 'the World.'  Your unique story begins from your home, school, college, university, and company. Your career extends to the global world as you progress in life. After going through a million […]

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