5 Things Your Boss Expects You Know About Finance Careers

There is a very famous saying in the corporate world that you don’t work for the employing company; rather you work for your boss!

It is true by all means and therefore, it is of utmost importance for you to know what all your boss expects you to know about careers in finance.

Despite all the negative comments against bosses, the fact is you need to deal with a boss whether you like it or not.

Therefore, to ensure the relationship with the boss remains smooth, read learn about the top 5 such things that will help you to keep your boss happy, and in turn be successful in building a finance career.

#1. Communication


This is one of the fundamental concepts of any profession. Your boss expects you to have threefold communication with him/her and with other team members – open, clear and regular.

You should voice your opinions openly in front of the team and your boss for any work. You should be clear in your tone and language, whether it is oral communication or written.

Try to be brief and avoid using redundant words to maintain everyone’s attention. Communicate regularly. Don’t wait for your appraisals or any other official meeting to put your point across.

Communicating messages, ideas and deadlines within a timeline should be a priority. Effective communication is one of the key methods to build good rapport with the boss. It will help to differentiate yourself as a professional and the boss will have faith in your ability to handle challenging roles.

In finance careers, time is of utmost importance, and I suggest you to raise a flag immediately and not wait for the right time.

In this case, now is the right time!

#2. Attitude


Your attitude at the workplace is equally important as your output of work.

Your attitude with not only the boss but with other team members too matter. Try to gel with people and avoid unnecessary tiffs within the team.

Keep a professional attitude. Don’t indulge in mindless gossips or talk negative about anyone. Office politics is not the best thing to get indulged in, especially in the long run. More often than not, your attitude towards work will get you places rather than your actual work.

It does not mean that you can get away with substandard output, but how you approach your work is what will get you success.

It’s good to network and it is recommended too, but you should always focus on your attitude. You’re there to work, to build a career. Don’t waste it on office politics!

#3. Flexibility


Finance profiles require you to work for long hours and sometimes more than the routine five days a week.

Your boss expects you to know that being present at the need of the hour is very crucial for finance profiles and you should not demand brownie points for doing that. This is pretty much included in your job description (not on paper, but sure in reality).

Usually, companies pay overtime to employees but sometimes work hours can’t be always evaluated in advance. Finance careers are built on networking and the networking happens during weekends and after-office hours.

You should be ready for a high level of devotion.

Moreover, with the finance sector adopting technological developments swiftly, you need to be flexible to adapt to the changes. Adapting to changes is a crucial skill. Bosses don’t want the employees to be staid and rigid in outlook.

Whenever changes are apparent within your job profile or within the team, display a positive attitude.

#4. Open to Feedback

Open to feedback

A boss is always going to give feedback. Depending on your rapport with the person, the feedback can be constructive or demeaning in nature.

Neither I am not against bosses nor am I trying to state generic assumptions but we have all heard how employees often crib about bosses being unfair and delivering negative criticism!

However, you should not take feedback personally and always remember that the only aim of feedback is your own growth and betterment. The boss is also answerable to his/her senior. What I am basically saying is everyone is trying to get the work done so a healthy dose of criticism doesn’t harm, at all.

You should be open to feedback and if you do not agree with something, please discuss it with your boss before assuming that your boss hates you. Don’t bear grudges and badmouth the boss. Try to work with your boss to improve and incorporate the feedback from your boss.

#5. Work towards a Solution

Problems and solutions

This is something that I have personally experienced and am thankful to my first boss for helping me!

Never go to your boss with a problem, rather go to the person with at least one solution to that problem at hand. With his/her experience, he/she would be able to guide you in such a way that you will sail out of the problem easily.

The reason being that bosses don’t expect you to function on automation; yes, you’re expected to follow instructions and guidelines but it doesn’t mean you’re going to retire the brain into oblivion.

A boss, no matter how much you hate him/her, expects you to take an active interest in the happening around the working environment. You’re expected to be self-motivated. Therefore, when a problem comes up and you take the initiative to think of solutions rather than dumping the issue on the boss, your effort is well appreciated. Think of the time saved in arriving at a solution from scratch!

Moreover, you’re working in the finance industry and it’s unpredictable. The boss can’t always be at the helm of things. Finance careers are all about crunching numbers and problem-solving skills. If you can’t, you’re probably in the wrong career.

Please remember that these things never go unnoticed and will definitely reflect in the long run, especially in yearly assessment.


I hope this article gave you clarity on what your boss expects out of you in your finance career.

Please feel free to write back in case of any questions.

5 Things Your Boss Expects You Know About Finance Careers 1
5 Things Your Boss Expects You Know About Finance Careers 2
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