What Are the Benefits of LinkedIn for Job Hunters?


Benefits of LinkedIn for jobs
Benefits of LinkedIn


It was in year 2006 that I created my profile on LinkedIn. One of my friends sent me an invitation and I created my profile on LinkedIn, the largest network for professional networking. Currently I have 500+ professional contacts and I can leverage these contacts for my business. In this post, I am giving some benefits of LinkedIn for job hunters.


Why LinkedIn is so popular


LinkedIn is the only network that is designed for professional networking. If you look at Facebook and Twitter, they are designed for social networking.

It has over 100 million active users and adding one new member per second.

In addition to this huge user base, there are many benefits of LinkedIn for job hunters.

Here are benefits of joining LinkedIn.

1. Search engine prowess

If you’ve a profile on LinkedIn, just type “your name” in search box of Google and enter. In first few results, you will see your profile link on LinkedIn. Here’s the proof:


Avadhut LinkedIn

2. User friendly URL

Look at the image above and see the URL. You’ll see the URL as https://in.linkedin.com/in/avadhutnigudkar which is by my name. You can create your own profile and give the profile link to your employer or you can also put it in your email signature.

3. Stay connected

You can stay connected with your professional contacts that you make at conferences or social gatherings. Next time, when you attend networking event or social gathering, ask people politely whether you can add them on LinkedIn. This gives you benefit of staying connected with your professional contacts even if you don’t make a deal immediately.

4. Providing key information

When these professional contacts visit your profile, they get key information about you, your skills and your professional experience. You can add your LinkedIn URL to your resume, business card and email signature.

5. Endorsements

Once you create your profile on LinkedIn, you can contact people with whom you’ve worked and ask them for recommendations. These recommendations play an important role when employers plan to hire you because the employer can check who has recommended you and so, that leaves an excellent impression.

6. Expanding the network

When I was looking for a job as an Equity Research Analyst, I networked heavily on LinkedIn. I got in touch with people through LinkedIn and asked for their help. If you’ve done your homework well, people will help you.

7. Recruiters’ favorite

Worldwide, recruiters use LinkedIn extensively for their recruitment. According to one research, 85 per cent of recruiters use LinkedIn to find talent. So, this is a major benefit of LinkedIn for job hunters.

8.  Helps you in brand building

LinkedIn is my favorite because it helps me in building my brand. Once you have a resume, you can build your profile by mentioning your skill set and demonstrate your expertise by contributing to Questions and Answers on LinkedIn. The features on LinkedIn gives you ample scope for professional brand building and networking.

9. Access to international community of professionals

LinkedIn have professionals in 200 countries and half of it’s user base is outside of the United States. So it helps you build your network in different countries.

I’m sure these benefits of LinkedIn for job hunters will convince you to create a profile on LinkedIn.

Please let me know in “comments” section below if you need any help in creating your profile on LinkedIn.

What Are the Benefits of LinkedIn for Job Hunters? 1
What Are the Benefits of LinkedIn for Job Hunters? 2
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5 thoughts on “What Are the Benefits of LinkedIn for Job Hunters?”

  1. I’ve have never considered any other social media networks besides facebook. I’ve signed up for linkedin but never really got the chances to test it out. Most of my friends never even heard of linkedin, but i heard its more of a professional type of facebook. Is that true?

  2. Hi Avadhut, I have been using linkedIn for quite some time. It is really a good source for one to keep track of all the professional colleagues from his school days on wards.I think Skill pages is emerging fast to cover the few loop holes in the LinkedIn….
    Nice post. Thanks again.

  3. Absolutely correct Avadhut,
    We can say it is an ocean and most of the times, I feel a bit hesitant to log in, because, once i do so, it takes a very long time to come out of it. Variety of offers, variety of matters, wide category of professionals! Wonderful site.
    Every one has something in it!
    I really wonder if the founder would have ever imagined this tremendous growth!
    Your article has given a vivid picture of the value of the site.

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