How to Get the Best Financial Modeling Course? A Complete Guide

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March 16, 2022

I can tell you many things about the best financial modeling course, training, and I will, for that matter, if you keep on reading

However, one thing I don't have to tell you is just how vital financial analysis is to a company. Extrapolating from this idea, you can quickly see how important you, the financial valuation specialists are.

Financial modeling pyramide

Financial modeling pyramid

Not wanting to be negative, but you know that, in this game, there is no room for mistakes.

It's one thing to make a financial model that says, 'your company will have a profit of $5 million in the first two years of its existence.'

It is a whole different thing to say 'your expected profit is $5 million, but there's also a 40% chance of serious losses in that allotted amount of time.' Your financial model will lead to some very different decisions.

It's effortless to be optimistic when it comes to creating financial models and wanting to round things up to a definite end. However, in the same way, a spreadsheet is not a financial model; you know that's not how it works.

By the way, here's another article to treat yourself to on spreadsheets and financial models.

Therefore, if you know all this is true or have already realized it for yourself, you also know that to avoid any such blunders, you need all the training you can get when it comes to business modeling. And, in this case, help arrives in the shape of training.

Example of financial model

Example of a financial model

You might be thinking about the courses you have taken or plan to take in college on this subject. I am not. Do you want to know why? Because, as good as they may be, they are not enough.

The world of banking doesn't hire the second best or the guy who relied on his college semester courses to get ahead. The world of banking hires the ones who have dedicated time and effort to learn all there is about financial analysis and more.

Therefore, college studies aside, what can you do to improve your knowledge base and skills?

Engage in business modeling self-study, of course. This is precisely what I'm planning to detail for you in this article. What are the best online best financial modeling Courses?

How does one get started? Can you get a certification? Can you download free financial modeling tutorial and are they any good? Let's see.

How to Get Started with Financial Modeling Courses

The first thing you need to take into consideration before actually choosing a financial analysis course or another is your needs.

Ask yourself this question: why do you want to go for the best financial modeling Course?

Financial valuation programs are typically sought out by a few categories of people. Some students are aiming to learn more than what their college curricula can offer.

Secondly, some want to pursue a career in investment banking, corporate finance on wall street and who know just how much financial analysis knowledge will help them.

And thirdly, some individuals are already working in the field. For the latter, these best financial modeling courses will prove a treasure trove as far as continuing education goes.

Read this up to date guide on financial modeling jobs.

The next step is choosing the actual financial modeling expert training you would like to follow.

This is where it gets easy. What you want is the absolute best training course available on the market.

After some thorough research as well as assessing multiple criteria, I have concluded that, no matter what your goals are, the BIWS is the best one around.

That being said, let's see what BIWS has to offer.

The BIWS Financial Modeling Training Programs

Breaking into Wall Street or, more commonly known as BIWS, offers specific courses for Investment Banking and Merger Modeling.

To learn more, click on this link, which will take you straight to their website.

Here are some details as well. BIWS has several levels when it comes to banking courses.

Out of all of those, Level 2 is the one you want if you're interested in Financial Analysis and Modeling.

The course is divided into three sections, as follows.

1. Excel and Financial Modeling

This is the course you need if you want to 'learn valuation and financial analysis and dominate your investment banking interviews,' as they word it themselves. Here is a summary of what you will be getting with this course.

  • Modeling tests as well as case studies, because BIWS wants to train you for real-life financial projections work, not just from a theoretical point of view.
  • Explanations of the concepts, seeing as there is no way you can ace your interview questions if they ask you conceptual things, and you cannot answer them.
  • Learn how to do Sensitivity Analysis in Excel, watch a sample video
  • Create merger models
  • Learn how to value a company correctly, objectively, and fast and much, much more.

Apart from that, the actual advanced Excel modeling overview lessons that are to be found in this course have their basis in two cases from real life.

One of them will ask you to manipulate, format, and analyze the customer's data, while the other one is centered around Walmart.

Go to the BIWS page to see all of this and add this course to your cart.

Financial Modeling Courses

2. Financial Modeling Mastery

Here is where the real deal is at. The main reason for that is the fact that, in this regard, BIWS is unlike any other course on the market.

The modules and lectures themselves are centered around a genuine and critical case – Microsoft attempting to buy Yahoo! for $44 billion.

Apart from that, the course has been deemed as the most time-economic and user-friendly, seeing as it allows you to complete it in your own time, instead of giving you deadlines and such.

Click here for a detailed account of the course and what it has to offer, such as the following.

  • 100 training videos, which work as a visual aid to your studies.
  • You will learn how to develop a three-statement model.
  • How to spread comps, value NOLs, liquidation valuation, future share price analysis, and sum-of-the-parts valuation.
  • You will get advanced LBO Model lessons.
  • PowerPoint tips
  • You will be getting a sample pitch book
  • Bonus case studies, so that you can finish the course reassured that you know all there is to know.

Read the detailed presentation of the course in a PDF here.

BIWS Advanced Course

3. BIWS Premium

This is a package that allows you to download and use both Excel and Fundamentals and Advanced Modeling.

If you opt for this package, you will receive a discount, which means that you will be saving $197.

You can pay it at the purchase, or you can go for the installments.

Use this link to find out more.

Also, click here to download the PDF description of the course package.

BIWS Premium

Read more about BIWS Premium Review.

It doesn't get any easier than this. BIWS seems to be the best financial analysis and modeling course around.

What About the Online Financial Modeling Certification Courses?

This is yet another thing you don't have to worry about if you plan on going for the BIWS investment banking training I advised.

All of them, no matter which one you choose, will offer you a certification upon completion.

Once you have completed the crash course or courses which you've selected, you will immediately become eligible to take the Certification Quiz.

If your score is equal to or higher than 90%, and something tells me it will, then BIWS will send you a certificate.

It is a Certificate of Achievement that has your name on it, as well as the quiz's name and the date you graduated on it.

You can then use this certificate as a reference or attach it to your resume when you're trying to land a job in financial analysis or investment banking.

Best financial modeling course

BIWS Certificate

Here is a word of warning, though.

Take the course and exam on a serious note. Most people tend to have out of date opinion even in 2020 and believe that, just because it's done online, it's not a dangerous thing.

However, I must warn you that your certificate has a link which employers can use to see what was on your exams and what you have learned. In this way, they can tell for sure if you're qualified or not to get the job.

Should You Turn to the Financial Modeling Courses Free Option?

That is a possibility as well. In case you don't want to pay the fee or simply don't have enough money, you can find research material online, as well as whole financial valuation training programs. However, there are a few downsides to that.

For instance, you might not get a certification after you finish. Moreover, even if you do get one, it might not be recognized by prospective employers or by your college. As a consequence, this means that your efforts to go through the course might be in vain.

Secondly, free courses are typically not very well structured or organized, which means you will have to struggle with working your way through the material.

This idea adds up to studying in disarray and wasting a lot of time trying to comb through it all.

Thirdly, and most important of all, there is no knowing who wrote or even published the free content online. To better understand this, think of Wikipedia. Wikipedia is indeed a great source of information.

However, it is a known fact that universities, for example, do not accept Wiki references as a source in classes or student papers.

The reason is that Wiki pages can be written by just about anyone, professional or laymen. Therefore, the information might be corrupt or simply incorrect.

It's the same thing with free financial valuation training. If you don't know the author or there is no trustworthy source for the material, then the content might not be realistic and, therefore, valuable.

My advice to you here is not to waste your time with such trivia.

Do not waste your time, energy, and efforts with classes that might contain false info or that will not be recognized by your employer or college.

Go straight to the source, even if it will cost you a few hundred dollars.

In the end, you cannot put a price on what can be the job that will change your life forever.

Think of financial analysis classes as a small investment for a bright career and future.

Typing up financial analysis course free download into Google seems simple enough.

However, during the interview or hiring process, when it's between you and another person who went through the BIWS courses, for example, and has the verifiable certificate to prove it, who do you think they will choose?

Moreover, since we are in the advice section of this piece, here's another one.

Don't skip the lesser levels of the BIWS financial valuation programs.

Like I've pointed out above, there are two modules – Excel and Fundamentals and Advanced Modeling.

You can, of course, skip straight to the advanced Modeling one. However, not going through the financial analysis Excel training will leave a gap in your education that will prove difficult to fill later on.

Therefore, here is what I advise you to do.

  • Decide why you need the courses in the first place.
  • Go to the BIWS website, and choose the two financial valuation online programs that will rock your life.

Purchase through the following link to Get Free $397 Bonus Course from FinanceWalk:

   Get Free $397 Course From FinanceWalk   

  • Go through them at your own pace. Do not hurry because no one is pressuring you. Disregard people who tell you that they finished in two days. Remember – There's no possible way to achieve excellence overnight.
  • Finish the courses.
  • Take the certification exam. Study as hard as you can and make sure to get at least 90%.
  • Download a copy of your certificate.
  • Attach it to your resume.
  • Mention the BIWS financial modeling skill courses as well as your exam, grade, and certificate to your prospective employers during interviews.
  • Talk about everything that you have learned. There is no room for modesty when it comes to scoring such a coveted and well-payed job.
  • Get the job!

Come back and leave a comment about your experience with financial modeling fundamentals training programs. I'd be happy to hear from you.

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