Bionic Turtle FRM Course Review: The Best Review in 2022

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February 1, 2022

The rabbit is the FRM exam, of course. The reason why I chose the story of the rabbit and the turtle, other than the evident link with the Bionic Turtle FRM Review is that it does really seem like a good metaphor for the relationship between the two.

The FRM or Financial Risk Manager Designation is the best recognized and most respected certification in the world when it comes to financial risk management careers.

Therefore, you can see how it can be so elusive, just like the rabbit in the tale.

However, there’s no need to fret, because intelligence and wit are on our side this time. We have The Turtle.

And not just any turtle, the Bionic Turtle FRM, the best FRM course provider in the world that is guaranteed to get you that certification in no time.

Provided you take all of its courses and study hard, of course.

And, with that in mind, I decided to write this piece in which to elaborate a bit on where you can find the Bionic Turtle FRM study material, the free downloads, the PDFs, notes, practice questions, and the question bank.

We will also be taking a look at the success rate, so be sure to read this Bionic Turtle FRM Review down to the bottom.

Bionic Turtle FRM Review Home Page
Bionic Turtle FRM Review Home Page

What Is the Bionic Turtle FRM?

Let’s start at the beginning, with me explaining a bit what the Bionic Turtle FRM is?

The sole purpose of this organization is to provide courses for every single person in the world who desires to sit for and, evidently, pass, the FRM exams. It other words, it provides study materials.

You can look upon it as a course you can take on your own prior to taking the exam and becoming a kick-ass Financial Risk Manager.

If you consider that this simple explanation of mine wasn’t sufficient for your taste, here’s what you do.

Read the FAQs here.

Go to the Customer Testimonials here.

Here are some testimonials:

Bionic Turtle FRM Testimonial 1
Bionic Turtle FRM Testimonial 2
Bionic Turtle FRM Testimonial 3

Do all these things prior to actually beginning or signing up for the course. In this way, you will get a better understanding of what is coming your way.

What Can the Bionic Turtle Teach You and Where Can You Get It From?

The first thing you need to do is visit the Bionic Turtle FRM website.

Bionic Turtle is approved by GARP as FRM training provider.

GARP Approved Prep provider

Follow this link, and it will get you straight to their FRM Study Planner Page.

FRM study planner text

Bionic Turtle FRM Review Study Planner

Once here, go through the whole of the syllabus to familiarize yourself with it.

The FRM Study Planner is divided as follows.

  • Part 1 – Tools and Theory
  • Foundations of Risk Management
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Financial Market & Products
  • Valuation and Risk Models
  • Review of Part 1
  • Part 2 –Applications
  • Market Risk Measurement and Management
  • Credit Risk Measurement and Management
  • Operational and Integrated Risk Management
  • Risk Management and Investment Management
  • Current Issues in Financial Markets
  • Review of Part 2

As you can see, the courses are structured in an extremely simple fashion. First, you get to study the theory and all about the tools of the trade, and then you get to the applications. Also, here’s how the website works.

For every category, on its right, you have three buttons: New!, Sample, and a big, green button.

  • Click on the New! And Sample buttons to get an expanded version of every single topic on the list. Furthermore,
  • Click on the green button to discover samples for all the courses you will be taking if you register for Bionic Turtle.

Bonus – you can even download these samples if you want to watch them more comfortably or at a later time.

Click on the above link. They come in the shape of PDFs or videos that vary in length between one and three minutes.

However, keep in mind that these are just samples. You cannot count on them to get you prepared for the FRM exam.

With this in mind, let’s see where you can get the actual Bionic Turtle FRM study material.

Well, between you and me, nothing could be simpler.

All you need to do to get the study material is go to their website and buy a package. Let me show you how it works.

First of all, visit their Features & Pricing page, to see what fits your needs best. Follow the link I provided for you’re here so that it’s easier.

FRM Part 1
FRM Part 2
Features and Pricing of Bionic Turtle

Once here, you will see that they offer different packages for various stages of learning and needs, which come at different prices, as follows.

FRM Part I:

  • Basic - $349 per year
  • Advanced - $399 per year
  • Professional - 549 per year

Click Here to Check Bionic Turtle FRM Part I Courses – Free $397 Bonus

FRM Part II:

  • Basic - $349 per year
  • Advanced - $399 per year
  • Professional - 599 per year

Click Here to Check Bionic Turtle FRM Part II Courses – Free $397 Bonus

Now allow me to tackle a burning question for you. Can one download all these courses for free from somewhere online?

Even though I haven’t done my research on this because I like to stay on the safe and ethical side of things, I’m quite sure you can.

Although I would strongly advise against it. And here are the arguments why:

1. First of all, as you can see from this Bionic Turtle FRM Review, the prices of the courses are not that high. In fact, the highest you can go, as you can well see from the little table I put together for you above, is $600 and that’s for the Professional combined package per year.

2. Second of all, you can get discounts.

Bionic Turtle Discount

3. Apart from that, there’s the safety issue. When you illicitly download courses or any type of educational material from the Internet, there’s always a doubt as to where that content came from, who put it there, who wrote it even.

I’ve used this comparison before in one of my pieces for you, and I’m going to use it again here to make my case.

Think of Wikipedia. Can you really trust that an article about, let’s say, space and time continuum that appears there is really written by Stephen Hawking?

No, you can’t.In the same way, you cannot trust that some content you find randomly online is the same authorized material you get from Bionic Turtle.

4. Also, there is the issue of completion. Think about it this way. What happens when you don’t find all the courses, videos and PDFs online? How will you be able to study then?

5. Lastly, I would like you to think about your future. Is it really worth risking your career in Financial Risk Management for a few hundred dollars?

Write to me in the comments and let me know. Until then, however, let me tell you that you can find the Bionic Turtle FRM 2022 PDFs and videos right on their website.

Now, let’s talk about the Bionic Turtle FRM Question Bank.

The Bionic Turtle FRM Question Bank and Practice Questions

No Bionic Turtle FRM Review could have been complete without giving you a few pointers on how to use the course’s Question Bank and Practice Questions.

Let me show you how to use it, and you will be mastering them in no time. You can bank on that! Pun intended!

As far as the Practice Questions go, this is where the Bionic Turtle Forum comes in.

First of all, click on this link to visit the Bionic Turtle Forum itself. You can join Bionic Turtle for Free here.

Bionic Turtle Forum
Bionic Turtle Forum

Once there, you will see that the forum is divided into two parts, as follows.

  1. The upper boards or threads, which are called Financial Risk Manager or FRM. They are all organized according to a topic.

    Also, and, probably, the most important thing, they are in the public domain, which means all the information and content is free for use.
  2. The lower boards are called the Financial Risk Manager Practice Questions. They too come organized according to a topic.

    However, they are restricted only to paying members of the website and Bionic Turtle community.

    Remember that this is their most valuable content and it only makes sense for them to want some sort of remuneration for its usage.

A great thing and one which I personally love about the Practice Questions section of the Bionic Turtle forum and website is the fact that they post somewhere around 12 brand new questions every week.

In this way, they can help you stay on top of current events and trends.

Apart from that, the Bionic Turtle Question Bank has some 3000 questions waiting for you to discover them.

The great thing about the Bionic Turtle set of courses is that they allow you to study the subject matter at your own pace.

You can read the PDFs or watch the videos as many times as you like and then you can go ahead and ask a question on the well-organized forum when you need help.

Apart from that, the courses also offer you the Bionic Turtle FRM notes PDF. In case you were wondering what those were, they are summaries made after the readings recommended by GARP for the FRM exams in progress.

Click on this link to visit the Bionic Turtle Study Notes page.

Bionic Turtle FRM Study Notes
Bionic Turtle FRM Study Notes

Also, please note that all of these readings that GARP recommends are exactly as the title suggests – recommendations. Keep in mind they are not required.

The reason is that GARP focuses on testing key concepts as well as areas of knowledge that are associated with every section encompassed within the FRM.

They won’t ask you to memorize things simply because, later on, your job will not be based on this. You will have to possess a set of notions and some theory on different topics but it’s a lot more important what you do with them rather than knowing them per se.

Make a mental note of this piece of advice or even write it down in your agenda. Don’t get confused by thinking you will succeed by memorizing alone because you won’t.

When reading or trying to take in the Bionic Turtle Study Notes, summarize as much as you can. Remember only the main points, create illustrations, charts, and even infographics if they help you study and remember better.

Focus on the essentials alone.

The Bionic Turtle FRM Success Rate

I’m sure that, after all, you’ve read so far, this is a question you’re all asking yourselves: how successful is Bionic Turtle FRM? Needless to say, since I am doing this Bionic Turtle FRM review, it’s great.

I am personally impressed with how well their website is organized and how serious they are about preparing their applicants for the big exam that follows.

If we were to look at the exam passing rates, they are over 50% each year, which is an outstanding percentage.

Studying the material they provide for the course will not only prepare you for the test itself but for the interview and career, you will have afterward.

One last piece of advice? Remember that, no matter how good the program is, there are no shortcuts when it comes to success here.

Read my Bionic Turtle FRM review as many times as it takes, go to their website, subscribe to a package of courses and start learning! Now!

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