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The Overall Guide on Becoming a Financial Reporting Analyst

So you’ve decided to become a financial reporting analyst. Congratulations! You are standing at the starting line of a virtual roller coaster ride that will be both exciting and scary at the same time. But you also don’t know exactly what you need to do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading my article! Don’t worry! This […]

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Equity Research Interview Questions (Top 50 With Answers)

After you get hired, it’s now time to face the equity research interviews. Usually, it has four parts: First screening Interview with Human Resources Financial Modeling tests Interview with Equity Research Department Usually, the fourth part is one of the difficult ones. I’m here to prepare you for it. Here are the 50 Equity Research […]

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Your Complete Guide to Role of an Investment Banker

Investment banking is one of the most complicated professions out there. There are lots of securities to be worked on and types of deals to be understood. That's why the role of investment banker is to take time in improving their financial knowledge every day. We are going to discuss some of the most common […]

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A Day In the Life of an Investment Banker: An Insider Guide

80 hours. That’s what you will often hear when people are talking about a day in the life of an Investment Banker. But, had you ever wondered how exactly they spend those hours? I mean, it couldn’t be just random typing on the board or drinking coffee, right? What exactly do they do? How does […]

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Equity Research Careers Guide - The Only Guide You Need

I know why you clicked on this article. 2019 was a defining year for what we like to call ‘equity research.’ Everyone from The Economist to Bloomberg to Reuters spoke about a decline in this branch of the finance business, and some even used words like ‘bloody,’ which are sure to scare you. Provided you […]

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