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Investment Banking Job: 15 Crucial Steps to Landing a Job

Do you dream of working as an investment banker alongside some of the most prominent players on Wall Street? It's a common goal for many who are pursuing their MBA or a Master's degree in any other field related to finance. Completing your MBA may not be enough to secure a position in the investment […]

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Equity Financing Examples: The Definitive Guide

Huge paychecks from IPOs are real. That’s why lots of investment banking aspirants are looking at Equity Financing Examples as the home of their upcoming career. Perhaps, that’s the same reason why you’re here. Or, maybe you’re just curious about what kind of jobs one should expect in the capital markets division. Either way, I'm […]

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Top Investment Banks: 30 Most Prestigious Banks to Work for in 2020

I want you to get the best. That’s why I’m presenting you the list of the Top 30 Investment Banks that I think can give you the best career in finance. Each one of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. You must know them so that you can better evaluate where you would like […]

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How to Value a Private Company: The Best Guide

When it comes to Private Company Valuation, One of the questions you could meet in job interviews is “How to value a private company”? This question relates to how much you know about mergers and acquisitions and its valuation. Though there’s a lot of things that should be taken into account when valuing a private […]

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LBO Model: How to Create it Without Losing Your Mind?

If you already had an experience buying your own house on a mortgage and then later on selling it, congratulations, you had already experienced leveraged buyout! LBO Model is mainly about buying an investment by using mostly loaned funds and then selling the property in the future. Hopefully, after paying off the debts there would […]

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