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Careers in Finance – All You Need to Know to Get Started

Are the finance careers you always see so pleasurably advertised the right path for you? In case you have been asking yourself this question for quite a while now and haven’t been able to find a suitable answer, there’s no need to worry. This piece is here to detail all you need to know. Read […]

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Private Equity Careers: The Ultimate Guide for Private Equity Jobs

From employment, private equity careers manifest itself ambiguously. In this post, I will clearly distinguish the concepts of work in Private Equity Career and Equity Research Career. This article will help you determine the difference between these professional straight ions. Work in the era of Equity Research is an analytical position. It has in mind […]

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Financial Modeling in Excel: The Practical Guide for Professionals

Financial Modeling in Excel is one of the most sought-after professional certifications today. And why not? Every other hard-working individual aspires to be a part of the lucrative financial industry. World over there are notable financial capitals starting from New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo & Mumbai. These global financial hubs offer the most-in-demand financial […]

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Financial Modelling Courses in Pune - Check out Now!

What is Financial Modelling? Financial Modelling involves Modelling Financial Data for Decision Making. Financial Modelling Skills are applied to a variety of scenarios like Equity Research, Mergers, and Acquisition, Project Finance etc. Our Financial Modelling Courses in Pune Certification equips candidates to develop a model from scratch without using ready-made templates. What are the Pre-requisites […]

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Investment Banking Job: 15 Crucial Steps to Landing a Job

Do you dream of working as an investment banker alongside some of the most prominent players on Wall Street? It's a common goal for many who are pursuing their MBA or a Master's degree in any other field related to finance. Completing your MBA may not be enough to secure a position in the investment […]

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