Boston Analytics Review: Salary and Interview Questions

Finance Walk readers, we are back with yet another company review and this time it is Boston Analytics.

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Boston Analytics: A Brief

The employability of a company and your value addition depends foremost of its business acumen and skill alignment.

To tell you about Boston Analytics in brief, it is a Big Data analytics firm which works in a threefold manner: offering strategic solutions, advanced analytics and growth strategy to its global clients.

Boston Analytics is involved in various sectors such as technology, financial services, industrial sectors and consumer durables.

It has two products: Boston Analytics (BA) Advanced Analytics Platform and Boston Analytics (BA) Investment Research Platform. The primary market focus are the APAC, LATAM, BRICS and the MEA region.

The foundation of the company was laid in 2004 and it is headquartered in India, with a working manpower of 51-200 employees.

The reputation of any company is partly based on how the industry and its employees perceive it, right? Here is a graphical presentation from and the opinions are user generated.

User Rating

For current career openings, you have the following options: career in consulting, career in data sciences and/or follow their LinkedIn page for other openings.

Boston Analytics: Employees Speak

To reiterate, the perception of employees matter hugely, not only for the company but interested candidates willing to join the company, and again, pros and cons are inevitable. Here we highlight few things you need to know.

The quality of projects at Boston Analytics is pretty high. Most of the employees reported to work within a high productive atmosphere.


More the 50% people would recommend it to a friend which is definitely a good sign.

There are equal opportunities across projects and team members are recognised for their contributions.

Even though the work quality is top notch, there is hectic work life balance. Sometimes people had to put in 14-16 hours a day, if not more, and they are discouraged to take work home, which is indeed a positive factor but it is taxing to maintain a healthy work life balance.

As we were writing this review, we couldn’t come across any serious cons of working at Boston Analytics, which is something unseen but as an employee, you should always be ready to handle any kind of situations.

The growth experienced here can be slow when compared to other similar counterparts. There are yearly performance awards and incentives.

Boston Analytics strongly focuses on team building and team working. Training is offered to all recruits as part of their orientation program.

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Average Salary & Other Key Factors of Boston Analytics

We couldn’t come across any figures to identify what kind of salaries Boston Analytics pays. Hence, we have to skip this part. But, we can surely list some positions.

  1. Associate Consultant
  2. Analyst
  3. Senior Consultant
  4. Consultant
  5. Account Manager
  6. Senior Engineer
  7. Software Development Engineer
  8. Programmer Analyst
  9. Assistant Vice President
  10. Manager
  11. Graduate Trainee

Years of Experience

However, what we could find is that employees at the Boston Analytics are well experienced. Fifty percent of the staff has 1-4 years of experience while the other fifty percent has 5-9 years of experience.


Again, the staff is equally divided among gender.

Boston Analytics Interview Process

The interview process is fairly simple with average difficulty level.

Interview Questions

Most of the respondents found the interview process to be 63% positive. In terms of contacting the company for openings, online applications are a favourable way, followed by employee referrals and staffing agencies.

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The interview process can take from a day to 14 days, depending on the opening on offer.

The 1st round is the HR round where you are questioned about the resume in general, past experiences, personal attributes and so on.

The 2nd round is the Manager / AVP round where they go into the position on a deeper level and understand whether you are suitable or not.

The 3rd and the final level interview is with a member of the senior management, which can either be in person or over Skype / phone discussion.

You will be asked insightful questions about the industry, examples from previous experiences and usually, the 3rd round will be the toughest to crack. You might also be given a case study to analyse.

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Pro tip: the executives are specific about what they want, your answers should be precise and in tandem with their requirements.

Key Takeaway

If you are an experienced professional and willing to grow further, try out Boston Analytics.

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