Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS) – Review + Sample Videos + FREE $397 Prime Membership

Breaking into Wall Street (BIWS) is a ‘self-learning’ financial training program highly in demand by private equity, equity research, and investment banking career pursuers.

In fact, not only individuals, businesses and corporate institutions often enroll their staff in BIWS courses to upscale their current skills.

The reason you need such a financial training program is simple:
You need to understand how investment bankers work and imbibe their experiences in your interviews, such that you appear confident, skilled and an asset to the company.

Usually, these experiences are hard to come by because you don’t have access to networks and real-time case studies. This essential shortcoming is sorted by the Breaking into Wall Street courses.

In this post, I’m going to write on investment banking training provider -Breaking Into Wall Street training programs.

To give an accurate overview, BIWS is not the first finance training program in the world. In 2003, Wall Street Prep started a self-study program in the investment banking sphere.

A couple of years later, Breaking into Wall Street and Wall Street Training came into existence.

All the three financial training programs essentially offer the same thing but BIWS is preferred for a variety of reasons:

Why BIWS Is Better than Others?

  • First, the BIWS programs offer more value at a lower price.
  • Second, their course quality is higher.
  • Third, they have excellent community and one-on-one support.
  • Fourth, they conduct live case study analysis.
  • Fifth, they offer lifetime access to the site, free upgrades, new content as they add it and expert support.
  • Sixth, you get BIWS certification which is highly valued among the financial community.
  • Seventh, fully downloadable material to almost any device, including iPads, iPhones, iPods and all desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Eighth, vibrant BIWS student community (22,981+) accelerates learning, read Testimonials.
  • Ninth, 12-Month Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Tenth, Test Drive BIWS for FREE.
  • And, Easy Payment options: Credit Card and PayPal.

Most of you read FinanceWalk for financial analysis, financial modeling, investment banking and equity research related posts.

I get queries from readers about financial modeling and investment banking training.

What Is BIWS Certification?

The BIWS program and certification are conceptualized by Brian DeChesare, who is also the founder of the very popular Mergers & Inquisitions.

The program is trusted and used by over 150 finance firms, 150 schools, and universities in over 75 countries.

Many companies even prefer to see BIWS certificate from the candidate before offering a position.

To clear the BIWS certification, you need 90% score and there is a high focus on self-testing.

Practical knowledge is imparted which immensely helps a candidate to clear interviews.

Your practical knowledge is tested, and you get learning opportunities to learn from experienced investment bankers.

About Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS Review)

Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS) – Review + Sample Videos + FREE $397 Prime Membership 1

FinanceWalk has partnered with Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS) to provide Excel, financial modeling, investment banking, and private equity programs.

BIWS is a leading and highly trusted online training provider in the US.

The BIWS programs are used in over 75+ countries, 150+ Schools and Universities and, 150+ Finance Firms and other Corporations.

The Investment Banking Training from Breaking into Wall Street comes from:

Brian DeChesare. Brian created Mergers & Inquisitions in 2007 based on his experiences starting Internet-based businesses, working in technology, and then in the investment banking world.

He has been a featured speaker on business, finance, and recruiting at leading universities and business schools around the world.

Let’s see the programs offered by BIWS.

Programs Offered by BIWS

BIWS provides online programs in Excel, financial modeling, and investment banking.

BIWS offers following online programs in Financial Modeling, Investment Banking, and Industry-Specific Modeling.

Please note that FinanceWalk is a BIWS partner.

You get FREE $397 Prime Membership bonus when you buy any program through the following links.

Benefits of the BIWS Programs

  • Learn from experienced investment bankers
  • Instant access to the programs
  • Free lifetime updates and support
  • Unlimited Q&A support 365-days a year, for as long as you need it
  • Unconditional 90-day money back guarantee
  • Download all the material including videos
  • Access to BIWS' entire archive of questions submitted by the whole community (with answers)
  • FREE $397 Prime Membership

BIWS programs are helpful for people who want to make a career in investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, equity research, corporate finance, real estate and oil & gas modeling.

Here's a quick run-down by product:

List of Courses in BIWS Training Program


Investment Banking Networking Toolkit

Helpful for everything since the same networking strategies apply in all fields of finance.

A course beneficial if you’re entering the investment banking industry, the networking toolkit teaches you proven ways to establish and build contacts in the banking industry through a 9-step process.

You learn how to convert interview requests into real meetings, learn to handle cold calling, and learn to create a favorable impression.


Investment Banking Interview Guide

Helpful for investment banking / private equity / equity research / corporate development interviews.

If you want to crack private equity, investment banking, equity research and corporate development interviews, check out the BIWS investment banking interview guide.

The guide walks you through gaining ‘unfair’ advantage over competitors and cracking the interviews.

You are taught “fit” questions asked in almost every interview, given 15 resume templates, taught technical questions and the concepts behind it and you’re also given access to 326+ practice questions.


Excel & Financial Modeling Fundamentals

Learn Financial Modelling. Helpful for investment banking / private equity / equity research / corporate development.

This course is useful for those going into equity research, private equity, investment banking and corporate development interviews.

You master financial modeling and valuation using Excel.

You are taught both conceptual and practical expertise with real-life case studies.


Advanced Financial Modeling

Helpful for investment banking / private equity / equity research / corporate development.

If you already know financial modeling but seeking a higher level of expertise, this course is custom-created for you.

The course teaches how investment bankers use financial modeling in real life scenarios.

You are taught a detailed operating model with projections, valuations using nine methodologies, advanced LBO modeling, and advanced merger models.


Real Estate & REIT Modeling

Helpful for real estate-focused investment banking / private equity / equity research / real estate/ corporate development.

You can learn REIT financial modeling and real estate and ace investment banking interviews through real-life case studies and video tutorials.

You are taught applicable concepts and skills to dominate interviews.

You are taught using REIT equity research and SEC filings.

You learn detailed models like Hotel Acquisition and Renovation, Office Development and Sale and REIT Operating Modeling and Valuation.


Oil & Gas Modeling

Helpful for energy or natural resource-focused investment banking / private equity / equity research / Oil and Gas/ corporate development.

The course is useful for natural resource-focused or energy-focused private equity or investment banking interviews.

You have access to video tutorials and a case study based on 41 billion USD M & A deal.

You are taught to master all the nuances of oil and gas industry, accounting, statement modeling, LBO models, merger models and valuation.


Bank & Financial Institution Modeling

Helpful for financial institutions-focused investment banking / private equity / equity research / corporate development.

As with all other BIWS programs, this too makes use of video tutorials and real case studies (SunTrust Banks and JP Morgan) to teach financial institution modeling.

There are quick reference guides and concepts on interest-bearing liabilities, interest-earning assets, credit losses, loan losses and more.


PowerPoint Pro

PowerPoint Pro 2.0 is the only course on the market at any price that teaches you how to master PowerPoint as it is used in investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, and other finance roles.

Here’s How to Master PowerPoint So You Complete Investment Banking Pitch Books and Buy-Side Investment Recommendations in Half the Time and Move Straight to the Front of the "Top-Tier Bonus and Promotion" Line.

BIWS Certificate

I’m Interested. How Can I Purchase BIWS Programs?

BIWS offers following online programs in Excel, Financial Modeling, Investment Banking and Industry-Specific Modeling.

You can purchase BIWS programs from following links and get a special offer from FinanceWalk. Read on...

Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS) – Review + Sample Videos + FREE $397 Prime Membership 2

Special Offer from FinanceWalk on BIWS Courses

All FinanceWalk readers will get ​FREE $397 Prime Membership.

If you want to build a long-term career in Financial Modeling, Investment Banking, and Private Equity, I’m confident these are the only courses you’ll need.

[ Because Brian from (BIWS) has created world-class online financial modeling training programs that will be with you FOREVER]

If you purchase BIWS courses through FinanceWalk links, I’ll give you a FREE $397 Prime Membership.

I see FinanceWalk's Equity Research Program as a pretty perfect compliment to BIWS courses – BIWS helps you build financial modeling and investment banking skills and then I will help you build equity research and report writing skills.

Most Popular BIWS Courses:


BIWS Platinum – Save $982 ( Save 40%) + Free $397 Bonus:

The most comprehensive IB package on the market today. Includes the NEW and Improved BIWS Premium Financial Modeling Course (RRP: $497) PLUS access to the above 6 complementary courses designed to make you into an even more well-rounded IB Professional:


BIWS Premium – Excel & Modeling Fundamentals and Advanced Financial Modeling programs together – save $197 ( Save 28% ) + FREE $397 Prime Membership


Industry-Specific Course Bundle – get Bank Modeling + Oil and Gas Modeling + Real Estate Modeling for just $997 and save $494 (33%) + FREE $397 Prime Membership

To get your FREE Bonus, you must:

  • Purchase the course through FinanceWalk links.
  • Send me an email along-with your full name and best email address to [email protected] so I can send you the course login details.


Are BIWS Programs for Me?

How Can I Download Sample Videos?

Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS) – Review + Sample Videos + FREE $397 Prime Membership 3
Breaking Into Wall Street (BIWS) – Review + Sample Videos + FREE $397 Prime Membership 4

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