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Are you looking for careers advice? This post is for you.

I get calls from people asking questions like, “Should I go for MBA or CFA?”, “I am a graduate, and do I need to complete MBA to get into Financial Modeling career?”

I have answers to all these questions and this post will cover the basic questions which always confuse the mind of a student and stop them from taking informative decisions.

Do you want to make a career in financial modeling?


Financial modeling jobs

Let me congratulate you for considering these career options. These career options are high in demand and there is an acute skill shortage. In other words, there is a demand which you can fulfill and build a successful career graph.

Financial Modeling as a skill set is required for credit rating agencies, equity research, investment banks, research houses, mutual funds, financial KPO’s and project finance companies. Financial modeling is a holistic field of expertise that caters to the need of investors for in-depth knowledge, based on both facts and assumptions as to whether investment in a certain company will be profitable or not.

The applications of these skill sets are immense and so, one must gain in-depth knowledge of these skills and hands-on experience to make career in financial modeling.

Now, let’s get back to the questions we started with in the beginning.

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Should I go for MBA or CFA?

If you are thinking of making a career in management, go for MBA and if you want to study finance, go for CFA. Both educational qualifications can get you a job in the financial analysis and research sector.

Full time MBA shapes your personality as you interact with the faculty, other like-minded people and take part in group submissions.

In first year of MBA, you will learn general subjects. In second year, you can focus on one or two subjects and do the specialization.

On the other hand, CFA program is focused on Financial Analysis and covers subjects like Portfolio Management, Equity, Derivatives and Fixed Income, in detail.

Though it totally depends on the person whether he/she should go for MBA or CFA, some of the deciding factors are the person’s liking, the ability to study independently, available time and monetary condition.

Either of the courses is sufficient to you started in financial modeling.

Do I need to complete MBA to get into a jobs in Financial Analysis?

Absolutely not!

You do not need to complete MBA to get into financial modeling careers.

There are many specialized programs which focus on financial modeling in detail and are recognized in market. Such programs focus on knowledge and practical that equips you with confidence and skill set.

In short, they offer specializations which prepare you for the job in future. Some of them even have tie-ups with good companies and can get you placements.

Is Training Necessary?

To get into financial modeling career jobs, you need to learn financial modeling and go for Best Financial Course, and practice it. You need to decide which program is suitable to you and whether you are passionate and committed to put in the required hard work.

If you fit in the eligibility criteria and have the right mindset required for such careers, there are excellent programs available in Financial Training.

There is a huge demand of finance professionals having such necessary skill sets and with the right network, education, skill, experience and knowledge, you can expect good offers from companies.

So!! Are you excited to make a career in Financial Modeling? Do let me know and/or share your concerns below.

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92 thoughts on “Jobs Training Advice Courses Online for MBA, CA, and CFA”

  1. I completed my MBA in 2016 and now i am having almost 2 years gap after it & no work experience.
    Will i get recruited, if i pursue this course.
    Please share your suggestions.

  2. Hi,

    I have done financial modeling and valuation and also did the certification course in financial modeling and valuations. right now i am looking for jobs financial modeling and valuation.

    • Dear Chandra,

      Please check this guide and apply to the companies directly.

      Please note that we provide placement support to our students only.

  3. HI Sir,

    Current I am pursuing CCRA (certified credit research analyst), please advise how financial modeling program help me get in financial analytical job. Is CCRA is good choice to get in finance sector.

    Waiting for replay

  4. Hello sir,
    I m doing my mba in finance from ims indore currently in 1st sem.
    Along with that i am doing financial modelling where i m offered with a job of 5.28 in tresvista,but thn i need to drop mba.
    What should i d?
    Please help

  5. Hi,

    Cn u suggest me sone good institute in mumbai for financial modeling.

    Waiting for reply


    • Dear Priya,

      No idea about Mumbai. Please use Google search.

  6. Hello sir,
    I want to ask whether there is any scope for semi ca doing financial modelling course .. Is there is any job opportunities or not ?? Please rply

  7. Hello Sir,

    I have completed my full-time MBA in Finance and I’m looking for Financial modeling course. Could you please help me with the institutes which provide placements after completion of the course.


  8. Sir,
    I am B. Com graduate working in backend office(non accounting niche) in logistic company for 3 yrs. I want to do financial modeling course for career advancement. I cannot do CFA or mba due to financial difficulties. Am I still eligible for this course to start with?

  9. hello sir ,

    I am Arjit Kashyap having certificate of finance modelling pursuing MBA correspondence II nd semester and a CA intermediate wants to know whether companies hire CA inter with financial modelling certificate. If yes please suggest …

    • Dear Arjit,

      Companies hire people with financial modeling skills.

  10. Hi Avadhut,

    Before I shoot, wanted to thank you for the ton of info and the helpful guidance that you have provided in all the above queries. It is really insightful.

    I am from B-Com, CWA background currently working in FP&A role for last 4.5 yrs. But, I want to build a career in FS Analysis, Financial Data Analysis, Financial Modelling, Company/Project Valuation etc. In coming 10-15 years, I want to continue as Financial Architect ( something like – Technical Architect for IT folks) – building Models and doing Financial Research etc.

    Can you please guide me on – which courses to take in addition to Financial Modelling and job roles would help me build a consolidated experience? I am based out of Bangalore. Is there a Fin. Modelling course that I can join in Bangalore?

    Awaiting for your thoughts on the same.

    Thanks & Regards,

  11. Hi,I am a graduate in Quantitative Management. so I want to do financial modelling.please advise me,is the a link.

    • Hi Gugu,

      You can join our online financial modeling course here.

  12. Hii sir,
    this is babli i have done mba in finance now i want to join any finance certification but i am confused that which is better cfa or finance modeling please guide me

  13. I am pursuing CA FINAL and CWM and now want to be financial analyst , don’t know from where to start with please guide me ..

  14. I have completed my graduation these year and i want to make a career in finance. Should i do C FA or financial modelling or MBA? Also tell me about the financial modelling courses that are available.

  15. Hi sir

    This side Pradeep singh from Gurgaon..I have done MBA in marketing and HR and working with banking sector from last 2 and half years..but I do not have much interest in marketing field and I want to switch my profile to finance can I do same for some short term course in finance and what type of course will be better..
    Can I go with financial modeling course..for some good jobs like financial analyst..

    • Hi Pradeep,

      We need to discuss this in detail. Please email me ([email protected]) your contact number. My associate will call you to provide detailed overview of the program and its importance for your career.

  16. Hi I am ca and I want to know that how financial modelling course will give me an extra advantage in my career ?

    • Hi Bhargav,

      Please email me ([email protected]) contact number. My associate will call you to discuss this in detail.

  17. sir my UG was computer science engineering currently I am doing mba in finance .I find financial modeling very interesting which software is mainly used in financial modeling apart from excel

    • Hi Vinoth,

      Advanced Excel, VBA, Macros are used in financial modeling. Sometimes proprietary models (computer programs) are used for financial modeling.

      You also would like to read this article.

  18. hiii,

    Please guide me i am MBA finance. and my family is shifted in usa and i am planning to shift usa in one year. As i am planning to shift in usa i need to do some special course for job in finance for usa. please advice which course is better for me. CPA CFA or finance modelling. Awaiting for your reply.
    Thank you

    • Hi Jalpa,

      Since you’ve already done MBA Finance, I would suggest you to go for financial modeling program and work for a year or so.

      Once you’ve these skills and experience, you can simultaneously study for CFA. You can study CPA if you’ve inclination towards Tax, Auditing and Accountancy jobs.

  19. Hi Sir,

    Do you have any coaching classes available in “MUMBAI”


    • Hi Shekhar,

      At present we conduct programs only in Delhi. I suggest you to think about joining it. It’s only 6 weeks and I guarantee you that this will be life-changing decision.

  20. Hello sir
    I appreciate your efforts to councel and educate the aspirants of finance.I need your help in shaping my career.
    I completed my MBA from NIBM Chennai in 2008 through correspondence. I have not started my career till now due to some family responsibilities.
    now I want to make my career move
    I have read about financial modelling and CWM from AAFM INdia.
    How will be career prospects for me with this combination or any one course.
    Should I pursue CFA compulsorily to reach high in financial analysis or financial modelling is enough with CWM? Pls suggest me how to make my career move.

    Thanks In advance

    • Hi Kala,

      I’m not aware of CWM program. Join a classroom program that grooms you in financial analysis, financial modeling in hands-on manner.

      We run a classroom program in Delhi. If you clear our selection process, this could be the turning point in your career.

  21. Sir, i wanted to do MBA but to do it before to boost my resume, i want to do financial modelling course. If i join here, do u provide certificates at the end or exam , which by passing u give cert of passing or excellence???

    • Hi Kishan,

      Yes, you get course completion certificate as there will not be any test involved.

  22. Hello,
    Thanks for this post. I am a doing my MPA with a specialisation in Public and Economic Policy but have recently discovered that I’d like a career in Project Finance. Would you suggest that I take the CFA & Financial Modelling training as well? I see that you have posted some training courses but I am based in the UK. Do you have any knowledge of any good programs here?

    • Hi FinanceQ,

      Yes, you need financial modeling skills.

      You can join Breaking Into Wall Street’s online programs ( FinanceWalk is partnered with BIWS). Please read detailed review of the BIWS programs here.

      After you read the review, please feel free to share your queries with me.

  23. Hi,

    I don’t know why Im here, but just was browsing on the upcoming career growth demand and found this link.
    Anyways, my background is IT, Im a software programmer into Java, .Net etc.,
    Would be a good idea to shift to Finance career for my future?

    • Hi Shameem,

      What do you want to do in finance area?

  24. Hi sir
    i am Praveen i completed my MBA in Finance and Marketing from Bangalore university , currently am working as a equity advisor in India infoline since September 2012 in mumbai. Before that i was working a a sales manager in a small firm. I was my college topper in MBA and i want to go into financial analysis or in research side.
    I attended 2 interviews for financial analyst but got rejected. i was searching for the job in this field but unluck i dint get.
    I am new to mumbai so i dont know what to do.
    Can you help me in what i have to do and what all i have to prepare

  25. Hi

    I am an MBA graduate and working in BSFI domain from past 4.3 years in different role including – sales & marketing, branch operation, credit department. From the beginning i am thinking to enter Investment banking domain . Kindly guide me how to move my career in IB.

    Nidhish H

    • Nidhish,

      Please read all the articles on this link.

      After you read the posts, let me know still if you have any queries.

      • Hi

        I am unable to open the link which you have sent …

        • Hi Nidhish,

          Fixed the link, please check the link now.

  26. Hi Avadhut,

    My name is deepak, and i am from IT background i do not have much knowledge of accounting but i am looking forward my career in to finance which course will suits me or either Financial modeling could help me in this please suggest …..

  27. Good day Sir. Nice to know u are there to help some of us. Pls I need skills on Business analysis/Financial analysis. Specifically for role like Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A), Business Development, etc in Major corporations and not necessarily Investment Banking/Private Equity. I h’ve a PGD Degree in Mgt, ACCA Finalist and just gave in CFA Level 11 Exams, Certification in Excellent in Excel & Financial Modeling from BIWS. I need something on Budgeting/forecasting. Pls advise on how I should go about it NB: Am from french speaking Africa country and planning to move to Dubai for job hunt. Pls advise.

  28. Hi, my name is Harish Manohar, currently i am in to MBA Finance, i have got strong inclination towards finance especially valuation and equity research when i joined MBA , my undergraduation is B.B.A .. i have got good academic background (though 10+2 was less) ,

    I am in the need of a job so let me know wer i can start of with Considering my back-ground and Interest?

  29. Please I would like to know if you have got any online course in financial modelling and business analysis that I can register for online . Can you send this details to me by email. Thanks

  30. Dear sir,
    I have completed my graduation from banking and insurance.i wish to get into investment banking.i will be applying for mba next year and till that time would like to do some course that woukd be beneficial for me.i found the financial modeling course good.can u recommend me any good institute through which i can do?
    And are there any good courses that would help me.plz suggest me something.i am very confused.
    Waiting for a positive reply….

  31. Hi
    I have honours in applied mathematics and currently doing Financial modelling. These are courses am doing focusting, financial math, discrete fin modelling, and the derivatives. I am currently working as a call centre agent. I have nt work using my trained skill.
    I am confused now, on what to look for and where to look in terms of careers. I do enjoy financial modelling. Can you please advise ?


    • Hi,

      If you’re really good in financial modeling you have two options:
      1. Get into equity analysis
      2. Get into financial engineering

  32. Hi,

    My qualification is B.Tech (CSE- 2006) & MBA(Finance & Marketing – 2012). After B.Tech I’ve 3+ years exp in IT field and presently working with a mutual fund distributor and not satisfied with the job.
    Please guide me so that I cud set my long term career in Finance and my technical and managerial skills can be utilized.

    Whenever I apply for the analysts posts companies find a simple Graduate not B.Tech.
    So pls pls do suggest me…I dont know…where my career is going….
    My area of interests are being financial analyst and investment banking . So which courses will be benefited for me in future?

    • Hi Saurabh,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Your qualification and experience is OK to get into financial analysis. What you need is skill set.

      About courses, I generally recommend starting with the Excel & Fundamentals course (since it covers the key accounting and valuation knowledge you’ll need in these roles) if you’re going for equity research roles.

      Within the courses themselves, you should focus on the accounting, valuation, and DCF lessons, especially if you have limited time to go through the courses.”

      Please visit courses page to know more.

      Please let me know if you need any more details.


  33. Hi sir,
    I am BSC with mathematics(distinction)
    I have worked as an equity dealer for 3 years and have NCFM certifications to my credit. Worked for 2 years in KPO(back office) but found it uninteresting as it was just copy paste job.I want to break in Bulge bracket investment banks and / or related field in different sectors. but confused if i should begin with Financial modelling before proceeding for FRM. Please advise. I have good academic background but because of financial constraints could not pursue MBA.

    • Hi Sandeep,

      I assume, you’re referring to Indian market.
      Bulge bracket I-Banks prefer graduates/post-graduates from top IITs/IIMs.However, you can make a start in boutique investment banks at first.
      Do not leave your current job for the sake of education, you can do FRM simultaneously and start learning financial modeling skills. By the time, you clear FRM, you should be good in financial modeling skills too. So it will be a right mix of skills and education in risk management area.


  34. Hi sir

    I have done MBA in finance. currently i am working in investment banking ( back office ) domain. but my career interest is to excel in core finance. i completed mba in 2010 and now i find it difficult in applying for position like financial analyst. first of all i would like to know what is the difference between a financial analyst and financial modelling course / career.

    kindly advice if the online financial analyst courses will help me now to get a job in the related field.? Is financial modelling course different from financial analyst course ?

    what kind of position i can look for in core finance apart from the above role ?. Apart from eduction i have not done any additional course. in this case what i have to decide now. look forward for your career advice

    Thanks & Regards

    • Hi Lavanya,

      1. Financial Modeling is a skill set and financial analysis is a career where you use this skill set.

      2. Online financial courses are equally beneficial in getting a job provided you are disciplined and complete all the assignments given in the program. Please note, no course is designed to give or get you a job, but it’s designed to give core skills which are important for that career.
      Additional note: Your chances of getting a job are in proportion with your skills that employers demand. Read this article to learn how you can increase your odds of getting selected.

      3. I would suggest you do a reality check in the market to see whether you have enough skills acquired through your education. If not, join a program which will add skill set to your arsenal.

      Hope it makes sense.

      Feel free to reply back if you have any more queries.


      • Hi Sir

        Thanks for your suggestions. However i would also like to confirm why there is a separate program for financial analyst career.. Does Financial modelling program is based only on improving excel skills?

        then what does an financial analyst program teach you? which course i should go for to set my career ?


        • Hi Lavanya,

          Which programs are you referring to? Can you please give the links?


          • Sir

            I am referring to the below programs i come across while surfing the net.

          • Hi Lavanya,

            I checked the links. Since the links are pointing to some other websites, I’ve edited them.

            Now, to answer your query.

            Financial Analysis courses focus on accounting, finance, ratio analysis, financial statement analysis in general.
            Financial Modeling courses focus on excel, financial modeling and valuation in general.

            You can check which skills you need to acquire and based on that you can join the programs.

            Hope this helps.


  35. Hello Avadhut,

    I am from BE background with 2+ yrs of experience in IT – purely development line. Basically i wanted to pursue my MBA in finance and quit my job an year back but due to some personal and funding issues i could no longer proceed with that plan.

    Now I am looking to break into finance but currently falling short of options. So please can you help me with the available options since i am entirely new to this sector. I have also been taking some basic online non-credit courses in finance for some Basic understandings required.

    I am thinking to go ahead with either CFA or Financial Modelling Certifications to break into finance.. but i see that CFA needs some prior work experience in the domain.. so i am finding it very difficult to make any choices..

    Is there any courses/ Certifications/trainings that i can take up.. so that i can support myself or atleast fetch an internship so as to gain some work experience on the same..

    Looking forward for your valuable thoughts on this.. i am really very confused as to how to go abt next..

    Your Help on this would be greatly appreciated !!


    • Hi Sneha,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      First of all, I want to ask you why you want to get into Finance? If Finance, then which specific area?

  36. hi,

    I am working in some Invst Banking Operations. I had done MBA finance. I had an exp of 2 years in that.

    So could you please advise me if it is good to shift my career into financial Modeling now.

    also i think that if I shift so i should start my career newly..

    • Hi Satish,

      You can call me to discuss this.



  37. Dear Mr. Avadhut,

    I am a CA with 8+ yrs experience. I am intereted in Financial modeling and business analysis as a career option. Kindly let me the possible courses for the same.

    Girish Sharma

  38. Hi Avadhut,

    Hope you are doing great!

    Well, it is a great and wonderful coincidence that I opened this site and am in love with it. Thanks for the insights you share and the promptness with respect to the queries, the people aroubd face.

    I too have a query and am writing with a confident expectation that you will help me in taking a right direction.

    I am an MBA in finance with Bachelors in IT so have a bent of analytical and financial skills. I have over 4 years of diversified experience in Market/Financial Research and typical business analysis exposure in an IT company. I joined this IT company around 3 years back with the expectations (from both the end) that this would augment my career in the Financial domain and I would provide solutions to the BFSI Domain Client.Due to the locational and personal priorities, this didnt happen as the most clients are from Healthcare domain or Logistics. So, in nutshell, I couldnt get the kind of exposure, I come for, in the finance domain. Now, I have decided to move on from this organization and think back and analyse what I am missing and how can I fill that, before joining something else. I have a serious craving for finance and I have some certifications in my pouch as well such as NCFM – for Derivatives and Capital Market. I am pursuing CS as well just to keep my love for finance alive. Now there are two queries:
    a) How can I leverage my Business Analysis and CS course to my next job?

    b) Should I look forward for the Financial Analyst role or go for CS specific jobs? Is there any companies, in your knowledge which consider the combination of Business Analyst+MBA+CS for a single role.

    Kindly revert with your thoughts.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Anju Kamboj

    • Hi Anju,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Anju, Business Analysis in IT is more process-oriented and in Finance, it’s more analysis-oriented.

      NCFM has no value when it comes for research and analytical roles. In fact, to be frank, such certifications have no value if you don’t “deliver”.

      I don’t understand why you chose CS as there are other career areas in finance which are more suitable to your career aspirations.

      a) Your Business Analysis experience in IT will help you in getting a job in IT field, provided if you can convince the employer about your experience and skills.

      b) With MBA+CS, you can go for corporate finance jobs or jobs like “Investor relations” in big companies, where you’ll get to use your skillsets.

      Hope this helps.


  39. Iam a student in IIPM mumbai, I have just given my 4th semister with specialisation with marketing & finance. I was placed with ICICI securities. I left the job in pursue of getting into investment banking. Can you please help me by guiding if i require further studies or there are any other ways of getting entry in this field.

    • Hi Hritob,
      If your passion is getting into investment banking. Be realistic and check options in India. Once you’re convinced about the opportunities, give your all time and attention to pursue your dream.

      All the best.

  40. Dear Sir,

    I am a student of 1st year MBA in finance from mumbai. I got summer internship in project finance, which i wanted to do. in this 2 months, simultaneously i want to do some course , which could give add on benefit to me. Please suggest me few course ,which i can do in these 2 month.



  41. hi;

    this is dolly mishra here i am regularly going through your words it is really great to here from you about the current financial industry’s demand.

    actually i have done my Mba finance in 2009 after graduation in science background and also i have very less marks in my one of academic exam so can i get a nice carrer in financial analysis field . i really want to make my carrer in this field,i already have worked for 1 yr in stock broking company but my profile is not of analytics but i want to go for that profile what should i do will you please guide me , to shape my carrer.

    Thanks and Regards;

    • Hi Dolly,
      I think you should have skills that industry demands. So, join a program which will give you an edge in this market. We can help you select the best program based on your educational background and experience. Call us to know more.


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