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Investment Banking Titles: An In-depth Guide

You decided to work in an investment bank. But, you’re in a new world. You don’t know what analysts, associate, Vice President, and managing director in investment banks do? You know the names of the positions, but you don’t really know what they are. You’re confused. Well, you’re not the only one. There are a […]

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Precedent Transaction Analysis: The Guide to Create an Excel Model

Using comparable company analysis techniques is just one technique in valuing a company. Another method you can use is the Precedent Transaction Analysis. Precedent transaction assumes that given the same circumstances, the value of the company you are analyzing is about the same as the acquisition value of a company that was recently acquired. Instead of […]

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Front vs. Middle vs. Back Office: Which Investment Banking Path Should You Cross?

You probably had read or heard gazillions of stories of how the front office is always better than the middle of the back office. These stories probably had played thousands of times in your mind; to the point that you just accept that they are true. But, is this really the case? Before we jump […]

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Bulge Bracket Banks: A Practical Guide to Break Into!

So, you want to get a job with one of the best bulge bracket bank out there. Let me tell you that is no little feat of strengths you’ve embarked on. Still, when you do manage to break into that world and work for one of those stellar financial institutions, it’s going to be like […]

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Primary vs Secondary Market: A Short Guide

The financial market is a world where new securities are issued to the public regularly. It is a world full of various financial products and services, tailored to the need of every individual from all income brackets. These financial products are bought and sold on the capital market, which is divided into the primary vs […]

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