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How Do Investment Firms Work? The Best Guide

An investment firm or fund is a partnership, trust or corporation that “pools” money from shareholders and invests it in the appropriate security instruments and multiply investment money. The working of investment firms is based on few collective features. They are discussed in detail. 1) Close-Ended Structure Investment management firms have a close-ended structure which […]

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Investment Banking Interview Guide 4.0: A detailed Review

Are you looking for a detailed investment banking interview guide? OK…Let me give you the first tip – 10 most common investment banking interview questions: Investment banking interview questions: Tell me about yourself? Why do you want to work for our bank? How do you value a company? Why do you want to do investment […]

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Investment Banking Career Path: A Short Guide

In this post, I will focus on the investment banking career path and how an aspirant can build a successful career. Unlike the investment banks of the 20th century, modern-day investment banks are much more structured, technologically advanced, and well-networked. They attract a large pool of skilled talent from countless universities that churn out investment […]

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How to Get an Investment Banking Internship: A Detailed Guide

Investment Banking Internships Applying Online Want to know how to get an investment banking internship? Read on. In the last couple of years, due to the global economic slowdown, there aren't as many jobs available in the corporate world as a few years back. And investment banks are no different. These banks are holding their […]

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What Do Investment Bankers Do? A Detailed Guide

Ever wondered what do investment bankers do? Here is an article that explains in a simplified manner all that you need to know about the operations of bulge bracket investment banks (Like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley) and the roles and working schedules of investment bankers. What Is an Investment Bank? “ An investment bank […]

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