Financial Analyst Interview Questions and Answers: A Complete Guide

Financial analyst interview questions

So you’ve been booked for an interview session.  Congratulations! You’re one step ahead in the right direction to secure that dream job—as a financial analyst! But one thing stops you—your joy is short-lived because you’re not sure how to present yourself before that hiring panel and answer their questions right. Answering interview questions and pitching …

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A Detailed Guide on Corporate Finance Career Path 

corporate finance career path

We all know how daunting and challenging managing money is. This is why most people seek help from a corporate finance professional individual to assist them with savings, investments, tax payments, etc. But do you know the same principle applies to organizations as well?  Most companies depend on corporate finance professionals to assist them in …

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Is Finance a Good Career Path for You?

is finance a good career path

Are you ready to start your finance career? Welcome on board.  The finance industry is a well-known industry with lots of opportunities to showcase your financial abilities and also sharpen your skills in everything that has to do with finance. The industry is constantly flooded with new faces daily, making it highly competitive. With its …

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The Ultimate Guide for Finance Internships in India

Guide for Finance Internships

An internship is a wonderful way to get acquainted with the industry you’re going to work for after graduation. In this guide, I am going to cover and share a complete resource to find and apply for finance internships in India. You’ll be learning the following modules: What is an Internship?Should You Pursue a Finance …

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Proprietary Trading Firms In India: The Complete List

Prop Trading Firms

Trading is one of the important sectors of the financial market. Trading occurs in Stocks, Bonds, Currencies, Commodities, Derivatives – all of these mentioned items and other financial instruments. The objective of trading being buying at a lower rate and selling at higher to earn a profit. Sometimes trading is also done to hedge against …

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