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Investment Banking Training: The Ultimate Guide

Here’s a witty saying in the industry that I quite like. Landing a job as an Investment Banker is actually a lot harder than the job itself. And that is saying something, as we all know that being an IB is one of the toughest positions in the game. What should this motto mean to […]

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How to Become a Financial Analyst? A Step-by-Step Guide

A financial analyst is a person who performs financial analysis at a micro and macro level to understand the financial health of a company and offer suitable recommendations. The financial analysis covers fundamental analysis, ratio analysis, financial modeling, and valuation. The financial analyst is also known as an investment analyst, an equity analyst, a research analyst, or a […]

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What is Financial Advisor Career Path? The Best Guide in 2020

Want to know more about the financial advisor career path? Read this guide completely to know about how to become a financial advisor. Last Monday, I visited my insurance company office to inquire about insurance products that suit my needs. There, I met a senior financial advisor, who gave his valuable time and made me […]

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Investor Relations Career: The Best Guide

The National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) defines Investor Relations (IR) as: "the responsibility to ensure the development and continuance of two-way communication between a company and its stakeholders (investors). It is a strategic management profile where a person needs to possess communication, finance, marketing and security laws knowledge to manage investor relations. It is an […]

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CFP Vs. CFA: Which One Should You Go for?

Is the title confusing? Let us clear it out. This article will be a comparison (CFP vs CFA) between the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) professions. We will be going through a brief on these professions, how to get these degrees/certification and how to gain professional leverage with them. Certified Financial […]

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