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Scope of IFRS: Is It an Excellent Career Option?

The disintegration of international boundaries necessitated the establishment of common business practices that are globally understandable, verifiable and accessible. Among business practices, accountancy is a dominant subject. In this article, FinanceWalk introduces you to the concept of IFRS reporting, the scope of IFRS in India and how to pursue IFRS. What Is IFRS? International Financial […]

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Actuary Career Path: A Detailed Guide

If you are a mathematical genius, a love of logic, have problem-solving skills with business awareness, good in communication and excellent in number crunching, then take the actuary career path today. Actuary – A Brief History The actuarial profession gains a formal presence in 1848 after the Institute of Actuaries is established in London. In India, […]

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A Complete Guide on How to Become a Hedge Fund Analyst

In this post, I’m going to cover how to become a hedge fund analyst. In my previous article, I covered the Investment Banking Analyst’s role and responsibilities. Let’s begin with the definition of a hedge fund. What Is Hedge Fund? Hedge Fund is the pooling of investments from high net worth individuals. These funds invest […]

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Investor Relations Career: The Best Guide

The National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) defines Investor Relations (IR) as: "the responsibility to ensure the development and continuance of two-way communication between a company and its stakeholders (investors). It is a strategic management profile where a person needs to possess communication, finance, marketing and security laws knowledge to manage investor relations. It is an […]

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How to Become a Private Equity Analyst

A Private Equity Analyst or PE Analyst is a person who does research and analysis of private companies. Financial modeling techniques are used by the analyst to determine the merits and demerits of investing in the stock of a certain private company. As the term implies, a private equity analyst works with private equity firms. […]

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