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What is Financial Planning - Definition, Objectives and Importance

Due to ever-changing technology, inflation, and increasing disposable income, it's need of the hour to do financial planning for everyone. So, I thought it's the right time to write on - Financial Planning Definition. In my last article, I wrote the secret to become a successful financial advisor. The base of any financial decision starts […]

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The Ultimate Guide for Finance Internships in India

An internship is a wonderful way to get acquainted with the industry you’re going to work for after graduation. In this guide, I am going to cover and share a complete resource to find and apply for finance internships in India. You’ll be learning the following modules: What is an Internship? Should You Pursue a […]

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Financial Analyst Job Description: The Only Guide You Need

Yesterday I got an email with this simple question: “How to become a financial analyst?” I get that question almost ten times a month. I thought people who are doing MBA, CFA, CAIA, CPA, CA would already know what is the job profile of financial analyst. But, when I did a search on Google, I […]

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Risk Management Certification: The Complete Guide

The “effect of uncertainty of objects” makes a company suffer. Without prior knowledge of possible risks and ways to mitigate them, companies and organisations often incur losses. These risks could be legal risks, credit risks, risks from natural calamities, attacks from adversaries and many others. In order to have a profound understanding of these risks […]

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Entry Level Financial Analyst Job Description: A Short Guide

After reading my last article, financial analyst job description, many readers got in touch with me through email. After discussing with them, I think many of you want to know the criteria for entry-level financial analyst jobs, salary, and resume and how to find these jobs. I've done in-depth research on this topic, and you […]

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