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How to Become a Hedge Fund Manager

Before considering how to become a hedge fund manager, it is necessary and important to know what hedge funds are all about and how it works in business. Essentially speaking, hedge funds are nothing but pooled investments from a number of high-end clients who invest initially in high volumes into hedge funding options for gains […]

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Private Equity vs Venture Capital (PE vs VC): Which One Is Better?

Amongst the newest forms of investment vehicles available for wealthy individuals are Private Equity and Venture Capital. However, it always seems to be a hot topic of discussion about Private Equity vs. Venture Capital (PE vs VC) and which one is better. Private Equity vs Venture Capital (PE vs VC) Definitions A private equity (PE) […]

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Venture Capitalist Job Description: The Ultimate Guide

I have already written extensively on success stories and career options such as investment banking, hedge fund, private equity, fund management, equity research, etc. One segment that I haven’t written a lot on so far has been an extremely interesting segment of venture capitalist job description. I am sure you will enjoy this article the […]

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How to Make a Career in Top Private Equity Firms?

Private equity is a source of amassing capital from wealthy individuals and institutions with the intent of investing and obtaining equity ownership in operational companies. In this post, I am going to cover top private equity firms and how can you make a career in them. The goal of investing in private equity is to […]

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Your Essential Guide to Hedge Fund Internships

‘A monkey could do this job’. No, not the job of being an investor at a hedge fund or doing hedge fund internships, but the job of being a junior analyst at one of the big banks on Wall Street. That’s what an Ivy League graduate notoriously said. Evidently, he left the entire banking and […]

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