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Financial modeling jobs

You want to make career in financial modeling and business analysis? Great. Let me congratulate you for considering these career options. Financial Modeling and business analysis as a skill set is required for credit rating agencies, equity research, investment banks, research houses, mutual funds, financial KPOs, project finance companies. The application of these skill set is immense and one must gain in depth knowledge of these skills and hands on experience if one aims to make career in it.

CPA Vs CFA: Which Is Better?


You’re probably one of the thousands of aspirants which has the chance (or would like to have one) to pursue one of two: CPA and CFA. Both are good career routes, no doubt about it. But if you choose one which should be it?

There’s no definite answer.

Yes, there’s none.

Forget about what other ‘wannabes’ say that CPA or CFA is better than the other.

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