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Marketable vs Non Marketable Securities: A Complete Guide

This guide will help you understand Marketable vs Non Marketable Securities. What Are Marketable Securities? People invest for financial security. Financial securities are instruments that guarantee a certain return on investment (ROI). To be a successful investor and maximize monetary returns, you need to invest in both non-marketable and marketable financial assets. It is essential to […]

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Primary vs Secondary Market: A Short Guide

The financial market is a world where new securities are issued to the public regularly. It is a world full of various financial products and services, tailored to the need of every individual from all income brackets. These financial products are bought and sold on the capital market, which is divided into the primary vs […]

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What is Altman Z-Score? Bankruptcy Score to Predict Bankruptcy

What is Altman Z-score? The global economic trends are often unpredictable. While one economy rises, the other falls. In the midst are companies that go bankrupt because of both external and internal economic reasons. Bankruptcy spells, in one word, disaster. The whole organization collapses. Worldwide, a lot of companies are going bankrupt. However, bankruptcy need […]

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Financial Risk Analysis - A Complete Guide

One of the essential components of financial risk analysis happens to be the evaluation of potential risks like credit risk, liquidity risk, and operational risk. This is important for it is known to effectively assess the ability of a borrower when it comes to repaying the loan to his or her creditor. Analysing the financial […]

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How Do Investment Firms Work? The Best Guide

An investment firm or fund is a partnership, trust or corporation that “pools” money from shareholders and invests it in the appropriate security instruments and multiply investment money. The working of investment firms is based on few collective features. They are discussed in detail. 1) Close-Ended Structure Investment management firms have a close-ended structure which […]

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