How Do Investment Firms Work? The Best Guide

How Do Investment Companies Work

An investment firm or fund is a partnership, trust or corporation that “pools” money from shareholders and invests it in the appropriate security instruments and multiply investment money. The working of investment firms is based on few collective features. They are discussed in detail. 1) Close-Ended Structure Investment management firms have a close-ended structure which …

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Real Estate Investment Banking: Interview, Jobs, Salary Guide

Real Estate Investment Banking

What is Real Estate Investment Banking? In simple terms, real estate investment banking is the act of connecting capital seekers with capital providers. The investment banker analyses the capital stock such as preferred equity and JV equity and identifies potential capital sources in terms of investment possibilities, risk profiles, types of assets and other factors. In …

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Best Investment Banking Internships: Top 10 Best in Asia

Top 10 Investment Banking Internships

Landing the best investment banking internships in Asia is similar to landing a Summer Internship Analyst (or other iBanking position) in New York and Wall Street investment banks. This is mainly due to the corporate structure of the hiring companies, which run vastly similar operations across the globe. This is how the interview process goes …

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How to Get into Investment Banking – Your Definitive Guide

Get into Investment Banking

The primary objective of an investment bank serves to underwrite new securities issued by its clients. Apart from that, it also provides other services, such as mergers and acquisitions advice, private wealth management, and many types of professional help. Investment bankers work a difficult career. You need college degrees, extracurricular activities, and determination to make …

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