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Real Estate Investment Banking: Interview, Jobs, Salary Guide

What is Real Estate Investment Banking? In simple terms, real estate investment banking is the act of connecting capital seekers with capital providers. The investment banker analyses the capital stock such as preferred equity and JV equity and identifies potential capital sources in terms of investment possibilities, risk profiles, types of assets and other factors. In […]

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Why Banking l The Best Interview Questions and Answers Guide

If you have decided you want a career in banking, you are in for the ride of your life. The financing world is notorious for the high level of difficulty when it comes to securing a position in a bank or other type of financial institution. Apart from that, studies show that there are approximately […]

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BIWS Premium Course: Financial Modeling Course Review

When it comes to investment banking professionals, financial modeling is quite an important skill to possess. One of the main venues through which you can obtain this knowledge is via financial modeling courses. The best in the field is, without a doubt, the BIWS Premium Course. Here is an in-depth look at what financial modeling […]

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