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FRM Certification - Is it Important for My Career?

Here we are once again talking about Financial Risk Management. And why shouldn’t we? Apart from the fact that it’s fun, Risk Management has now become one of the most sought after positions in the world, in the light of recent events.  Therefore, given the fact that more and more young professionals or even students […]

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Risk Management Careers - A Professional Guide to Follow

It’s no coincidence that you clicked on this article right now. Just like it’s no coincidence that I chose to write it at this very moment. Almost overnight, risk management careers have become one of the most important jobs in the world, and that’s not an understatement or a euphemism on my part. The reason? […]

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Bionic Turtle FRM Course Review: The Best Review in 2020

The rabbit is the FRM exam, of course. The reason why I chose the story of the rabbit and the turtle, other than the evident link with the Bionic Turtle FRM Review is that it does really seem like a good metaphor for the relationship between the two. The FRM or Financial Risk Manager Designation […]

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Risk Management Certification: The Complete Guide

The “effect of uncertainty of objects” makes a company suffer. Without prior knowledge of possible risks and ways to mitigate them, companies and organisations often incur losses. These risks could be legal risks, credit risks, risks from natural calamities, attacks from adversaries and many others. In order to have a profound understanding of these risks […]

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Financial Risk Analysis - A Complete Guide

One of the essential components of financial risk analysis happens to be the evaluation of potential risks like credit risk, liquidity risk, and operational risk. This is important for it is known to effectively assess the ability of a borrower when it comes to repaying the loan to his or her creditor. Analysing the financial […]

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