Should You Work with Cians Analytics? FinanceWalk Review

Continuing with our series of company reviews, this time FinanceWalk reviews Cians Analytics.

What Is Cians Analytics?

Cians Analytics is a research and analysis-based enterprise offering high quality data crunching and management services to private equity funds, investment banks, investment research, hedge funds, portfolio companies and corporate.

Users of Cians Analytics services help them to maximise available outsourced talent pool, enabling the in-house teams to focus on strategic initiatives. Their team is recruited from top ranking universities and professional circles.

The organisation is headed by Anmol Bhandari (Co-CEO), Aman Choudhry (Co-CEO) and Jigme Lingtsang (MD).

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Employees Speak: Working at Cians Analytics

Past employees reviewing Cians Analytics at rate the company favorably, as you can see below.

Cians Analytics - Employees

Some of the pros and cons of the company are listed below.

1) Learning Opportunity for Freshers

Skills and experience comes when organisations like Cians Analytics give fresh graduates a chance to prove themselves and hone their talent.

Cians is known among employees as one of the best destinations for freshers to join and learn.

They offer many learning and growth opportunities.

Typically, a fresh graduate starts out as a junior executive and moves up the ladder based on performance.

2) Work Recognition

It is scientifically proven that when companies recognize the contribution of its staff, it leads to better productivity over months and years.

Work recognition can be in the form of better pay or other non-financial perks.

Employees report that Cians Analytics recognizes employee contribution strongly and makes an effort to work towards their growth.

3) Time Flexibility

You’re given a certain bandwidth to work according to your time frame.

This doesn’t mean you can choose to enter and exit office in your own time but if you want more time with projects or make statistical changes, you don’t have to slog much to get permission.

4) Fast Moving Company with High Profile Clients

Cians Analytics is among one of the youngest analytics companies we have here and certainly, the growth potential is tremendous, as seen by the number of people who vote in favor of the CEO’s working methodology.

The company has a couple of high profile clients, giving employees a chance to learn and grow with the team. There is both exposures to qualitative and quantitative work.

5) Earning Potential

A lot of people say that salary is way better than other companies, especially for a junior executive position.

Secondly, there are half-yearly appraisals and these appraisals are, again, better than most similar companies.

The cons of working at Cians Analytics, as felt by the previous employees, are as follows:

  • The management could be biased at times but again, which management of which company isn’t biased sometime or the other.
  • There is a lack of work life balance as employees have to typically put in extra work hours. The work load is erratic.
  • The salary might not be always attractive.
  • Experienced people are more encouraged to join the company since there is supposedly a lack of formal training for freshers.

Don’t let the cons dissuade you. Remember that the pros and cons are the feedback of each individual. You should check out the facts yourself.

Salary & Other Key Stats of Cians Analytics

We couldn’t find any data on salary and other factors from external resources.

Interview Process at Cians Analytics

As reported on, the interview process at Cians Analytics is fairly comprehensive with a fair to high difficulty level.

Equal importance is given towards campus recruiting and employee referrals, as you can see below.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get a job without being a student or without having any insider contact. Their current opportunities are available at job portals and even on their official site.

According to the reviewers, the interview experience is 66% positive and 33% negative.

Cians Analytics Interview Snapshot

The whole interview process ranges from a day to a week, depending on the position up for offer. Some of the respondents commented getting the offer letter same day and some within a week.

The interview process kicks off with a HR round where basic details and interview questions are asked.

This is followed by a test and an interaction with the top management team. Each of these interview rounds is elimination rounds; therefore, it is advised to be mindful of how you perform in these interview rounds.

Expect a lot of tough questions from your curriculum and general knowledge.

Previous interviewees were asked questions about Obama policies, questions on mergers and acquisitions, binary numbers and so on.

In the written portion of the interview, you are given multiple choice questions about regular affairs, economics and of course, basic finance. The purpose of the paper, apart from testing efficiency and knowledge, is to check the writing skills of the interviewee.

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The rounds with the senior management members, VP and the CEO are a grueling session which can go on to over an hour. This round focuses on your past projects. You will be asked questions about IT services, DCF valuations, and relative valuations, questions on the oil and gas industry, economic state of the world, market size of specific industries, business and revenue drivers and so on.

The trick to clear this as well as any interview round is to be specific, confident and honest. Let your personality shine through.

Key Takeaway

Cians Analytics seems like a good place to work for both freshers and experienced professionals.

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  1. Hi,
    How have you selected these firms for top kpo’s ?
    I want to learn financial modelling but i am basic b com grad in bpo
    Even cian have there own academy they teach and hire people ?

    I asked about CIA internal audit also – never got published neither any reply

    • Dear Ashish,

      If you want to learn financial modeling, please make sure you acquire these practical skills.

  2. If i want to enroll for this course , i have off on sunday . so it is possible for me to enroll with this program . On the completion of this course . Is any cerfiticate provided by the institiute?

    • Yes. The course comes with Certificate+Practical Knowledge+Mentoring+Placement Assistance.

  3. What is the course fees for online the complete financial analyst program and what will be the duration of the course ?

    • Hi Soumitra,

      The course fee is INR 6000. What value addition you’re looking from the course?


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