CopalAmba: A KPO Company Review

The Indian finance KPO industry is extremely huge.

It offers multiple career opportunities and if you want to enter KPO as a finance analyst or researcher, joining the ‘right’ company at the right time is mandatory.

FinanceWalk talks about yet another KPO, known as CopalAmba, in our series of KPO company reviews.

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Let’s begin.

CopalAmba: A Brief Overview

CopalAmba functions in the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) industry. It formed as a combined entity when Copal Partners was acquired in 2011 by Moody’s and in 2013, Copal Partners acquired Amba Research, and combined, CopalAmba came into existence.

It offers research services to corporate and financial sectors. Their expertise lies in equity research, investment banking, credit research, fixed income research, quantitative services, research production, market research, business support, strategy services, analytics, commercial lending support and other training services.

According to data available in February 2014, CopalAmba staffs more than 2900 employees and have clients from mid-tier companies, bulge-bracket financial institutions, boutique investment banks and Fortune 100 companies in their list.

Rishi Khosla is its Chairman and CEO while the President is Joel Perlman.


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4 Reasons to Work with CopalAmba

Here are some reasons that make it worthwhile to pursue KPO finance career in CopalAmba.

1) Good Salary Package

Even though the data mentioned in subsequent sections show that CopalAmba pays less than other KPO establishments, some employees feel that the company salary structure is better than its peers. One current employee reported receiving two appraisals in two years!

2) HR Training Programs

During the interview, you are told that employees have to mandatorily participate in HR training programs in every work level because the training programs help to learn and handle work profiles suitably and to highest degree of professional competence. The HR training programs will help you not only now but in future too.

3) Company Culture

Workplace is a place where you have to spend about 12 to 14 hours daily. As such, workplace culture matters and they seems to offer a decent work culture, inculcating good company values and the right incentive to perform.

4) Work Life Balance

Imbalanced work-life symbiosis is a major bone of contention in every corporate sector. However, many employees reported that CopalAmba offers commendable work-life balance. Further, some reported that working in the ‘right’ type of project weighs a lot in this aspect. If your work profile and current work is mismatched, it is tough to maintain work life balance.

Some cons of working at CopalAmba are:

  • Management politics (precisely which company doesn't have this!)
  • Insufficient client interaction.
  • Limited industry exposure.
  • Restricted growth opportunities.
  • Work can become monotonous sometimes.

Note that these are not our views but what CopalAmba ex-employees recorded as their experience.

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CopalAmba: Work Profiles and Salaries

Common work profiles at CopalAmba are:

  • Senior Research Associate
  • Financial Analyst
  • Research Analyst

Based on experience and skills, the salary packages range between Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 16,00,000 annually. shows salary distribution based on years of professional experience. The data proves that salary increases as the years of professional experience increase.

CopalAmba - Salary Experience Relation

Some salary median ranges based on employee skills are given below.

  • Financial Analysis – Rs. 438,531
  • Financial Modeling – Rs. 331,080
  • Microsoft Excel – Rs. 372,500
  • Research Analysis – Rs. 1,117,500
  • Data Analysis – Rs. 366,000
  • Microsoft Word – Rs. 582,000
  • Financial Reporting – Rs. 362,500
  • Microsoft Office – Rs. 582,000
  • Market Research – Rs. 1,150,000

According to, CopalAmba pays 2% less than other outsourcing companies like Evalueserve and TresVista.

CopalAmba Salary Percentage

The typical CopalAmba employee gender distribution is 25% females and 75% males with females earning an average of Rs. 528,000+ yearly and males earning an average between Rs. 380,000 and Rs. 975,000 annually.

CopalAmba Staff

If you see the data presented above, about 14% of CopalAmba staff has experience of more than a decade. Another 23% of their staff has less than a year in experience and the main workforce with mid-level experience ranging between 1 to 9 years forms 64% of the staff. This proves that CopalAmba is a preferred workplace for mid-level professionals. Most of the staffs have BBA and MBA degrees in various fields. If you are a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), the average yearly salary is Rs. 600,000.

CopalAmba Selection Procedure

Applications sent to CopalAmba are mostly through online mode and the difficulty level is average.

CopalAmba Interview

From interview to selection procedure, it takes about 4 days to two weeks. There are usually three rounds of interview. The first is the HR round, followed by two technical interviews. In the HR round, you are asked questions on aptitude and skills. The technical rounds are usually about accounting, financial concepts, investment banking, transaction computing, enterprise value and more. You could be asked questions on bank valuation and questions on understanding various industries.

You can find the current openings at CopalAmba here.


CopalAmba is a good company to gain experience in finance KPO and learn the ropes of the industry.

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  1. Sir, Can a graduate expect interview from copal amba after completing the financial modelling course?

    • Dear Raj,

      Please check their official website for the updates.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I have completed my MBA from a top 10 B School in India. I had prior work ex for 3 years in a tech giant and now into B2B selling in another tech giant. I took up CFA Level II where I failed marginally(Band 9) hence will go for a retake. I love Finance as a subject and won various corporate and B School competitions (based on strategy, valuation, M&A etc)which I felt will be able to justify my interest for Finance. To my dismay my high work ex subsided everything and could not secure a single call. (however I was shortlisted for in a Risk based role in an IB where in the 4th HR round I was booted out again because of high work ex).

    Now my question is,
    (i) is it still possible to move to finance? (considering I won’t accept a single digit LPA)

    PS: I am planning to do both CFA Level III and Actuaries Exams in coming 5 years, just because I want to know more about finance from both quants and investment angles. Can I move to consulting roles in future in BFSI domain lets say 3-5 years down the line. My current work is suppose to give me a lot of exposure in front ending sales and bringing business to the organization.

    • Hi Dipanjan,

      Please acquire the skills mentioned on this page. It will solve your problem. 🙂

  3. I would like to know ho wcan I join copal amba ??

    • Dear Kajal,

      Check the current openings by clicking the link mentioned above. Check whether you’ve the skills and eligibility to apply. If yes, go ahead and apply. If not, acquire the skills and then apply.

  4. Does Financial Modeling course will going to help me out in cracking Copal Amba Interview and i am doing my MBA also right now.


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