Create Your Multiple Income Streams Doing What You Love


Multiple Income Streams
Multiple Income Streams


How many of you secretly dream of living your life on your own terms?

Living your life doing what you love is what I call—freedom.

Many of you are either salaried people or students.

This post is for salaried people who go to work everyday, spend a lot of time in commuting, go through stressful work life, always busy completing to-do lists and unable to find work-life balance.

This post is also for students who want to do what their inner-voice is telling them to do.

Well, I’m not asking you to quit your job immediately, as there’s a big risk in the strategy that I’m going to tell you.

But, you can’t enjoy your life just dreaming about the life that you want to create which will give you real satisfaction.

Here’s what I think should be the steps towards creating the life that you love.

1. Have a Salable Skill

Find out what salable skill you have.

Painting, writing, public speaking, web designing, financial modeling, writing business plans—all  are salable skills.

You might be very good in Excel, Photoshop, or Google AdWords Marketing or Social Media Marketing.

Find out that one thing you are good at. You should be above average in at least one skill and that can be your salable skill.

2. Create a Product or Service

You can create an eBook or a CD using your skill that can be sold in the market. For example, if you’re very good in Microsoft Excel, then you can create an eBook(PDF) that teaches how to use Excel for Business Analytics.

If you have a skill that can’t be converted into a product, then provide your services on a part-time basis or as a Freelancer.

3. Create a Website/Blog

In today’s world, if you want to sell your product/service, having a website is a must.

You can get decent leads from the Internet if you create and update your website regularly.

Keep your costs low at this level, you can create a website and host it below INR 15000.

4. Test

This step is important.

Do not invest money in something that will not give you good returns.

Test your product using Google AdWords.

This will give you an idea whether you should continue with the same product or tweak the features of the product or target a different audience.

5. Time management

You should manage your time well doing above steps. Initially, it will take only 1-2 hours per day to implement this system.

Once you understand the business mechanics, you are free to make it your main income stream.

One thing you should note —In this post, I’m giving more importance to—making a decent living doing things that you love rather than earning money by doing a job that you don’t love.

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