Should You Work with Credit Pointe: Company Review

Credit Pointe is now known as RAGE Frameworks.

Credit Pointe offers services to global companies to address credit risk assessment and financial analysis needs. They analyse and monitor financial and non-financial challenges and offer analytics solutions. Below is a review of Credit Pointe / RAGE Frameworks, its positives and negatives, and a brief on its interview process.

Credit Pointe / RAGE Frameworks: Company Overview

The company offers Big Data Solutions and Business Process Automation to other establishments using their patented and pioneered technology.

Credit Pointe / RAGE Frameworks is the market leader in Business Process Automation, using Semantic Intelligence to deliver technology-based solutions to businesses.

Credit Pointe / RAGE Frameworks are the pioneers of various semantic intelligence applications used in enterprise risk management, life sciences, litigation, industry research, competitive intelligence and others. Their services help global corporations to improve efficiencies and real-time business insights.

Career at Credit Pointe / RAGE Frameworks

Do note that the these perspectives are not of FinanceWalk but of actual current and ex-employees of the KPO reviewing on  You can also find people talking about Rage Frameworks here.

Some positives of working in Credit Pointe / RAGE Frameworks are:

1) Exposure for Freshers

The company is recommended by many for freshers interested to begin their finance career. However, freshers don’t get many growth opportunities; otherwise, the working conditions are flexible and a team is always involved in multiple projects.

2) Good Salary Packages and Increments

A lot of reviewers on GlassDoor recommend the company for its attractive salary packages and increments even for a fresher. Employees are evaluated periodically and given increments according to their performance levels.

3) Work Culture

The work culture is good and well organized. You have easy access to office and the HR team where you can tell your problems and expect them to be solved soon.

The company is recommended for Business Analyst more and less for Developers and QA people.

Some negatives of working in Credit Pointe / RAGE Frameworks are:

1) Restricted Growth Prospects

In other words, the work profile is restrictive and monotonous after a certain time, which is why many of the ex-employees said that the growth prospects at the company are limited. It is better to switch company after some years.

2) Lack of Mentorship

Unlike other finance KPO, the company lacks mentorship avenues. There is lack of training and mentorship to guide new employees to align themselves with organisational prospects. You need to learn everything on your own.

3) Appraisal Problems

Though many ex-employees claimed that salary packages and increments are good, there are certain instances where appraisal percentage wasn't what the HR had promised. Sometimes it so happens that a team is promised a certain amount of bonus percentage as the project is implemented but in the end, the final percentage amount is much lower than the earlier promised one. This could be an isolated case but our job is to inform the reader well.

4) Unrealistic Deadlines

Well, this is something which happens in every company, to a large extent. The team and managers don’t have a specific work methodology. The managers commit unrealistic deadlines to the clients and the involved team is stressed out to meet them, often ending in poor result.

5) High Attrition Rate

A number of employees observed people leaving the company within 2-3 days of joining or within 3 months or at most, within the same year. There is no employee retention policy.

6) Project Size

Big projects are less and not every employee is given the opportunity to work with available resources. Sometimes talent is sidelined in preference to references.

What we have done is taken a balanced perspective of both the organisations. Both the organisations are essentially the same but there is bound to be some impact with new management and infrastructure.

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Salary Scale and Education at Credit Pointe / RAGE Frameworks

Most of the Credit Pointe employees hold MBA and other higher qualifications. The employee gender ratio is 20% female and 80% male.

Credit Pointe Male Female Ratio

84% of the recruits have experience between one to four years. The remaining 16% of the employees have experience between five to nine years.

The popular position over at Credit Pointe is that of a Software Engineer, whose annual pay varies between Rs. 244,000 and Rs. 811,000.

Credit Pointe Rage Frameworks Salary

On the basis of skills, Regression Testing and Quality Assurance are common, and they fetch the skilled professional about Rs. 512,000 annually.

Credit pointe Regression Testing QA Salary

Employees with 1-4 years of experience can earn Rs. 427,000 annually.

Credit Pointe Salary Experience

Rs. 10,000 is the national bonus data of a Credit Pointe employee.

Credit Pointe Bonus

Overall, even though the satisfaction level among employees is high, they need to do better in the compensation scale.

Interview at Credit Pointe / RAGE Frameworks

Recruitment at Credit Pointe is done through third-party recruiters and online applications. The experience so far according to reviews seen at GlassDoor has been both positive and negative equally. The interview difficulty is medium.

The interview process can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. The process is conducted by the HR department and interview questions are based on your qualifications and skills.

Finance professionals with CFA, CA and MBA degrees are encouraged to apply, along with excellent written and oral communications. The candidates should be proficient in MS Office, and strong in financial modeling and financial analysis.

Negotiation is possible to a certain extent.

If you clear the interview round, an offer letter is extended immediately.


We understand that negative perception of Credit Pointe is higher than positive perception but let it not cloud your judgment. Go ahead and apply to Credit Pointe / RAGE Frameworks if you want.

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