The Complete Financial Analyst Online Course

The Complete Financial Analyst Course where you'll - Build Financial Models, Value Companies and Create top quality Equity Research Reports.

Looking to start your career as a financial analyst? Or maybe you’re seeking a career change that gives you more income and job satisfaction?

Whatever your motivation to become a pro financial analyst, you've come to the right place.

The Complete Financial Analyst Course is THE most comprehensive, cost-effective and career-enhancing course you’ll find on the web.

It’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need to – analyze financial statements, create Excel financial models that impress investment banks, write research reports that engage and ultimately - make you a world-class financial analyst!

This fast, effective course takes you easily from zero skills to confident financial analyst in just twelve weeks.

Not only that but you’ll get unlimited support directly from me in these 12 weeks. So you can start implementing what you’ve learnt.

What’s Inside?

You’ll gain immediate access to 50+ painstakingly-designed lessons (9+ hours of footage), each developed with ease of learning in mind. Using my background as a financial analyst I've created crystal-clear, original content which you’ll find easy to understand - and more importantly - to absorb.

You’ll find learning both quick and fun. And, I've used techniques proven to effortlessly lock that knowledge in, as you go through each comprehensive chapter.

If you’re looking for a genuinely effective course that equips you to create useful financial models and write stunningly presented research reports that will help you build rare skills, I personally guarantee this is the number one course for you.

Are you ready to transform your world and become a confident, world-class financial analyst?

Here’s what you get with The Complete Financial Analyst Course:

You’ll get access to 10 Modules and 50+ lessons that will give you a deep understanding of each topic.

All at your fingers tips. Instantly.

The course starts with the basics. I’ll show you the tips and tricks to work effortlessly with Excel techniques like Data Manipulation, Excel Formatting and Formulas.

Once you’re confident in that, I’ll take you through how investment analysis is done and how capital market functions.

By then you’ll be knowing the magic of equity investments and the career road-map for equity research analysts.

Over 10 modules you will learn:

- Financial Analysis using Microsoft Excel

- What is Equity Research and Career Roadmap

- Magic of Equity and Investment Horizon

- How Capital Market Works

- How to Analyze Annual Reports in Detail

- What is Fundamental Analysis and 2 Frameworks for Company Analysis

- How to Do Industry and Company Analysis in Detail

- Financial Ratio Analysis taking actual financial statements

- Forecasting techniques to build revenue models

- Financial Modeling and company valuation using DCF and Comparable Companies (Relative) Valuation methods

- How to write detailed and captivating equity research reports

Bonus: Exclusive in-depth guides where you’ll learn new tools per week to boost your finance career

What else will you get?

- Instant access to the program, HD quality videos

- Personal contact with me, the course tutor

- E-Books that will show you how to apply what you’ve learned in the course

- 24/7 access to course material

- Hands-on learning to lock that knowledge in

- A deep understanding of financial analysis, equity research, financial modeling and valuation

- At FinanceWalk, we not only teach students right skills, but also instill right attitude and confidence in them that helps them crack interviews

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you do professionally. I guarantee that ANYONE can benefit from this course, whether it’s getting a promotion or changing career altogether.

So what are you waiting for? Transform your world and sign up now to get a free copy of my exclusive eBook ‘How to make a rewarding career in finance’.

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Pavan Rao

Pavan, Amazon

"Avadhut is one of the best knowledgeable persons I have come across. He is very charming & enthusiastic. He knows well about Equity Research and is an expert in his field ie, Equity Research & Valuation. He has acquired lot of good practices which come from various duties that he has practiced in several organizations. I do sincerely wish him GOOD LUCK in all his future jobs.”


Parthiv, Manager, Philip Capital India Ltd.

“Fantastic course, gives you a complete insight to equity research and enables one to make models. The workshop covers the most important factors. Fantastic inter-personal skills by the trainer and made the workshop a great experience.

Thank you for the fantastic training. ”


Deepesh, Manager, Philip Capital India Ltd.

“ Excellent course content and method by simplifying the complicated methods. Practical experience was the best part about the course and also the format of equity research.”

Equity Research Training

Swapnil, Analyst, Reval Analytics

“ Definitely one of the best course in equity research. The best part is practical assignment which is done in classroom itself, which clears many doubts when we actually try out for different companies.”


Varun, Analyst, Royal Bank of Scotland

" Excellent course on Research. It gave us thorough knowledge about valuations and fundamental analysis. The best part was deep discussion on every aspect and practical on current market scenario. We thank you for your support."


Abhay, Senior Research Analyst at Deutsche Bank

" It was great experience of learning research from practical perspective. This would be add-on to our knowledge and also help us getting good analytical skills."


Hitesh, Investment & Wealth Management Professional

"The course has really helped me in gaining in-depth knowledge about writing equity research report with friendly and interactive teaching approach."


Debajyoti, Senior Financial Analyst

"Courses are experience based (practical) and good quality material. It is better to advertise through newspaper so that the students who need the course will get it easily."

Upinder Jit Singh Chopra

Upinderjit, Associate, Deutsche Bank

"A good course to get first hand information on Equity Research and Valuation concepts as well as various tools and techniques employed in Financial Analysis. Focus is more on live data which makes understanding of various financial ratios pretty easier. So, all in all, a good way to get started and gain hands-on practice on Equity Research."

"I am very much impressed with the way Mr. Avadhut Nigudkar had worked for the finance courses. The work was of high quality and I think it will be very useful for the students of management course. His understanding and knowledge of the subject and organizational ability of the matter is really praiseworthy. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors."

Dr. S. Virkar,M. A. M. Ed. Ph. D, Indian Knowledge Corporation

“The equity research program is very good. Your techniques and your methods of teaching are excellent. I am a beginner in this field and it really helped in my career.

My best regards. Thank you. “

- Rekha

“The course  is very much useful for the one, who wants career in Equity Research. The course was very much based in practical terms, which helped me understand practical aspect of the financial sector. "

Nandan , Analyst, Dena Bank

"I found the course extremely practical and informative."


"It is a very fine program, you can continue this as it is. It is more helpful to freshers in investment banking sector. It is filling the gap between classroom to work station."


"Thank you, great experience understanding new area of market analysis. Great value addition to my knowledge"

Sachin Nambiar, Abu Dhabi

"I didn't have any knowledge as far as Equity Research and Valuation is concerned. Now I am confident enough to understand and analyze companies."

K.Guru Rajkumar, Karvy, Hyderabad

"It was an excellent experience. I was aware only about theoretical aspects of equity research; now, I can say, I am aware about the practical aspects too. Especially the usage of Excel for equity research is what I really liked. I would like to thank Avadhut for great experience. "

Chaitanya Joshi

Course Access:Lifetime

Course Fees: INR 10,000 (US $197)

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Contact me for registration.

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