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What Employers Want in Equity Researchers?
  Last month, I had the chance to meet the founder of a financial research company (Read “Financial KPO”) in[...]
Financial Careers : Structured Career Path – I
Much has changed since the era of 1970 when either being an insurance agent or a stockbroker were the only[...]
Financial Careers : Structured Career Path-II
  My previous article , Financial Careers :Structured Career Path -I, focused on why you should acquire the skills that[...]
How to Become a Mutual Fund Analyst
    A Mutual Fund Analyst is a person who tracks the functioning and performance of the mutual fund industry.[...]
How to Predict Company Earnings?
Last week, I got an email from a student, and he wanted to know how to predict company earnings. I[...]
How to Calculate Equity Value and Enterprise Value
For anyone new to investing, or possibly a veteran investor who's using valuation techniques, you may have noticed that there[...]
What Is Equity Research?
What is Equity Research: This article explains the answer what is equity research in a simple manner.
How to Get into Portfolio Management –Part I
Portfolio management involves deciding what assets to include in the portfolio, given the goals of the portfolio owner and changing economic conditions. Selection involves deciding what assets to purchase, how many assets to purchase, when to purchase them, and what assets to divest.
How to Get into Portfolio Management –Part II
This is second post in the series how to get into portfolio management. In this post we will cover the concepts Portfolio Revision, Portfolio Upgrading and Portfolio Rebalancing.
How to Get into Portfolio Management -Part III
This is third post in the series how to get into portfolio management. In this post, we will cover the functions and types of portfolio management in short.
How to Perform Business Research Process Using Company Websites
  In this post, you will learn how to use company website for the business research process. Business research process[...]
Stock Market Research Career: Definitive Guide 2019
Last week, I got a call from Amit Chawla (name changed) who was doing MBA in Finance from a reputed[...]
Equity Research Career : What to Do?
Equity Research Career: Our economy or world economy is mainly affected by movements in the prices of Equity, almost all[...]
The Best Kept Secrets in Sell Side Equity Research: FREE
Many of us are regular investors in stocks where we buy or sell equities. We conduct stock trade through research[...]
The Ultimate Equity Research Analyst Salary Guide
Have you ever thought of taking up a job as an equity research analyst? Well, then you are not the[...]
How to Research and Analyze a Stock for Investing?
    “Hey! Why don’t you invest in stock market?” Every earning individual who is financially capable of investing money[...]
How to Find Equity Research Internship Opportunities?
    Stock markets around the globe have always been a very crucial part of any economy. Whether it is[...]
5 Best & Useful Tools for Equity Research Analysts
Equity research, in very simple terms, comprises of three basic activities – data collection, data analysis and report writing. All[...]
The Definitive Guide to Portfolio Management Jobs
So, you want to know everything about portfolio management jobs? You're on the right page. Portfolio management is the process[...]
How to Grow Quickly Within an Equity Research Company
Apart from coming to me for some or the other career advice, many times young people come to me and[...]
How Different Is It Working as an Equity Research Analyst and an Investment Banking Analyst?
Many times young students, who are following the finance stream, are not really sure what they actually want to do[...]
Equity Research Analyst: Guide to Become a World Class Stock Analyst
I've already written more than 20 articles on equity research analyst's career.  But, I want you to be a world-class[...]
How to Prepare Yourself for an Equity Research Analyst Job?
The biggest challenge I think today’s youngsters find is to decide what they want to follow as a career and[...]
How to Become a Successful Portfolio Manager?
I hope you have been finding all my articles engaging and interesting. I have already written a lot of articles[...]
How to Break into Equity Research from Commercial Banking?
The fields of commercial banking and equity research are poles apart. The main agenda of commercial banks is to manage[...]
What to Expect in Equity Research Interview? (Updated 2019)
James Valentine, the Principal and Founder of Analyst Solutions says 80% of equity research lacks insight, a conclusion derived after[...]
How to Break into Equity Research in Hong Kong?
Today as China’s economy is rising rapidly it is attracting the attention of investment bankers across the globe and with[...]
10 Most Famous Influential Stock Analysts You Can Learn Lessons From
Influential analysts are those who had proved their worth in the industry. Sure thing, every finance professional wants to be like[...]
How to Short a Stock? 4 Awesome Ways to Identify It
Good advice on how to short a stock is notoriously difficult to find. There are a plethora of volumes written[...]

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