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Reval Analytics – All You Need To Know {Company Review}
    In my endeavor to help career aspirants in financial research, I regularly write on the analytics companies which[...]
Should You Work with Credit Pointe: Company Review
Credit Pointe is now known as RAGE Frameworks. Credit Pointe offers services to global companies to address credit risk assessment[...]
Investment Management in the Middle East: How to Break in?
I get a lot of questions about this one, but I’m relatively clueless when it comes to investment management career in[...]
Analec Infotech Private Ltd; A Full Company Review
Today's post is on Analec Infotech Private Ltd. In my last company review posts, I covered Pune based financial research[...]
ValueNotes Review: Positive Experiences, Salaries and Interviews
A market research and competitive intelligence company, ValueNotes has extensive experience in over 15 industries, working with clients to develop[...]
Should You Work with Evalueserve?
Evalueserve is the creator of an industry worth billions. The company offers investment research, data analytics, technology research and business[...]
Netscribes Review: Careers, Salary and Jobs Guide
Netscribes is a business and market research intelligence company, functioning as decision makers by offering tactical and strategic inputs to[...]
Should You Work with TresVista? My Honest Company Review
TresVista, founded in 2006, is one of the world’s leading KPO providing value-based diverse financial services. It has worked with[...]
Should You Work with Mckinsey Knowledge Center? A Review
Founded in 1926, McKinsey & Company is a “knowledge network” offering business consultation services globally. Their headquarter is in New[...]
Should You Work with Aranca: A Company Review (100% Honest)
Aranca is a KPO that offers customized research services to investment firms and other Fortune 500 companies. People who are[...]
Should You Work with Cians Analytics? FinanceWalk Review
Continuing with our series of company reviews, this time FinanceWalk reviews Cians Analytics. What Is Cians Analytics? Cians Analytics is[...]
Top 30 Financial KPO Companies in India
What do you understand by KPO?  KPO, which I believe every one of you is aware of is Knowledge Process[...]
CopalAmba: A KPO Company Review
The Indian finance KPO industry is extremely huge. It offers multiple career opportunities and if you want to enter KPO[...]
Strategy Consulting in India: How to Break in?
I get a lot of questions about this one, but I'm relatively clueless when it comes to strategy consulting. Luckily, that’s[...]
CapMetrics & Risk Solutions – My Honest Company Review
      Since I live in Pune, it’s natural for me to start the company review section with a[...]
SG Analytics: Careers, Salary, Interview and Company Review
Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Pune, SG Analytics is a leading financial service KPO working with Market Research, Financial[...]
WNS Career Review: Should You Work with WNS Global?
Following our regular series of trusted and authentic reviews, we bring you today the review of WNS. In this[...]
AlgoAnalytics – 100% Honest Company Review
To be frank, I didn’t know about AlgoAnalytics until last week. I came across this company’s name when I was[...]
Transparent Value India: Interview Questions, Salary, Jobs
We present another review of a KPO. This time it is Transparent Value, a global KPO company. We will talk[...]
Boston Analytics Review: Salary and Interview Questions
Finance Walk readers, we are back with yet another company review and this time it is Boston Analytics. To read[...]

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