The Best of FinanceWalk 2014

Best of FinanceWalk 2014
What better way to send off 2014 than a look back on the most read and shared articles on FinanceWalk in 2014?

This list often surprises me — what I thought were the best and most insightful posts rarely make it into the top ten (see: The Ultimate Equity Research Analyst Salary GuideHow to Do Industry Analysis?What Is Equity Research?The Beginner’s Guide: Financial Modeling Using Excel and VBAHow to Become a Private Equity AnalystBreaking Into Wall Street – BIWS Review,Free Bonus,Download, and so on).

OK, here’s the list of what you loved:

1. What Is Financial Modeling -  Read the meaning, usage, users and different types of financial models along-with donwload links for most popular financial models.

2.  Financial Analyst Job Description: The Only Guide You Need - In this detailed guide you'll know job description of financial analyst in various industries. You'll also learn how to find your passion.

3.  Top 30 Financial KPOs in India - I wrote this post keeping 30 number in mind. But, after research and suggestions from readers the number went to 35+ KPOs in India.

4. Top 12 Courses in Finance in India - First, any list does involve a certain bit of subjectivity and thus it will never be perfect. Despite all this one must attempt to create a list. After all, a list helps us in the simplest way to know why we decide to take a certain action.

5. How to Become a Financial Analyst? - In this post, I covered buy-side and sell-side of finance jobs and then added number of features like - job description, financial analyst salary, interview questions and exact process of becoming financial analyst.

6. How to Calculate Equity Value and Enterprise Value - In this article, you learn how to calculate equity value and enterprise value.

7. How to Write an Equity Research Report ? -  Financial Analysts or equity research analysts working in brokerage firms or sell-side analysts write equity research reports. In this post, you’ll see the structure of useful equity research reports.

8. The Ultimate Private Equity Analyst Salary Guide -  In this post, I've covered PE analyst salary range in New York, Blackstone, London and India.

9. A Detailed Guide on Credit Analyst Interview Questions - In this article, you'll learn credit analyst interview questions in a credit analyst jobs interview and the reason why these questions are asked.

10. The Ultimate Guide for Entry Level Financial Analyst – Salary, Resume and Jobs - I've done an in-depth research on this topic and you will find this article useful if you’re looking for an entry level financial analyst career.

According to Google Analytics, people spent the most time reading: Four Stages in Industry Life Cycle and Why You Should Know Them?What is Business Analytics: Careers and JobsWhat Are Marketable Financial Assets?GMAT vs. GRE: Is the GMAT Harder than GRE?, and MBA vs. CFA vs. FRM: Roles and Careers in Finance.


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