Financial Modeling Examples Using Excel: Download Sample Tutorials

Financial modeling examples
Financial modeling examples

I recently started sharing videos on financial modeling examples. Many of you want to know how to use financial modeling using Excel.

So, in this post, I’m going to share some sample tutorials of financial modeling examples. Before you watch the following samples, please read this financial modeling basics post.

You’ll understand various types of financial models and the situations where you can use these models.

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • How to Create Financial Models?
  • Free Financial Modeling in Excel
  • Financial Modeling Example and Tutorial

Let’s begin.

How to Create Financial Models?

Financial models are tools to generate reports about a specific company for investors to deliberate whether the company is worth the requisite investment or not. Financial models are created using various methods and cater to a specific segment of the market. To build good financial models, check out this post on financial modeling strategies and watch the example videos given below. A financial model is necessary for all kinds of activities such as equity research, mergers and acquisitions, private equity and more.

Creating a model is a time consuming process, which requires great skill, experience and an analytical mind to understand the financial health of a company and recommend or deny it for further investments. The financial modeling reports are targeted towards a selected audience.

Free Financial Modeling in Excel 

MS Excel is the first choice of financial researchers to carry out financial research and carry out various activities.

Whether you are a new entrant or an experienced financial professional, you have to deal with MS Excel throughout the duration of your career. The earlier you earn using Excel, the better it is for career reasons.

MS Excel offers various financial analytical tools. In this post, we present you a beginners’ guide to working with Excel and this post details four strategies to learn financial modeling in Excel. Plus, there is a sample video given below which illustrates the same and more.

Other tools like SPSS is also used in financial analysis but most financial research companies use Excel as the first sources of research.

Free Financial Modeling Course and Examples

Here are some financial modeling examples videos based on different industries. Watching them will give you a clear idea about how to proceed with financial modeling. Let’s see what they are:

· Advanced Merger Model

Mergers are time to consume transitional activities, which require specific skills and experience to handle merging of two organizations. The advanced Merger financial modeling example video will illustrate the processes of dividing and allocating merger purchase price, adjusting tangible and non-tangible write-ups, calculating goodwill creation value, write-up or write-down deferred tax liabilities and tax assets, and more.


· Bank & Financial Institution Modeling

Valuing and modeling banks and financial institutions is different from manufacturing companies. In the Bank and Financial Institution financial modeling example video, we will look into a specific institution, that is, JP Morgan.

The video discusses the capital levels of JP Morgan, to arrive back at their issuable dividends and yearly share re-purchases.


· MS-Excel Financial Modeling Example

MS Excel is a commonly used tool to develop simple to difficult financial models. Every financial expert is expected to possess MS Excel knowledge. However, one drawback of this tool is data management. Most finance executives find it tough to handle all the Excel data. This example video will teach you how to clear poorly formatted Excel data and proper data management.


· Cash Flow Statement Modeling

Cash flow statements are integral to financial modeling. It illustrates the operating costs of a business, such as gross receipts and gross payments. The cash flow financial modeling example video will illustrate the important of cash flow statements and how to create a statement based on the available financial statements, going on to discuss projected items on CFS and otherwise.


· Investment Banking Interviews Sample

During investment banking interviews, the interviewer asks the candidate about investment bank mock deals where the candidate has to discuss such deals in the best possible manner. Often, candidates fail during this step as they are unsure of how to negotiate a deal.

The financial modeling example video teaches you how to conduct a sell-side deal, such as debt issuances, mergers and acquisitions and IPO’s.


· Investment Banking Networking Sample

Networking is integral to investment banking every step of the way. Most professionals don’t know how to network and as such, they lose life altering opportunities. The investment banking networking sample video offers essential information about approaching and communicating with people, how to make a good first impression and get selected in interviews and the basics of do’s and don’ts in financial networking.


· Oil and Gas Financial Modeling Examples

The oil and gas industry activities influences global economy and often, investors are lining up to invest in them. As such, financial modeling report of this industry influences major decisions. This financial modeling example video will take into account hedging and the process of setting up base, upside and downside cases.


· Real Estate Financial Modeling Excel Sample Tutorial

Like oil and gas, the real estate industry commands frequent investment and gathers high appreciation value. This real estate financial modeling Excel sample tutorial shows you fund allocation between debt and equity. You learn to project debt repayments and ensure how equal amounts are withdrawn each month.


All the videos are available for free download.


Make sure to check out the financial modeling examples videos. They are immensely informative and will guide you financial model. All you need to do is practice and perfect financial modeling skills.

Financial Modeling Examples Using Excel: Download Sample Tutorials 1
Financial Modeling Examples Using Excel: Download Sample Tutorials 2

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