Get Started Right Away With Financial Modeling

Here you will learn Excel for Finance, Finance Basics, Financial Modeling Examples, What are the different types of financial models, Why financial Modelling is important, What is the use of financial Modelling, What is financial modeling in investment banking, What are the various approaches to valuation, The Best Financial Modeling Courses for Investment Bankers, Financial Modeling Careers and Jobs

Excel for Finance

Here you will learn What is Excel used for in Finance, Importance of Excel in Finance, Financial Analyst Excel skills, What is a Financial Model in Excel, Excel tricks for Finance, What are Financial functions in Excel, Excel Modeling for Finance professionals.

Finance Basics

Here you will learn Financial Statement Analysis, What is Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement, How you can learn Financial Ratios, What are Credit Rating Agencies, the Finance Basics you should know to build skills for Finance Careers.

Financial Modeling Examples

Here you will learn Financial Modeling Examples in Excel, What Is Financial Modeling, Private Company Valuation, LBO Model, Precedent Transaction Analysis, Financial Modeling for Startups, Financial Modeling Jobs, Building a Career as a Financial Modeler, How to Analyze Financial Health of a Company, How to Calculate Beta using Excel.

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